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The take off

` Yippyyyyyyyyyyyy Im soooooooo HAppy  Next friday we are leaving for Sri Lanka… Yesterday i took my suitcases of the attic.. plane tickets …are here…My God…Since january  we have probs getting to Sri Lanka The travel agency did a lot of work for … Continue reading

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Sixty two years ago tomorrow, the crew of an American B-29 bomber  The Enola Gay dropped the first of two atomic bombs on Japan  Few who witnessed the attacks remain, yet the destruction is etched in human memory. More powerful nuclear … Continue reading

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Child abuse

  The worst of the worst My God my stomach was overreacting after reading this news…   A grandpa who was taking care of his grandchild  …was caught  at the moment of the crime   The mother of a 4 year old child……confidet her child … Continue reading

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