The fragrance stays behind in the hand of the one  ……
who gives to rose..
This sentence i read  in my lil book The thousand  ways to Enlightment  of David Baird…
This lil book was given to me a year ago for my B;day  .and i read a lot in it….
Not every day ……..  but  i have it always with me
its  just 10 x 10 cm….and filled with knowledge and good advise..
Its a fresh look  on traditional wisdom ……….it has spiritual and inspiring thoughts.
My perfect company
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7 Responses to Enlightment

  1. Billy says:

    Hello marijke,
    I love the saying about giving the rose. How profounf it is. The most priceless things in life which you can receive, you will receive the most when you are giving it. Joy, Love, Peace, Growth. Smile and the world smiles with you. In giving love unconditionally and you receive boundlessly. Priceless!
    You are right about Dec 26, 2004. Same went for Sep 11, 2001. One the act of nature, the other the act of evil.I have no easy explanations, many theories perhaps. If I one say should come to a revelation of the real reasons, I will let you know. But both dates changed something in my perception of the physical world.
    I dont know what is the definition of enlightenment as found in your book, but in my case, enlightenment is to be immersed in, and surrounded by, pure and absolute peace, free of the happenings of the material world, fully in a state of being one with the universe. In my opinion, you cannot achieve any kind of enlightenment without doing deep meditation.
    Why dont you write about what you have learned from the book? I learned long ago, just as we receive the most in the act of giving, so is teaching… in teaching and sharing knowledge, we find ourselves learning the most and refining that knowledge.
    So, I look forward to your writing of your learnings. Trust me, when you try to re-write and articulate what you learned, you find yourself learning even more!
    Okay, marijke, take care, be well, and be blessed.

  2. sonia says:

    Well said, Sweeti…….fragnance does stay behind even in the hands who crushes the rose :)!! It shows the selflessness and the joy symbolised when one gives without expecting anything in return !! Spreadng fragnance of love,peace,serenity under all conditions !!
    My uncle is getting as better as he can get !! he had to get a tube attached to his stomach …will be fed directly throughthe tube !! He is quite alert and is talking a bit but his memory,as it is in this case,is getting very bad !! His vita; signs like bp,hb count etc are very stable !! he was lucky to be very healthy for his age…except for Parkinsons that was diagnosed 8 yrs back !
    How we come anf go is decided by Him and we mortals can pray for a painless death !! What has to happen will happen,if suffering is written it shall happen and Godwilling there will be ppl to take care of the situation !! 🙂
    Thanks alot for ur concern,it means alot !!
    How are you doing,Sweeti?
    Tc and have a grt day!

  3. Trouble says:

    Perfect! That’s what giving is all about.. in love, in friendship, in all relationships!

  4. deepu says:

    hii sweeti
    no wonder i felt the fragarce of rose all over here….hehe lol
    lovely one…
    firstly it s india Sweets, not ur West, here rules and laws remin good in the law book…and the peple with money and influnce njoy…unless the other is lucky…these women, yes they are used as some things and not loved…wel, even the wife has a limit to stay with the kid…wat is she to do wen she is left with nothing to feed the little one? even her own family shut the door against her….not that common, but not uncoomon either….if i m not mistakn from wat i hav read contraceptives give less pleasur, now do u think men would want that?
    yeaa you hav said it..it s one thing to say..but actual likfe is differnt…
    good to know that you are back to ur sweet self…njoy and keep njoying and spead ur joy all over..hug  

  5. Geek Stud says:

    Hiiiiii Sweeti ..
    I am still waiting for a rose heheheh 😀 , LOVE ummmmm  No words , I can’t describe it I can only feeeeelllllll it ..
    Well correct life ain’t that easy , but it is beautiful 🙂
    Keep smiling sweeti :):):)

  6. ♥ rikiiii says:

    hey sweeti
    thanx 4 the comments, and is glad to hear that u is getting better 🙂
    have a nice week, take care and keep smiling.
    drop by anytime

  7. Princess says:

    hi sweeti,I’ve read one which says "Be a flower which perfumes the hand that squeezes it"nice nah!TC..-Aiz.

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