Get well soon

Last friday my friend Many his lil bro Gurpy was badly injured .
on his way to school he got hit by a car..he was riding his bike …Traffic light was green…
the car came with high speed from left and did not stop for the red light  ..
the driver did not stop or did anything to help him
Normal behaviour???? what a world we ar living in???
4 months ago my friend Ravi died
also by a hit and run situation..
Gurpy get well soon  U hear!!!
It will take a lot of time
time is all u need….and u will be the old one again.
Ur mom ,dad and big bro  will be there for u…
Rood hart
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12 Responses to Get well soon

  1. Adrian says:

    All the very best to your friend for God’s Peace & Healing! 🙂
    Enjoy your Sunday evening.

  2. Billy says:

    Hi marijke,
    Its truly a blessing to have heard wise words about the value of life, and it would be wonderful if you can share them on your msn space… wise words are more valuable when shared and spread around.
    Take care always, and be happy, be blessed.

  3. Chamaree says:

    HI M
    Will pray for the speedy recovery of Gurpy. 
    He’ll be ok

  4. sillygloop says:

    I hope such traffic accidents invite heavy punishment for the offenders so they don’t dare repeat it again. Hope Gurpy recovers quickly and fully.

  5. deepu says:

    i just sent a mail to Isa wishing her get well soon, n came here to see the same here as well…hmmm..hope ur friend is back to himself soon and be smiling…how are you doing Sweets?me yea doing Mumbai now…lil work here….smile

  6. Trouble says:

    Awww, get well soon Gurpy!!
    Whssup Sweeti? I’m less busy these days than what I used to be 🙂

  7. deepu says:

    hii Sweets…how you doing? you are with Gurpy or what?hope Gurpy is getting better ha?smile..hugz

  8. Isabel says:

    Hello Sweeti!
    How are you?
    And how is your friend gurpi?I hope he is doing a good recovering!
    I am getting better…slowly… but at least i can breathe well already!
    Tomorow is my space 2 years aniversary…You are invited of course!
    Dinner by the fire…hehe!I hope you show…
    Much love from ISA

  9. Delete52Mitch says:

    There’s been several people killed riding bikes in Mobile, Alabama. Some people just don’t care about others. I always slow down, and go especially slow if the bike riders are children. Much love, Mitch

  10. Princess says:

    hi sweeti,is he fine now? i’ll pray for he’ll fine soon dun worry..TC,-Aiz.

  11. Adrian says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Greetings back at ya!  Hope all’s well, you too have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  12. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti San,
    I thought I was here before but I have not? WELL it’s not good sign lOL!
    I am sorry your friends little brother Gurpy..I hope he is getteng better soon.
    Big Hugs,

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