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Why do birds sing in the morning

One reason may be that dawn is the best time for sound to travel, because there is little wind and less other noise and disturbance. Songs broadcast at dawn can be 20 times as effective as that broadcast at midday. … Continue reading

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Come with me

Come…drift with meToward your destinyAnd float with easeOn this gentle breeze Come…take flightIn the deep of the night,Come…fly highOn my velvet sky,Feel and seeThe whole of me. Come…feel,expressAll your tenderness,Lose track of timeIn this world of mine. Come…taste the fireOf … Continue reading

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i look at the woman in the mirrorand i see someone i look into my own green eyesand i see strength i look at the woman in the mirror and i see who i used to be but then i see how i’ve … Continue reading

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While  Ur friend Rohit  was giving me the bad news abt ur accident  last night Fone rang…….hospital……..a moment of silence……. I have bad news   he said….Ravi  died just now….while we were talking These last days I had really bad times   But this is … Continue reading

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This evening im in a mess………….i should write it down here  The reason Why i mean…..but i cant my words get stuck in my troath. Things happen …and i can do nothing abt it… My tears are filling my eyes   … Continue reading

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A Night to Remember

Saterday    June 2      THE night to remember   Bryan Adams   The last song   Bryan  played was  A night to remember well    we did In december 2006 (yes   6 months ago   (and sold out in short time) I bought the tickets  and yesterday  … Continue reading

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