Mother love

Plz watch this You tube video….
Thx Duminda  for sending this special video…
Its incredible ….  how this  wild  jaguar  mom….. cares for this lil baby monkey….
Puneet  thx  for the info   abt motherlove with animals… I quote  ur words..
Puneet  i know u wanted this on ur blog….Plz  do  also….the more ppl show this special  moments….the better
we can learn  dont we????
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14 Responses to Mother love

  1. saad says:

    dear sweeti, hi, i also got this video in mail, this is really an amazing video, watching the very natural motherly love is a rare experiance, thanx for posting it for ue sweeti, take care, regards,

  2. riki says:

    hey sweeti..long tym no u don’t even remember me…lol.never mind…but i still remeber u.
    how u doing? hope ur ok, and things r going well 4 u.
    just dropped by to see how u were mainly, will come back to read ur entries.
    take care.
    love alex.

  3. Ruma says:

    HI Sweeti! Thanks for dropping by and adding supporting comments to my blog. When readers add their experiences, it adds to the impact of the blog. I am the proud owner of a pet dog, a German Shepherd by the name of Lucky. He is an overgrown baby, needs much care, but we can’t imagine life without him.Thanks again….keep smiling!Love, Ruma.

  4. icy says:

    hey so many entries I missed , did catch up with them all! loved what the birds sing..& the wisdom of Tagore!
    love & be happy!nidhi

  5. icy says:

    hey so many entries I missed , did catch up with them all! loved what the birds sing..& the wisdom of Tagore!
    love & be happy!nidhi

  6. Michelle says:

    This is such a beautiful video. It is so amazing the motherly love, especially from a leopard to a baby baboon!
    I am happy to see the same motherly love with the four abandoned baby kittens that me and my husband took in and raised with the bottle. They have been adopted by my cat Pollyanna. She cares for them, bathes them,and protects them as if they are her own. I raised Pollyanna by a bottle when she was a baby after her Mom was ran over by a car. It’s so sweet to see her taking in those kittens. Really special.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Please visit me any time! 🙂
    Have a great weekend Sweeti!


  7. Enter says:

    Nature shows us again what Humanity is all about. And yes, I’ll be holding the fort while the folks around enjoy n sleep…so you do know what time I’m gonna avoid working during my next role 🙂

  8. Jitender says:

    Uh… ok.

  9. Magick says:

    Hi Sweeti:
    I came to your space from Ruma’s space and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the story you told about the dog and the babies in the nursing/care home….it was very heartwarming.

  10. Isabel says:

    Heyyyy Sweeti!
    You know I had a dog that adopted a litle cat and let him eat from his plate!!
    Some animals have more compassion than humans,,,

    I am back home and it was so good to read my friends messages!
    Feels great! I missed you too a lot!

    "A good friend is like a four leaf clover:
    hard to find and lucky to have"
    I feel lucky to have you as friend!
    Hugs from ISA

  11. sonia says:

    That was a truly amazing video, sweeti !! A mother will be a mother…i guess !! This was really touching…A predator protecting and caring for its natural prey…….nature’s way of showing  kindness still exists and we humans can also live in peace !!
    I had seen a similar prog on nat Geo where a baby deer is cared for by a leopard  for several days !! The baby deer finally falls prey to hyenas….i cried when i saw that footage !!
    Hope you are feeling better now,glad to have you smiling 🙂
    Prep for the Srilanka trip must have bedun ,not much time left for Aug !!
    have a nice day and keep smiling

  12. deepu says:

    helo Sweets..
    wahhoo this is my topic you hav got here…
    wen someone says good bye to enter in to anther relm of living, we certainly feel a sense of loss, provided we love that person…naturally we feel ‘of only i had….’
    well, today is the day to tell all that, wats wrong in telling somone we love that we love? and you hav said it..umm as for me, i hav to wait, coz i m yet to find that person lolz…hahah
    now that girl you told me about is really too late..but does that mean thats the end of it all, no, i ithnk before sth more teribl happens cant she look for somone else n xpress wat she really feels?
    niway..have a lovely day
    it s poring down here..vaaaavooorrr

  13. Enter says:

    Rajnikanth is known for his unique "style" of doing simple things and also the way he delivers his dialogues. Equally at ease with action and comedy, he has a massive following among Tamil and Telugu audience. His every movie becomes a festival for his fans who just have to catch it before everyone else does!

  14. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    I always thinking the animal and the birds are someway take care their baby well. I used watching the mother fed the her babies that baby birds had see through throst ( no feather grow yet) after while their mother was looks tired.
    also I’ve seen motherly pigs looks after little pupy that pupy lost her mum was hit by the car.
    The animal has natural motherly then some careless human….I knew it more complicated? you can’t do just likes as animal only fed them…..  thank you for sharing it for us,

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