No one is born happy
But all of us are born
with the ability to create happiness
So today  make others happy
Flash ur sweetest smile
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17 Responses to HaPpY

  1. Chamaree says:

    Hi M
    Nice to see this. 

  2. icy says:

    say cheese..
    m flashing my biggest smile now! it is true so !
    hey sweetie come & join the forum in my website:
    take care

  3. deepu says:

    ooohh SWeeti  i wont mind at all if you use ur hands to chase a fly a sitting on my nose..hehehe
    as long as you dont punch my nose flat it s all fine with me…..
    so how aer you doing?  must be smiling around ha?
    nihow…me too is feeling quite elated today….hahahhoooooo
    nice day

  4. riki says:

    hey Sweetii
    how r u? hope ur well
    so happy to see u smiling-yes i did catch ur smile-lovely.hehe
    keep smiling.
    thanx 4 the comment, yes it is like closing a door-
    u stay in tuch too, and yh ill add u as afriend.
    take care
    and keep Smilinggggg

  5. Indiana says:

     I don’t know how you came on my space but I like it. You’re a sweety. here’s a song for you which i like too http://www.musicjesus.com/uk1.php?vid=32845082
    it’s the best I’ve evre heard.. Snow patol.. I love you 4 your rection and f you go on hollidays have a  fine and relaxed one. LUVV INDI

  6. Indiana says:

    When I go into the cold cold night
    the stars are shining intence bright
    You kissed my cheek before I left
    and it’s burning , burning on my left
    My heart’s on fire with this kiss
    because it’s simply You I miss
    My breath is steaming in the night
    and building  hearts into the light
    my poem 4 u as a new friend Love.. Indi

  7. Indiana says:

    what am i but a whisper in the wind the play of shadows in the candlelight the memory of dreams the hint of an idea i am the trick of light that jumps at you from the corner of your eye but disappear when you turn around to look at me where the wind will whisperand raindrops will tell stories as they fall
    Don’t blusshhhh feel happy. I say lovely things when my feelings are good.. &thats wiv u.. Indi

  8. Adrian says:

    Hey CEO!  (lol)…there are many women here as Pilots! 

  9. Indiana says:

     Yes Sweety. Spreek ook gewoon nederlands… vlaams.. Spreek meestal engels of frans of duits met mijn spacers. Soms portugees of italiaans maar da’s niet mijn ding zal ‘k maar zeggen. Leuk om je te ontmoeten we zullen elkaar vast vaker tegenkomen in spaceland. Hugs & Kisses Indi

  10. Unknown says:

    i hear that Facebook is the place to go now….much better than MSN!  

  11. Isabel says:

     I am glad you liked it!:-)
    Anyway dont feel obliged to use it…
    I am going south …after the sun lol!
    Have a great weekend!
    Big kiss from ISA

  12. sonia says:

    *** SMILING*****     That is sucha beautiful thought and so true !! each one of us are capable of spreading happiness in our own !! A smile is always returned and leaves a warm feeling in its wake !! Lets start an epidemic of smiles…for it is surely contagious 🙂 !!
    I can imagine you having memories of your mom, God bless you ,sweeti !! Some things do not get erased/diminish with time !!
    Little girls do grow into little ladies..true…i dont know if my little tomboy will grow into one …lol !!
    The house will be up in another few months ….loads of patience and yes….sweat…lol!!
    Have a grt day, sweeti and tc,

  13. Indiana says:

    Ik vind jou space ook erg vet leuk een spcefriend uit Belgique. Wij gaan 0ver een dikke week naar de Ardennen lekker kanoën en fritekes eten enzo hoop op een beetje weer. CU LUV& hugs Indi

  14. Michiko's says:

     Hi Sweeti san,
     Sometimes happiness can be when something isn’t going right but you can create to other people happier.
     Because a happiness is not coming to you ….. Do you know I think that I enjoyed my blogging this time of the last years???
     But not theses days??? No reason that just too much…
     one more entrys and I think that  needed to have rest for while??? wait to see what happened in my stage of mind….
     maybe this time of next week is differents?
     Iam very happy myself and my family…..
     Big Hugs,xxxxxx

  15. Billy says:

    When we smile, our body releases large doses of endorphin, a neurotransmitter which is a powerful natural painkiller. It relieves us of pain and stress, and makes us feel more at ease.
    Smile more, and the frequent release of endorphin actually enhances your immune system and you become more well and less risk of diseases. This has been proven.

  16. Ahmed says:

    Well you have a head start here, look at all the people you made happy? And me too
    Cheers my sweet friend, long time no see. 

  17. Renuka says:

    So sweet and so true. How are you doing. I have been away for a while as I have been travelling a lot and did not have internet access there. I mean we go to our native place after every few days for few days and so its packing and unpacking…but its ok, I like everything life brings…good to be meeting two sets of people.. Wishing you happiness, cheer and peace….Take care

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