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Out of order

Just now…I wrote an entry I was so inspired …writing abt my feelings ..words came out so easily. than  i pushed wrong  button and everything was gone.I had  no energy  to start all over again.My head was so empty.I talked with a friend after that on g … Continue reading

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The suicide  club   In a year time in Bridgend , a lil town in Wales 7 young ppl killed  themselves by hanging   Police is  investigating to what extent  these seven contacted each other trough the net. Everything indicates … Continue reading

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My Sunday

Sunday morning  im waiting in my bed …… tick tick……  its like  the minuts  go in slow  motion… During the night  i wake up a  lot of times   ….My troath is so dry that i need a drink..i see every half … Continue reading

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Belgian Photographer

A Belgian photographer ( he works  for fashion magazines) has  been put to jail in a Mumbai …Not for paedophili  (Hope i write it correct)  as  first was said   but he had taken pics  of naked  guys  (age 29 and 32 … Continue reading

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As i said   i wanted to put positiv things   …i tried to find   hmmm  I did my best …..  i did  really i did…but but   well  in stead  i read abt  Modern Slavery     5 centry BC  Athens in Greece  had  … Continue reading

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THis new year  im gonna try something out   and that is……   Im gonna write only abt positiv things….Happy things..Joyfull things.   Entries abt war…killing ..earthquakes..whatever…..u will not read here anymore   First good news…   Today we visited the Lil baby … Continue reading

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