Rood hart

Rood hart

Paulien             8

Melissa            7

Michelle           3

Winnie             1


 Rood hartRood hart

Four lil sisters  died on Christmas eve

Not that far from my home., in a village called Arnemuiden.

The mom and dad explored a Chinese restaurant.

Guests celebrating  Christmas Eve  …. Children were on first floor.

A fire

by an overheated whire…

A sea of fire…unable to safe their kids..

I still see their irrealistic look in their eyes

May those lil angels rest in peace…



Day before Yesterday 2 young priests driving home after mass..

Their car got off the road, it was slippery… got into the water … under the  ice.

No escape possible..


I can go on and on…

Why is God Testing those families???







3 years


230.000 ppl died


Verwelkte roos

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6 Responses to Christmas????

  1. Delete52Mitch says:

    Thought-provoking poem. The ways of God are a mystery. Mitch

  2. Ruma says:

    Hi Sweeti!God tests us now and then, but maybe the tests that some people have to go through are so much tougher. In Hinduism we say this is all due to one’s Karma, or actions in this life and that of previous lives. There is no reason otherwise why God should  appear to be so merciless sometimes.He has his own reasons.Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Let us pray the coming years bring hope, peace and joy on Earth.Love, Ruma.

  3. Trouble says:

    God puts everyone to test some or the other time… we just need to be prepared for it all the time! 🙂
    Thanks for the wedding wishes Sweeti!! How have u been?

  4. Isabel says:

    I am so sorry for your brother in law…
    I will pray for him…
    This entry its realy sad! That Tsunami is something to remember true!
    Acording to Buddha all things are impermanent, and this proves it!
    We never know what can happen tomorow….:-(
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    Much Love from Isa

  5. Billy says:

    Hello marijke,
    I hope you had a good christmas. So sorry to hear about those sad stories.
    Somehow, I learned not to ask why. I stopped asking the day my father passed away under circumstances which I knew could have been avoided. He was still strong even at 93. He just over-exerted himself when trying to go around on his own cos we were all too busy to take him around, and he had a cardiac arrest while in the taxi after spending much effort trying to catch a cab, something very avoidable. Since that day, I stopped asking. I had to learn to let go.
    Stopping to ask why is not stopping to care. We still care, care for the living.
    We just have to learn to let go, and use our time and energy instead caring for the living, to eliminate suffering for the living and get on with our lives.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing.
    Here’s wishing you a great new year and may you always find love, peace and joy.

  6. Billy says:

    I would like you to listen to this song "Light One Candle" by Peter, Paul & Mary… the lyrics are below…
    Just double click:     Light One Candle
    LIGHT ONE CANDLEBy Peter, Paul and Mary
    Light one candle for the maccabee childrenWith thanks that their light didnt dieLight one candle for the pain they enduredWhen their right to exist was deniedLight one candle for the terrible sacrificeJustice and freedom demandBut light one candle for the wisdom to knowWhen the peacemakers time is at hand
    Chorus:Dont let the light go out!Its lasted for so many years!Dont let the light go out!Let it shine through our love and our tears.
    Light one candle for the strength that we needTo never become our own foeAnd light one candle for those who are sufferingPain we learned so long agoLight one candle for all we believe inThat anger not tear us apartAnd light one candle to find us togetherWith peace as the song in our hearts
    What is the memory thats valued so highlyThat we keep it alive in that flame? Whats the commitment to those who have diedThat we cry out theyve not died in vain? We have come this far always believingThat justice would somehow prevailThis is the burden, this is the promiseThis is why we will not fail!
    Dont let the light go out!Dont let the light go out!Dont let the light go out!

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