What will happen

the first minut of 2008 in our world…?? 


A baby will be born   Rode roos 

a father or mother will die  Verwelkte roos


In war zone a soldier will be tortured, feels aloneVerwelkte roos

Another soldier has off and enjoys the company of his familyRode roos


Some will make promises …stop smokingRode roos

Some are starting coz of bad news.Verwelkte roos


U start a new job…… ur full of enthousiasmRode roos

Some think : Jesus  To morrow  back to that boring “pain in the ass” jobVerwelkte roos


We drink champy…Rode roos

Some search for a drop of water…Verwelkte roos


Another year  .of  unfair situations

This is  life.


Some situations we create are due to ourselves i know

So we can work on those….can we???


I wish everyone here on space a

Happy  healthy joyfull  New Year
and i wanna say tx  for the  friendship
and for the support in bad days.
lets  have a drink on that
Frog holding onto a popping champagne cork photo

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27 Responses to 2008

  1. Marilena says:

    Happy New Year 🙂

  2. ηικκιħart says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    It’s true the life can seem so unfair, sometimes the world around me makes me sad, sometimes angry, but with each new year we can renew our wishes that the world becomes a better place for all.

    For you..

    ..(¯`v´¯)…`·¸.·´    Happy New Year!!..¸.·´¸.·´¨ Best wishes for 2008.) ¸.·*¨)(¸.·´ (Hugs¸.·´ (,..·´ ♥ from ♥Nikki♥ ¸.·´¯`·*¨:,

  3. Isabel says:

    Hi Sweeti!
    I hope got my message about the music…
    Great entry! And thats all life paradox!
    Nothing realy changes…
    we are the ones having the opportunity to make it better!
    New Year just reminds me that!
    And I have hope…so 2008 must …has to be better!
    All tha best for you in 2008!
    Love from ISA

  4. Delete52Mitch says:

    Wonderful entry.  Here’s wishing you a wonderful new year. Much love from Alabama. Mitch

  5. Project says:

    Monkeys think all women are their mothers I think..and yes, they can be trained to do all kinds of things like take your top off..and run was my point..take it back to the boss too for most of them trained to do that.
    They take jewelry off too, and the clasp is sometimes complicated you’d think..but not to them. Just how smart they are is now being determined by scientists to be much more than thought too, and is so.
    But laugh every day? As head of my family and leader of many, and a repairman who takes over someone else’s misery and fixes it, smiles and positive attitude is part of the job of getting it fixed.
    No repair is a happy person for me, nor is the nasty repair or replacement fun, but I tend to smile anyway and be glad I have all of these skills I’ve learned, and able to bolster the spirits of the depressed bosses.
    To heal the person is as easy as healing their job problems mostly. And part of that is no money on their part..so for free is the deal I am offered (begged?), and because of the following words I do it anyway:
    "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow ye shall surely die."
    If you are alive, it is because the heavens chose you for that, and took the others by the same power.
    In my opinion, all go straight to heaven as it reads that way to me. The preacher would say otherwise of course, but Jesus hated them with a passion for that alone. He has not changed, and neither have they.
    But you will find that I write blogs around the clock and take them off daily..if what you saw is gone, oh well. I will write more.
    I am a writer only because I write and not talk about it. I am alive because I live every minute and am happy with those up to now, and the next ones coming.
    To me, there is no worse thing than to be alive, but to feel as the dead..lifeless.
    Once, I was laying in the trash along side of the railroad tracks and all was seemingly lost. I was frozen and couldn’t move hardly at all.
    My face was on every televison and on every radio as I was escaped from jail, again.
    How I got up and managed to walk, get boots and old clothes from the trash, and catch a freight train out of there is a long story..and I was fifteen. There was a large reward for me too so I couldn’t trust anyone…I was alone for sure, and it was below zero and snowing even more.
    How I got all of that straightened out and quit all is an even longer story, but this: I found out who I was by myself.
    I sang my song loud as I could on the train even though it was so noisy that no sound could be heard but by me in the empty freight car. I had escaped many times before, and the song that was mine went like this…
    "Some people say I’m a no-account, some people say I’m no good…but I’m just a natural born traveling man, doing just the best I could, poor boy, doing just the best I could."
    I can only say that I was "free as a bird" that day. Tattered a little and almost dead, but happy and smiling..laughing in fact.
    And to whom? Myself honey.
    Later, I got threw bodily off that train at fourty miles per hour and didn’t die then either. The stupid guy didn’t realize he threw away five thousand dollars in cash reward.
    I walked the next two hundred miles home in seven nights..and singing quietly so as not to get the dogs barking. The song kept me alive and moving..and don’t stop moving or you die there. They caught me two months later and I went back. "Returned to custody" as it says in files.
    I spent two more years before I got out for good, at seventeen..and no crime since. What a long haul that was.
    And that’s just one of my stories sweeti. Someday, I will write about "all" of them and get famous as a writer, more famous as it’s all true and more.
    They said I was the worst one in there and I never did any violence, little or no crime, and didn’t swear even. Are they wicked? Yes, but what else can we be?..perfect?
    No, the monkey is perfect, the frog on the cork is perfect, sky is perfect..man is not. And not even one.
    Which one then is "the worst?" Is it not the pretender of perfection? The accuser?
    I now make sure that I am not my own accuser for the first thing, and not listen to others on that for the other thing.
    Kind of like your own false accuser is with you..kiss them off is my advice. I even say goodby.
    Love you,

  6. Renuka says:

    So sweet, Yes the world is full of contradictions and thats life. Its ever changing and when we come to accept this change happily as we accept changing seasons, we are at peace. Wishing you happiness, peace and able to accept everything that life brings. Small prayer for you.
    God give me the Courage to change
    The things I can change
    Strength to accept
    The things I cannot change
    The Wisdom to now the difference
    Between the two.
    Happy New Year

  7. Michiko's says:

    Dear Marij san,
    It took so long to coming in here though just a week? but it’s not sorry about that, I normally friends visiting my space and reply to them…some friend I might fogot about? I hopeflly not do that.
    The life is can be so simple and other way so complex that depends on people and some people were lucky with their life…
    but generally everybody had ups down thta’s ourlives.
    Dear friend ever since I started blogging over the two years ago that’s long time for last long? ha ha ha
    We are so far from one another but you were always read and comment on my blog a happy time and a sad time.
    Thank you being friendship Sweeti san.
    I wish Happy New Year to you and your hubby next year will bring many more( Michael & his father and mother)GOOD NEWS. 
    I would like to have a toast a glass of champagne with you…
    Love Michiko xxxxooo

  8. Tridib says:

    Thanks for the nice humourous Blog.
    Wishing you a very Happy New year 2008.

  9. Vishal Iyer says:

    well a happy new year to you.. also i wish this year bring peace and happiness in everyone lives.

  10. Vishal Iyer says:

    well i really don’t know about others…. ya but i wished one thing.. that you start your new year with a smile on your face and with a  new positive attitude to do things.. whatever you are planning to do… with lots of love and hugs..Vishal

  11. sillygloop says:

    When the 1st minute of the New Year happens…another wonderful minute would have got added to our lives as we continue celebrating every moment of this life 🙂 Have a great time!

  12. sillygloop says:

    And yeah…am sending all the sunbeams I can collect out here…since ur mailman wont deliver here’s what I could send – http://search.live.com/images/results.aspx?q=sun+rays+clouds&form=QBIR 🙂

  13. Adrian says:

    Hey, Thank you!  All the very best for the New Year 2008′ and God’s blessings & Peace.

  14. Gabriele Mattia says:

    HIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                           HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)Click here !!!*********************************************

  15. Magick says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY FRIEND.  I hope 2008 is a wonderful year for you.
    Hugs and Love,

  16. Alien Hunter says:

    Feliz Ano Novo
    Here are wishes that 2008 will be a bright and blessed year for you. 2008 will be a grand year for us – except for listening to the politicians try to convince people how smart they are when they aren’t. It is simple to tune them out.
    Many people get tested, not because of having been bad but to strengthen them and give them knowledge that they may better help others. Death is no respecter of a person or time. If we look at the "DASH" (the dash between the date of birth & date of death on a tombstone) that was their life, then maybe, we should celebrate that person’s life rather than mourn their passing. Choices people have made come with risks and sometimes the risk catches up with them.
    Peace, Love, & Blessings to You & Yours.

  17. Isabel says:

    Hey Sweetie!
    How does it feel 2008?haha!
    I am so happy last year its gone!Wooooohooooo!

    So…are you motivated for this new Era?
    Well I am full of hope that its going to be some better times!:-)
    I am still recovering from the party…I went to bed almost in the morning….
    I know this is going to be better!
    Lots of love from ISA
    I am so glad u could put the music on..

  18. Vijay says:

    Worked on 31st and roamed around town on 1st…wasn’t too bad considering there are a lot of others less fortunate! Feb 29…another day to hopefully goof off rather than work 🙂 Have a gr8 day!

  19. Project says:

    You too honey child, but don’t worry, in the world of drugs, sex, and rock and roll? Old unkle Davie had fun and more women than most..and I did not die.
    I was raised behind a whorehouse and Casino and all things were there. I come qualified to talk in live environment, fast on my feet and can dance even now (don’t but in secret) and there has never in human history been a pool shot form like mine. It is fluid out-of-the-air one-handed, and a collusion between five major disciplines.
    I have fourty years of practice. Both sides for years.
    My"oh my god" story for my background is revealed only to attract funding to my internet talk show project, where I will eventually go live. I can talk while I shoot honey…and look at you.
    It is a secure face you will see, and a soft voice, slow and meaningful, and yes, I swear mightily too. General content only of course. So Dr. Doom was my pool shooting name, not the internet’s.
    The internet is for this poor old boy to see all of the villages in the world..live…for free almost. I am also learning to type, and doing better with about seven or eight per day on it. Out of ink, out of paper, it’s awful.
    So I’m going to make a deal in the mid-east with the Muslim men on my talk show. I can attract at least one. I know every word Mustapha said for one thing, and am known all over the place there..got war zone muslim girl orphans that I openly adopted two years ago.
    A Muslim guy in Mecca said "okay, there is nine million total. Tell me what is true?"
    I wrote here and there "I take them all, thank you." Tell each one for me I added..and he wrote twice more then gone..even his site. In this computer is more stuff like that, so obviously to me, my state department approves it so far.
    Sweet Zeze is my favorite..Palestine and in school now in Cairo to be a dentist. A virgin if you can believe that. I have something she wrote on my wall..it’s tear-jerking. It’s the story of Gaza, from there. I have made a commitment to her and those other kids…but only in words that were not argued even once…therefor mine. Nine million? omg.
    So consider..Dr David W. Doom implies academic perspective..meaning network and team. I would be least educated for one thing…jut quicker. None will argue with me and win, not even Hindustani. I am worse than Gonzalas for evading the truth too for the boss.
    And yes, I have a plan. Don’t worry for me, I’m having a good time every minute. Hope you do too.
    But a meeting place in the sky is the goal for me…ex-phone company I mentioned..right? If I hear your voice, you can’t lie to me. But because of this life you worry over, I would never let you know.
    I have three daughters..wow David…mind, you hear?…so I did.
    But all are fourty now or so. Twelve from them, guaranteed more too as they are like pretty rabbits. Not a single bad one either..good for them. They own me.
    So if I get rich….."
    David American old guy.
    Ps..got approved for social security in March..cool.

  20. CAP'N says:

    Hey Sweeti! How are you baby?

  21. CAP'N says:

    Hey Sweeti! How are you baby?

  22. CAP'N says:

    Hey Sweeti! How are you baby?

  23. CAP'N says:

    Hey Sweeti! How are you baby?

  24. Vishal Iyer says:

    Actually i shifted to pune now, hope you know about it .. near to mumbai. so new office new work.. so have to put some extra effort their.. will post some new blogs soon..  so how is life going ? and what you did on new year eve ? any resolutions ?

  25. Dr. says:

    I suppose alot of people are wondering where Adam of Occult Pizza is and why he stated he would be on hiatus and not blogging.
    Well, it turns out that he is serving out a 90 day sentence in the county jail. No joke, I looked it up.
    Please go to http://www.spokanesheriff.org/jail/info/ or http://www.spokanecounty.org/geiger/ for info on Visiting Hours.
    Let him know you care.

  26. deepu says:

    ohhh dear Sweeets
    yeaa you guessed it well….i was again in the hospital…no proper rest and typhee hit me back again….so i had a nice celebration in a hspital room in Mumbai with nurses, instead of sweets i had pills and needles….so obiviously you need to keep that candl burning…..
    hope you had a wonderful time and still having a nice time….
    me stilll in recovering mode though dischargd, i m on rest n diet…so some kind of magi now need to take place…heyy i think unlike goethe i belivd in my self a lil too much and went about doing too many things thats how i was again put in the hopi bed,,,,sighhhh
    nice day to you dear….pray ha?
    heyy you can add onem ore thing in that list…deepu will get an injection and wil be put on trips…heheenjoy

  27. Indiana says:

    Sometimes in life, you find a special friend.
    Someone who changes your life just by being part of it. 
    Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.
    Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door
     just waiting for you to open it.
    This is forever friendship.
    When you’re down and the world seems dark and empty,
    your forever friend lifts you up in spirit and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full.
    Your forever friend gets you through the hard times,
     the sad times and the confused times.
    If you turn and walk away, your forever friend follows.
     If you lose your way, your forever friend guides you and cheers you on. Your forever friend hold your hand and tells you
    that everything is going to be okay.
     And if you find such a friend, you feel happy and complete
    because you need not worry.
    You have a forever friend, and forever has no end… 

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