Sixty two years ago tomorrow, the crew of an American B-29 bomber  The Enola Gay dropped the first of two atomic bombs on Japan 
Few who witnessed the attacks remain, yet the destruction is etched in human memory. More powerful nuclear weapons followed Fat Man and Little Boy, but none have been used in war. The 62th anniversary of the bombings prompts reflections on one of history’s most dramatic moments.
As a result of the blast, heat and ensuing fires, the city of Hiroshima was leveled and some 90,000 people in it perished that day. The world’s second test of a nuclear weapon demonstrated conclusively the awesome power of nuclear weapons for killing and maiming. Schools were destroyed and their students and teachers slaughtered. Hospitals with their patients and medical staffs were obliterated. The bombing of Hiroshima was an act of massive destruction of a civilian population, the destruction of an entire city with a single bomb.


I hope  i dont hurt u all by showing this  pic…But it  was the hard reality.

Wilted rose
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18 Responses to Hiroshima

  1. Unknown says:


    Greetings my Peeps!
    Today is a wonderful day in Blogging History!
    It appears the Alienhunter is running scared and gone into hiding, thanks to the awesome force of Skitzo, The Fooker, Fun Dip, and the PornoHunter! 
    Good work guys, A Celebration is in order!
    To Infinity,….. and beyond!  

  2. Michiko's says:

    Good morning! Sweeti San,
    I took photos 15-8 am this morning, Today is unforgettable day for people hurt and died in the A bombing of Hiroshima in Japan,
    6th of August 1945 time was 8-15am in the beautiful Summer weather, I pray for REST IN PEACE. 
    Thank you for sharing them to us,
    Big Hugs,

  3. Adrian says:

    Hi sweeti,
    Just passing by to say hello, and to wish ya a happy Monday and productive week 🙂 
    God have mercy on us all and grant his ‘rest & peace’, that such destruction never visit mankind again!

  4. Trouble says:

    This is one incident that cannot be forgotten. I wonder what it would take to make ppl realize the severity of these weapons!
    God save this world!

  5. sonia says:

    That was the blackest day in world history !! But unfortunately it cannot be blacked out and will continue to haunt forever !! We do not learn lessons from the past…previous mistakes and continue the bloodshed !! The picture is horrific…but a gruesome reality !!
    About the child abusers…….they should be given a slow torture,not instant bang bang….
    Abusers are often stoned to death in many Islamic countries!! This does discourage the abusers or may be not !! Honour plays a huge role and women are the bearer of this…the onus lies on the woman !!If they suspect the wife/daughter/sister to be having an affair …it is taken as a dishonouring the family name…which has to be cleared…..often resulting in the woman being murdered by her father/brother/husband/son!! "honour killings" as they are called !! Its also a known fact,especially in the tribal belts of the two countries,girls as young as 11 or 12 are given away in marriage to men who are old enough to be their dads/gdads !! Isnt that child abuse too??? I feel very strongly about this and could go on and on…….:D
    You lv on the 17th…right?? !! God Bless.sweeti !!
    Have a grt day and tc,

  6. Frans says:

    Childabuse, it  can happen everywhere, even in your neighbourhood.  And so many people close there eyes,  turn their head in the other direction, don’t dare or are afraid to talk about it. It’s a shame, the worst and most cruel thing that can happen to a child  that can’t defend itself.
    And what to think about other abuse, as for instance abuse of women in many many forms ? Women who are not allowed to speak , not allowed to handle their lives, not allowed to marry persons they realy love ? Women who are exploited as prostitutes, women who are abused physicaly and menthaly ?
    Even  today, in this very second, in this age of modern thinking, of fast communication around the globe, in a time people think they know each other, even people here on spaces, women and men, so many people are suffereing from abuse. Think and pray for them.

  7. Delete52Mitch says:

    Hey Sweetie. The pilot of the Enola Gay is still around — nearly deaf at age 89, but still making no excuses for dropping the bomb! Much love from Alabama. Mitch

  8. Alien Hunter says:

     Hello Sweeti,
    Thank you for your kind words. I still feel bad that my Friends are being targetted by these "people." Maybe someday people will learn to live together in peace. From everything I have read, things will only get worse – from what I have experienced, things will continue to get worse. If I had realized how bad the world would be today, I would have remained single. I would not wish the apparent future on anyone. Hiroshima & Nagasaki were the worst events ever to happen. Yet people would rather ignore the numbers of people and animals that died. Then those who suffered for days and years afterwards always in pain both mentally and physically.
    Today (9 Aug) is the anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki. http://www.exploratorium.edu/nagasaki/mainn.html has some pictures after it was bombed. This site has a lot to it, including some personal recollections about the bombing of Nagasaki.
    Peace, Love, & Blessings.

  9. deepu says:

    halo Sweetii
    days are inching closer and i m sure u are both xited and tensed lolz..
    buti m sure you are going to do a great job there..and thanks for that coment…if prayers give us all answers, then we al wil be lazy boys n girls ha?
    oh My GOd..this is terrygring pit there…yeaa a tragic of human nature, the reult of human ignorence….sth that shold never happen again in the world…
    have a nice day 

  10. Adrian says:

    Ah yes..love truely is giving! 🙂  Life is busy at my end, but nonetheless great, always thankful.  Oh, I prefer a ‘flying machine’ with
    ‘Powerplant’ (lol)..

  11. Adrian says:

    Hi Sweeti, I wish…but have never flown faster than sound, but it would be interesting to Pilot a glider of some sorts! 🙂

  12. The says:

    what between u and war? u seem to b hooked wth this….. everytime, i see this, i feel so hurt being a part of the being that kills itself…
    only human being kills its own species, none else does…..
    i’ve tried muslim fasting for a whole month and at that time, i guess i had turned into half muslim… Islam is such a nice religion… how few crooks have become its own enemies! sad!
    love u!
    take care and pray for peace….. it means a lot

  13. Isabel says:

     Omg Sweeti! Almost there!!!
    I feel enthusiatic for you! I wish I could go too!
    But this year I had to be around…
    You know all Dalai Lama teachings tickets are sold out…
    Just a few for the public talk and the foyer are still available.
    I will travel in Winter for sure ;-))
    Big hug from ISA

  14. Isabel says:

    About your entry…it continues to exist crimes agaisnt mankind since that one…jew ppl genocide…now in former USSR some huge crimes of genocide  too well the list goes on and on……omg they know not what they are doing!
    Its just too sad! 😦

  15. deepu says:

     ohhhh ummmm heeeee now almost near…so very near..
    must be very xited now ha?
    since you work in a nursing home it must be easy for you to handle the situation there, right?
    have a plesent weekend..

  16. Billy says:

    Great tragedy live  thru history to remind us what we must never repeat.
    Unfortunately, humankind is so full of greed, hatred, and deceipt that there will always be people repeating what they must never do.
    Pray for those who suffered, many more are still suffering the aftermath generations later, that’s the next best thing we can do.
    Be well,

  17. Ruma says:

    Hello Sweeti! It feels great to be back and visiting spaces. Your blog entry is really thought provoking and deep. The tragedies of the past cannot be forgotten, especially one as great as the Hiroshima bombing. However we human beings fail to learn from history and violence has become a way of life.I will return to your space again, and read it through in detail. Hope you are well. Thanks for leaving sweet messages for me. I was a bit busy with shifting my house, but that’s all over now.See you again, sometime soon!Love, Ruma.

  18. ~Harry~ says:

    Hello Sweeti,
    Just dropping by to see if everything is okay.

    Just to let you know, my govt. connections are wrapping up the spaces troublemakers!
    They’ve got the goods on them this time. I told everyone you could count on me to guard
    your sites. Its not good to mess with an ex-Army Ranger!

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