Snuff movie

to day this subject came  up….
snuff movie   Not known by so many ppl
i  will  put here  the  discription 
its a movie   created  By  and  for  Sick  People..
Some possible definitions include a number of acts (killing of animals, faked deaths, suicides and murders) which are filmed and only later distributed. In most cases the only motive to risk any exposure of the filmmakers’ involvement is commercial. Some definitions state that snuff films must be pornographic in nature  the most common definition of a snuff film is of a motion  picture showing the actual murder of a human being that is produced, perpetrated, and distributed solely for the purpose of profit.
I talked to day  with a friend abt this subject   …These movies  are  also  made here in Belgium and the Netherlands…
Persons  are kidnapped  .Most persons without  family  Living alone. They are forced  to have sexual contact  and will be  killed  during the act ..
Horrible    …with the camera  on  ….for dvd   sold  ….seems ppl  like …. to see this…????
In the Japanese movie Pyrokinesis, a girl named Yukie, the recent friend of the main character and the sister of the main characters crush and colleague, is kidnapped and killed for the purpose of making a snuff film.
All made by and for Sick ppl
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26 Responses to Snuff movie

  1. icy says:

    I didnt know such stuff too has been created by human brain..imagine to what level they can fall in order to make some fast is horrible and law must fall heavily on such people.

  2. Marilena says:

    That’s just sick! I can’t believe ppl actually buy or watch these things 😦

  3. Chamaree says:

    Hi M
    This is shocking.  So … so.. shocking
    I feel so sick to hear such things. 
    I am stunned actually.

  4. Jitender says:

    Oh yes it happens alright.We have worlds within worlds and some are more comfortable in others while some need glimpses.It is sick but it is an inevitable fallout of being so intelligent and so hopelessly immature. As a species I mean.

  5. sillygloop says:

    Our desires, our likes, our dislikes…all are a market. For sellers without morals, there’s no limits to the depths they can plunge to make a profit. It’s for us to draw the line, for our minds to govern our desires, and to take care of the rest, there’s the law. Distressing indeed, but hopefully on the downswing.

  6. deepu says:

    ummmm yes Sweets…i got a lot of stuf from my freinds…but still it s a differnt story attending classes ha? niway…now i m gonig to face it all head on…nihow…keep a few more candles ready ha?
    i lll send ur wishes to them ok? thanks…how you doing/?? better than me ha?
    now people are crazy about all stuff…hmmm sad enuf
    heyy i forgot to tell u sth….i have in my book this song, its translation that you have sent me…and at the end i have mentiond..sent in by (that long name of urs….hehehe)
    good day to you

  7. Sweety Advani says:

    you won’t believe this but this is a big market
    just yday nite we saw the news channel where 3 guys raped a girl who was their long time friend in the car…she was travelling with 3 of her freinds and they had planned to rape her and make a film of the rape…they said their entire plan got foiled becuase they forgot to get the camera but still went ahead and raped her…they were shown as taken by police but they seemed to have no remorse of their actions

  8. ηικκιħart says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    This topic makes my blood run cold, just beyond comprehension how anyone can be capable of such a horrible thing but yet they are out there.  I saw a movie called Hostel that was about a similar thing, the movie was very disturbing and sickening.
    I agree with you that it’s shocking and sad that some kids don’t have any idea what the true meaning of christmas is about.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    For you>>
    Big hugs, Nikki

  9. Isabel says:

    Hello Sweeti!
    I saw a movie called 9mm about that subject…
    How sick can some minds be?
    its realy sad and revolves my stomac!
    I hope to see you online before Christmas
    I feel bad about the other day…please say something!
    Lots of love from ISA

  10. Jorge says:

    With all the good things people are capable of, it’s sad to see how many choose evil. It’s a struggle that will continue. You get to choose which side you’re on! Be well,

  11. riki says:

    hey Sweeti !
    hope ur well. hws ur xmas shpping going eh? lol.
    thats is soo yucky ^^^^ honestly! dunno why they wud wanna do that. i didnt even know u cud do that… low have pple fallen today. lowest of the lowest. God help us! such a shame really
    look after urself and keep smiling eh.

  12. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    This is a very sick Snuff movie but unfortunately it became more popularity in the an Asian countries….
    Why so many people’ demand for the yucky stuff…It mostly abnormal people who taking a drugs as same times they require such
    as SNUFF MOVIE. I would rather some a beautiful food to SNUFF…
    I have some sad stories of Chinese woman and an Indian woman with children that I hold back at present times.
    I would like to have blogs holiday about during Christmas season?  I hope I can do it.

  13. deepu says:

    haaa thats good to hear from you Sweets..those candles..but this time i wonder how good they would be of, coz i havent done my part…my mind is stil back home i cant get to my books..hmm sighhhhjust giving a try …if i can get thru , fine, else i may have to re appear ooops….
    so how was ur day like? i hope you did have a very relaxing day…ha?i wont be around for a week….plese keep me to in ur prayers ha? have a sweet week ahead sweetiiiibyeeeeehugzzzz

  14. Project says:

    Yes, I know many adult down sydrome people who are each a sunshine production company all by is like basking in the warm light of heaven as I think that way…the undefiled is how I see them.
    And I have not seen a snuff film yet, but, did view some suicide "last film and testament" that they did by themselves in a sad study..I amost died myself. I found common denominators however, and think of them now.
    I wrote two years ago about snuff films and the industry in depth. But one that was up on the public board was a guy thrown off a cliff and photographed from the other side with telephoto close-ups of the cliff-side impacts and the falling man, a boy in fact.
    That film is twenty years old.
    So how large is the industry? Two million known people, and one million victims as most film doesn’t get produced or sold from fear of capture, a real concern not to be ignored. But, in business since then, twenty years ago.
    God knows how much money the evil made off of their wickedness..but in the multiple billions of dollars, and with that, they sent their children to school and church, and bought them mansions.
    I will fix all of that if I can..and I try. I am especially qualified too.
    In my very old self is more secret things than ever before in one person, and I know it above all others who have also said so.
    And at the command of reason only…good for those two million who can’t be slaughtered under my hand..but..never let go. They will be separated into a place of two happy but for their lack of victims.
    And if there is no victim, would they still kill?
    No my friend, and I am an expert on that. Even I think it strange.
    Sickness is interactive from top to bottom, inside out, and one has said this truth:
    "No crime can occur among you, but that it be the hidden will of you all."
    I’m still fixing it with an iron hand as a tyrant of peace. A dictator of "do as I say."
    It’s a good thing I’m a good guy…and especially for them horror stories.
    But you are well, therefor chosen by god.
    None can die or there is no god.
    Love and have fun,
    ***It is killing someone for an excuse is what they are, and no less than war fronts.

  15. Ruma says:

    Hi Sweeti! Just dropped by to see whether you had updated your space. Hope you are enjoying yourself and keeping well in this winter season.Love, Ruma.

  16. Project says:

    Well thank you Sweeti, and Happy Christmas to you and your’s too. We are both removed from the catastrophies affecting many of the world’s unfortunate at this point.
    And normally, I understand all that is commented at my site, but I didn’t understand what you meant by "not trusting the glass bowl?"
    I always trust what I see, what I learn as true, and the porojections that are certain.
    But more than that, I trust myself and my own solutions to those massive problems that others fail to address with any practical approaches that will actually work world-wide.
    And even those are fraught with mis-conceptions, illogical solutions, and not the actual power to work with for each problem in progress their solution stories address.
    It seems to me that all are in it for the money, and I’m not arguing against that myself, but since so few have ever come to my site, this approach is not working is all for getting backing for the devices I am going to build for near-nothing as a result of that.
    That is because that’s all I have to work with, but, I have this free water power that is disregarded by almost all in the world, even if informed of it’s existance or knew already.
    It’s "supposedly impossible" is why they have done demonstration is all that’s left for me after some 50-plus years of trying other approaches.
    Not being able to form honest exchanges with the top people is the problem with blogs I’ve seen, but meeting people with good hearts like you and the others made it worth it to me.
    My "not building" these devices on my own up to now is my choice, not my personal necessity from not able or some such thing.
    Scary stuff is why, and it will indeed slice a human in half at close ranges.
    But so will the Machettes in the Congo do that same thing at the rate of 1,000 humans per day as it is now…mostly along the edges of bordering Rewanda of course, but it’s not applied much elsewhere, and they also can do that and don’t.
    So I go on at least in thoughts and visions of new publicity approaches for gaining personal support.
    As for me personally, I live in the Garden of Eden in complete peace, we have no global warming problems, and will be the last place on earth to have such problems.
    We are number one place on our lists in the USA in fact to raise your family for the next fifty years, and number two place to buy property for those reasons of stable economy and safety, to say nothing of growing all our own food should we become shut off from other sources as many have had happen so far..more as it goes of course.
    If I don’t get anywhere with this, that will only be normal for me..not a failure of any kind personally.
    But that at least one has read these things and are checking it completely out is my dream.
    That’s all it takes too, or, the Utube presentation for "blast advertising" that no human alive will avoid hearing about..the delemma.
    Sooo, even terrorists? Yes, and they are more active than any government official knows how to become even.
    As for the lumbering monstrosity of governments themselves, they are only giant rumbling machines to be taken apart by the living humans around it’s steady path it can’t avoid. That process is picking up speed too as it approaches catastrophy.
    And did they think a single human could not bring them "all" to the ground if their pathway destroys the entire planet?
    If a thing is true, but not believed, it changes the world instantly if it’s truly so, like the world is round and not flat changed all things in a few years.
    If simple free water contains two million horse power in an 1/8th inch stream as I say, it will cut steel ten feet thick like soft butter..useful? It will freeze rocks up to miles deep..cold enough to cool the planet down? Make it rain? Freeze fires to a stop?
    Yes on all four, and more than ten thousand other applications are available…and honey, you can do this all by your little ole self..will that work on Utube?
    I think I’m going to try and find the real my own little prototype is next for me..slowly of course..
    Soooo, "glass bowl?" I see myself outside of that fish bowl and all humans beings inside of it..stuck there as I see it. As for viewing me, no problem should one try.
    But, they can only look out of their paridigms and I can’t enter into even one of them, so not an outcast exactly, but a goldfish who breathes air and can fly.
    A mutant fish-bowl dweller? Yeah, like that.
    But explain if you want, I missed the reference somehow is all as a guy who’s kinda "out-of-it?" Yeah, worse than that.
    With love and seasons greetings for you and Little Man,

  17. cagatay says:

    really I didnt know such stuff too has been created by human brain!!!!!! 😦

  18. Project says:

    Yes, and in Afganistan, they are snuffing for less than money..but also for mental impact.
    And as long-term dedicated, have they always been that sick? Or the viewers who participate now for 800 years? A completely sick society then? Filmed snuffing in thse regions is gaining in popularity there too. Belgium is no exception you know.
    So a small gathering in Baghdad goes to the internet movies and see them wicked Shites slaughtered after much torture…so one screen, fifty viewers and more crowding the doorway. Sound is big with them too.
    So with two million per day being slaughtered, then there are four to eight million "wannabe-viewers"..starting with parents. And with a probable hundred million "will pay" customers, it is the largest emerging market in film products in history.
    If it featured someone you knew for instance, you’d pay to see them the last time..maybe.
    But I say that just to hear their last words and hate the ones who did that is the impetus for the addiction that has existed always..war zone behaviour is exactly that you know..but not filmed.
    It will be tomorrow if I have anything to do with it…and I intend to do just that.
    I intend to call the attention of rage against sickoness in those presently secret places to a public forum and open table..let them deny the film.
    I need millions of bucks of course.
    Love you,

  19. Project says:

    Cease fire in Gaza…hooray!
    Smile like me..:)

  20. Project says:

    Things are  getting better most places,Hopefully, at your place too.
    In the Olympics, we are getting wiped out on most things…oh well, we don’t care as much as the rest of the world does.
    We have "the shining star" Michael Phelps on right now in fact, but, I liked the hall monitor doing his job with Yao.
    The little "survivor hero" of the whole world is that one person.
    The performances are phenominal to us in fact.
    Love you,

  21. Project says:

    Okay honey, I never asked you for anything..right? [she waits..]..and this one is "most important" to me, and I don’t know how to do it as computer illiterate you know.
    I wrote a letter to the PM of China that I would like to get posted and forwarded to as many siteslinked to China as entries into controversial newspapers columns..please please please?
    I want to strike a blow for women’s rights, and with the first subtile submission of China with my proposed scenario occuring, or something similar..but..raise the issue for sure.
    It is a gross oversight and example of lack of authority of any woman in China…and "any age" is the point here for me.
    It can be marketed easily if I just knew how..and a good idea or not?
    But it upset me a lot for sure and I want it fixed asap.
    Love you,

  22. Unknown says:

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  23. Project says:

    Okay…strike that last request…changed my mind and decided it’s going fine for me personally, and we got Sarah Palin striking a blow for women’s rights and what not.
    I see that I got a visit from here, but not you I’d suspect….and so updated, my overthrow plans progress and I add weaponry and tactical advantage shifting even as I write.
    I build stuff that operates itself of course so it works while I rest….party…work…party…rest…party…etc.
    "The Chosen One" means born in the land of ice cream and cake you know…hard to be unhappy even.
    Watch out for monkeys honey…they’re tricksters…..David.

  24. Project says:

    Hey pretty girl [and monkey], you still strung out on "snuff movies?"
    Doing anything about it are you?
    But I should talk of course as I am doing my own designs for the compressed water applications, and getting favorable feedback on getting financing..with "strings attached" of course.
    Only a monkey can get things for free and not owe anything.

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