Child abuse

The worst of the worst
My God my stomach was overreacting after reading this news…
A grandpa who was taking care of his grandchild  …was caught  at the moment of the crime
The mother of a 4 year old child……confidet her child to her dad….
which person can u trust more in ur life..  than ur own dad…
Well I think her world turned into hell…
she came home unexpected  and saw her dad and her lil child naked on a couch  with a lot of sex toys on the table
The father is in custody now…He said it was the first time  and felt sorry…
Yes my ass….This sick person….needs to be removed from this earth ….  CTRL ALT DEL ….
Girl with gerbera behind ear. photo
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10 Responses to Child abuse

  1. Unknown says:

    I hear you have had problems with the schizo group. I know who these people are. They harassed me on MySpace and here on MSN. It became so bad that I just had to close my space here or not use it really.
    MSN won’t do anything about these geeks, I’ve tried. It is mainly just two guys. They say they are members of the breakfast club. I do know two of their sites, though;
    Hope this was of some help.

  2. dying2die says:

    Hi there, well i know i wish that could ever happen I wish i only wish all these ppl could just be eradicated, I’ve gone through it a thousand times so much i cant anymore count and I pray for peace now, Hope you now get the reason of y i am all so suicidal and depressed. Life is just a hell, but sum times you still have to live with no choice, Coz its just your fate.

  3. Michiko's says:

     Hi sweeti san,
     Before I leave just quick to have looked there you have new entry, I don’t want to said about bad thing for man because only few (hopefully FEW%) mens are child abuse?…I realise back in the old days that people were tend to not talked about these cases.
     It most of people were felt ashameful themselves ( His Families) unfortunately that I don’t trust much in this world.
     My case was I don’t have Grand father but of cause I would trust him If thats happened to me on my daughter there nothing sure
     end up Iam going to mental hospital. Hopefully we don’t hear much in the future.
     I better hurry the ready for …..many thing to do.
     Hope all is well with you and yours,

  4. deepu says:

    oohh really Sweets..thats a great teacher we have…how u doing? wen you planing to fly to Lanka?
    ummm child abuse….you too have it here…those children in my SPace are of sex workers here in our city…i visited an NGO there i saw these litle ones….hmmm
    all the best n njoy ur stay there in Lanka..bye 

  5. Princess says:

    how can someone be so cruel hearted…my God save the mankind-who are truly human..

  6. Alien Hunter says:

     Hello Sweeti,
    I agree – child abusers should be taken out of circulation permanently. The child suffers the rest of their life and the abuser gets a mere slap on the wrist. The police seem to spend more time protecting the criminals than the law abiding citizens. What is the world coming to when good people are treated like criminals once were. People are tired of criminals getting away with everything. Some of the old Native American punishments sound fitting for child abusers and rapists.
    I hope the harassers leave you alone. I regret that my Friends got that type of junk. They are just more people without any decency about them. They think they are so smart doing it but are only proving how stupid they really are.
    Thank you for standing by me.
    Peace, Love, & Blessigns.

  7. ♥ Aimee says:

     if only it was as easy as ctr-alt-del…..
    *~*   :o) smiles are contagious…  :o)  so pass one on …  :o)  soon the whole world will be smiling… :o)   *~*

  8. g says:

    Too very sad.

  9. sonia says:

     Hang the BA****D !! Sorry for the language,but this is how i feel about paedophiles…first time or not!! Sicko…with your own grandchild…breaking the daughter’s trust and faith and imagine the state of the child!!!
    Abusing kids…paedophiles….are real and exist !! Wish deleting them from the face of the earth was as simple as cntrl alt del…..
    Its a knownfact that most of the abusers are from within the family and friends !! parents need to educate the kids even as young as 3-4 yrs about "good touch" and "bad touch" !! Such predators exist and one could be living down your lane or within you family !! Education,being alert is the only  answer !!
    So how have you been? 🙂
    Have  agrt day,

  10. Billy says:

    Yes, its sick, paedophile whether first time or not. There is no greater crime than one against humanity and the violation of those unable to defend themselves. 
    Well, Marijke, enjoy your trip to Sri Lanka, I wish you well and a productive trip.
    Do remember to keep us informed your happenings there…
    Be well, be happy always, and be blessed.
    And, marijke, dont forget to smile and be enthusiatic no matter how difficult and pathetic the situation, cos all that endrophin and te serotonin and dopamine do wonders to your capacity to perform.
    God speed.

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