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Ur eyes  know  how to look at me Even ur lips know how to kiss me when im sleeping or when im awake Ur hands know how to touch me ………….   I see ur face  when im dreaming i … Continue reading

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Get well soon

Last friday my friend Many his lil bro Gurpy was badly injured . on his way to school he got hit by a car..he was riding his bike …Traffic light was green… the car came with high speed from left and … Continue reading

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Nobel Price

Todays headline   DNA pioneer and nobel price winner Mr. JAmes  Watson created a worldwide  shock wave   oke the man is extreme intelligent , he is a genius but he is also brazen i hope i use the right word. … Continue reading

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U can make it

  Sometimes u can make it on ur own…. yes true.. But most of the time we need some help… what can i do when i see a friend drown????? Pray  and hope???     Just take my hand i … Continue reading

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Dancing alone

Like every friday afternoon my colleagues and i stop our work at 4 PM ….Since some months we go down to our restaurant to have a drink. There is always the same bunch and we do a lil chat …gossipping … Continue reading

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Baby Can I Hold U

THis song  in my You tube   gives me the shivers I put the lyrics here..   Hmmmm Close ur eyes   and just listen  oke?????  Enjoy   "i’m sorry,"It’s all that you can sayYears gone by and stillWords don’t come easilyLike "sorry" … Continue reading

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  Ppl are incredibly sensitive… I dont think age  of experience  makes a difference with that…. Also with ppl who are hardened by their experiences, who hide themselves behind  an armour….. they have feelings of tenderness…    ….lil things  count  … Continue reading

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