My Sunday

morning  im waiting in my bed …… tick tick……  its like  the minuts  go in slow  motion…
During the night  i wake up a  lot of times   ….My troath is so dry that i need a drink..i see every half hour on the clock
I hate this Boos Sleep. i need sleep…But i cant  fall  asleep…Whats going on with me…..
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18 Responses to My Sunday

  1. CAP'N says:

    Greetings Sweeti!
    Benson Productions, LTD.
    announces a new world attempt
    for  the worlds’ biggest sex orgy
    to date!
    In Oct 2006, Japan successfully
    set a new world record. Having
    paired up 250 men and 250
    women who commensed to have
    sex in same place and same time,
    completing the world biggest
    orgy ever!
    This April, we will attempt to set
    a new record with 400 couples!
    The Orgy will be held in a
    warehouse with a professional
    camera crew taking pictures and
    recording the entire event!
    I can assure you, this is not a tawdry gangbang,
    nor is it a ‘sexapalooza’ of sorts.
    But a genuine, legitimate
    attempt at a sporting record.
    A pre-orgy lab test will be
    required, safe sex shall be
    practiced and there will be actual
    nurses on duty, as well as
    attendants. A Guiness Book of
    Records representative will be
    This orgy shall consist of a
    compulsory 3 position event!
    missonary, cowgirl and doggy
    Entry tickets are a mere £ 25
    British, € 30 Europe and $48
    US. The orgy will take place 5
    April, 2008 at a large warehouse
    in Southampton, UK.
    Contact me for ticket availability
    and all applicable rules. First
    come, first served.* Sponsored by-The Hellfire Club                          Club Aphrodite

  2. riki says:

    ooh u poor fing……thats horrible…*sprinkles some sleeping powder on Sweeti…*:P

  3. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hello Sweeti
    How are you doing? All good I hope!
    This type of…non-sleep
    Sometimes that happens to me
    And what I do to help solve the problem is..
    just get out of bed and try not to think about
    not being able to sleep.
    After I stop thinking about sleeping….
    I sleep 🙂
    Sweeti…I hope that helps
    and ..I hope you have a great day!
    Garry xo

  4. Isabel says:

    Hey see your previous blog comments too….I see you managed to put it dark blue!!
    I like it !
    Well if you still want to put it black maybe I can help you via messenger ok?;-)
    I had a wonderfull weekend in the south!!It was warm and sunny there!
    I wish you a good wee and I hope your insomnias will stop!
    Lots of love from Isa

  5. Ruma says:

    Hi Sweeti! I had come to this space twice previously, but could not add a comment, as there was a message which said there is a server error. I hope this time I’m lucky.Sleeplessness is a horrible thing…you don’t feel fresh for the whole of the next day, and sleeping pills make you feel sick. A glass of hot milk taken at bed-time is supposed to be relaxing to the nerves. There is also the yoga way of lying down and meditating, trying to make your mind totally blank.I notice that you have been visited by Osuji also. Please delete any comment which comes out of sick minds.Love, Ruma.

  6. deepu says:

    helo dear Sweets…hope you had a lovely weekend…so did you finish your works at the office? but now i think before anythbnig else you need to fall flat, at least sit somwhere and hav a wonderful sleep…and heyy keep a full bottle of water too….actually me too had this water problem other day…hehe
    heyy Sweets…nooo i think you got me wrong…i have no problem with deeps… in fact any name for that matter…
    have a nice day…smile

  7. Adrian says:

    Hey, glad you liked the song. Celine is a wonderful Singer / Performer! 🙂 And in so many ways it’s…."a new day"

  8. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti,
    I hope you are feeling batter and watching the tennis on TV now. Justin’s not doing well, But only starting……
    Big Hugs,

  9. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti,
    Justin’s has lost the game from Maria Sharrpova Well, Maria is young and a good tennis player’s…….
    I hope you have a good night sleep,
    Big Hugs,

  10. sillygloop says:

    Count these the next time… … n wishing u sweet dreams 🙂

  11. Enter says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence in me as a shrink…now why do they use the term "shrink-wrapped’ software 🙂

  12. Jorge says:

    Very few things are worse than being sleep deprived. Aisde from the obvious – cut out caffeine, especially in the evening, if the problems persist, you should get checked out by your doctor. Be well,

  13. Enter says:

    Hmm…seems like ur mixing up numbers in ur sleep eh 🙂 Maybe this is what u need – ?

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