Ur Hand

Words came up..here they are..

The present  …..my past ….. and future.


When ur hand touches mine

My body starts to sing

Each part gently touched

Joy for thousand things


When ur hands touched mine

Stars  started to glow

My hand was  numb 

But inside i danced


When ur hand will touch mine

Ur fingers will caress  mine

Then i dance with my  whole body

Share  urs with mine



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18 Responses to Ur Hand

  1. Billy says:

    Hello Marijke
    Reading this post reminds me of Ronan Keating’s "When You Say Nothing At All"….
    Check this out…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPHEHDWs72o

  2. Princess says:

    Yo! Just on a space hop! Beautiful poem. Hope ur back is feeling better 2day. Hope u have a Great Sunday! Luv PF XXX

  3. Project says:

    To have an internet talk show (mine) on-line appear also on television, is the second phase of my proposed development.
    And yes, many would watch just to see you and hear you talk. Your poetry is great and the picture is a piece of art I have never seen before..a fabulous piece of work indeed.
    Those are good thoughts and well expressed I assure you.
    But my show has a different goal than any show before it, and with more than ten years of description in place, impossible to put in a few sentences for the "differences," But let me tell you a few of it’s themes…
    First, it is a building system..and can build up to large, self-contained city-sized installations..including water recycling and other recovery systems modern forms allow. "Latest things" are the key words to "what kinds" of modern systems we would build.
    The muslim conflict in the mid-east, and reconstruction in those war-torn areas, is our goal…the first goal as it were.
    "Completely fortified and secured" is another feature necessary for those installations, and a co-operative effort puts the ownership, operation and control in a "shared relationship" with the present, duly-elected governments in place who are trying to restore not only services, but benefits in local support if they have an "enticement" to comply with the new regime’s fair treatment under constitutional law, not tribal law.
    It would be a "State Hospital" then…"Privatized."
    So at that place, women and children would pile up, so it’s more of a temporary (to be permanent) refugee camp with schools, houses and hospital in the middle, much different than a field hospital of normal operations and limitations.
    They (patients) would not likelyleave after entering such a peaceful place where everything is free to them..possibly forever as it’s basically a city that will not be later disasembled, but added to the network of them my cyber-corp would be building.
    They are built entirely underground and the vast top is airport runways, a perimeter, check-in points, and empty-looing almost..but anthrax-proof and hydrogen bomb-proof. A recent design in fact.
    They are women and children traps indeed. And unlike fly traps that don’t let them leave, in ours (trap), they "won’t" leave by choice. 
    We will be perfect benefactors as much as a perfect Grandpa would be, only more open to the world for our activities..complete transparency and interaction in fact as internet operated, internet supplied, designed, constructed and maintained..the building structures I mean.
    Each war machine has a shape, a sound, and a smell that produces an exact feeling in all who seek hear, or smell those devices.
    They run and hide instantly when percieving one. A fleet of approaching A-10 Attack helicopters is an example of war weapons being used to deal with ground issues that do that.
    So our installations sound like children laughing, women humming traditional songs and the smell of good food wafting out across the desert..they will come for sure.
    Our hospital treats the enemy and moves them into compounds with their families in a housing setting, not jail cells.
    To accept help from the enemy on ther side of it is death to all of their familiy in some cases, so often we would see a man, his wife, mother, sister and five more kids bringing in one with a foot blown off and almost dead..And honey???
    Can we re-grow a foot on a leg today? Absolutely. Illegal as hell though in terms of religious restrictions guidlines the preachers say.
    To hell with them and the horse they rode in on is what it says back to them at our gate..I’m buildng an athiest place only..no religion except for the various priests to service their congregations inside, and a temple of small dimensions for marriages, deaths, etc.
    We are a "for profit" private comany who have built and own this place.
    You will interact and control from where you are, and profits are fairly distributed into your account as visible to all from the first penny to the last..the reason for internet accounting in mid-air in fact, and my "crystal castle" site, another long story of form and inter-active componet purposes, and most feature are psycho-active triggers. Like IED’s are.
    None are going to "physically go" to the sites..I’m hiring guys there, including enemies and women..add children who help. Picking up rocks is a big deal there you know, worth something too.
    Our present approach of destroying families to isolate enemies has not worked..for five thousand years in fact..and not once.
    So with my President’s permission or not, I can build these things anywhere out in that desert that I can get away with locally.
    The law is "always" that which you can get away with for sure…paperwork will follow success and death is failure..not so?
    Mr. Bush already "likes" my plan..Cheney and his guys "love it."
    Mr. Bush published here on my site over two years ago a single thing.."yes, i agree."..and yes, it was "definately him" personally commenting to a long elaboration of this entire plan..I worked for them previously for years and am known there..my government I mean.
    We call that a tentative "go-ahead" on a plan.
    "I agree" means "go ahead, and don’t tell me nothing until it’s up and going and needs approval..at which point, my people (government) will profile and interface a vast construction plan into tax and legal forms that work here..the USA I mean.
    I would pay more taxes than Halliburton ever dreamed of in their worst nightmares..38.4% is the top.
    Our company will be more popular and publicized than any on earth in no time..because honey? I’m popular to start with, and sexy even as old…cool I think so far and I am going to sell this plan on that show..construct it from there too.
    But the point?
    What attention to use (or construct), and how to become popular with the good and most powerful is all I have ever done wherever I went..but the internet is a new place to me..not real in most ways, and where fabrications of quality are admired..perfect for me I swear.
    And now? If I just learn how to do more than type on this thing…but, I’m going to get partners who do, and have friends who are geniuses who will work for a portion plus costs.
    So something in the "millions" range for a start-up fund would help..but not necessary.
    What I have said about the attention-getting features of my pool shot form are ungodly for that,..and can I talk honey? I mean, once I get their attention?
    So get ready..when you see me on your television, I will be rich and all those with me.
    It’s likely on that day that I will be a sole proprietorship and have all the money, and all of the ownership of my intellectual property..and yes, got some.
    It is all in my pocket with my talking frog (says she is a princess, can you imagine that?).
    So for you lady, this is a "Pied Piper" system..look it up..a cool approach to settling an entire town down if used right.
    In the original idea, he forgot to sing the "new song" to the women, the mothers of the children who followed him..consequently, they lost wisdom in their leadership and got killed (Christian crusades).
    Not me, not you, and not anyone else who holds the controls to my cyber-war machine will make that mistake..nor will we lose a single penny in corruption…good, a certain profit therefor.
    With that, my partners will build one right after another in anyplace on earth they chose..and governments will comply with them on that..or else.
    I will ask for a "don’t give em any" campaign for instance in resistant areas..you know..like three days and drive them crazy once a week.
    I’m a planner is why those things…win is my only choice (mostly). I’ll have a quality gang too rest assured. So when it is time to lose, women and children can guide that better than crazy men is why all this thought at all
    Love you,
    *I’ll see of course as I ain’t quitting and expect to win this giant thing.

  4. Jody Lynn says:

    Huh? What did he say? Oh, well. That is a very sexy poem, I must say!
    see ya,

  5. sillygloop says:

    Hi…nice poem…might sound better as a song I think! Hope the back pain is a thing of the past and u r feeling much better now. It’s all work these days…study happens while i work to resolve technical issues. Somehow even when I travel home for the weekend, it doesn’t seem like the week’s over yet as there’s stuff to be done there…maybe they’d soon declare every alternate day as a weekend 🙂

  6. deepu says:

    hey sweets…how are you doing? still you give work for ur physio?? or you are able to move around now? i hope so…feeling better now, dont you? and forget about all the cleanliness ok? you can do all that later, wen you are fully fit…
    india is playing sri lanka today..let s see wat happens..
    heyy i loved this watery pict you have here so soothing…ummm i think a couple of days being in the sick bed has broght out the best in Mari..this is superb….it is now where i thinkbeauty has met brevity,love has met joy,peace has met tranquility….
    me doing ok…nice day…love n prayers.. 

  7. Atique says:

    Hey Sweeti,
                  When i started reading your blog, i didn’t know its goin to be so nice. And yes romantic too…
    Keep in touch,

  8. Trouble says:

    That’s a beautiful flow of thoughts! 🙂
    Love is in the air! 😉

  9. Princess says:

    Yo Sweetie! Glad 2 hear ur back is ok now! Hope u have a Great Tuesday! Luv PF XXX

  10. Aaron says:

    short sweet and the best part is ,its very easy to understand >>> good expecting more poems from u

  11. Project says:

    You got that right for sure. Only "what’s next" is me and my project..it is to link you and all others up in a single network.
    With all communications experts in the world trying to do that, have I got a chance?..sure, a step above some anyway.
    I was a golden boy student for Siemens (1963) in early telephone here (USA) for instance..first digital and multiple-line transmission on a single wire in fact. Modifications tech at the time in the main office mainframe installation in Las Vegas..what fun!
    So to me, the "single" project that will gain total focus is global warming..and only when the food stops coming will it have visibility…like asap.
    On that day, you will appreciate my "cyber-construction company" that has the only correctly operating phone system..or let me call it "communications links."
    So what is "correctly operating?"
    Your calls go through even though the governments have the others controlled for their final purposes.
    It will still work when the power goes off and their’s goes down.
    Wish me luck of course, I’ll need it.
    And elections? I don’t care for sure..I just write on it. Sarcastic humor too for sure.
    Love you,

  12. Isabel says:

    Hello Dear Sweeti!!
    what a beautiful and romantic poem!
    I had a long weekend as here we had the Carnaval!
    4 days holidays just to dance and have fun hehe!
    Do you have it too overthere?
    well I wish you a very happy week!
    Loads of love from Isa
    P.S.Tomorow its the Losar  the New Lunar year!Have a great year too!

  13. Tida says:

    Nah..I won’t run away, jst waiting for an inspiration ..hehe  ^^ Wish you all the best too.. Enjoy your day..

  14. Project says:

    None of the things I have written about are things I’m putting on "the back burners"..it’s things that take up my time and keep me from thinking or writing about it.
    And I wouldn’t speak of either if I didn’t have a plan to stop both. I don’t don’t gossip about the death of women and childred by slaughter.
    That’s the Mid-east..so what then? Quit? Not me honey..my plan works..I ran small models on each part to be sure.
    Whenyou and your neighbor can talk live to my President, and he "has" to listen in front of all, then the global warming solutions will be universally agreed upon and complied with. Our President will comply too or we will drown him like a bad rat..in agreement too.
    And one that day you can call, you will see all 90 topics I wrote about are in the hearts of all. It didn’t need me for much..sales is all.
    So my point?
    That’s why I sing such good songs to myself in the shower..I love myself is why..and my world I’m in. So do you and don’t lie.

  15. Vijay says:

    Good to hear the back pain has subsided…but yes, dont get me to sing…all pains and more will reappear 🙂

  16. Project says:

    No woman can sing without moving her hips, it’s the song of sex. Of course, all songs are almost, but only sex or love songs are sung there I think..with not much data of course.
    The wise man hums soflty into his wife’s ear their favorite dance song..during sex I mean…sing with your body is the key..for young afficianados who strive for that I mean. Old men flat quit…beyond wise is why.
    That would only be men with no wives however. Cantankerous hermits mostly they are. There is a great poem about that but it’s long, and this is already long..so later maybe..remind me.
    The "Hermit on the Hill" is it…."There once was a hermit who lived on a hill, no legend or myth is this tale that I tell, for my Grandfather said that he knew him quite well…this Hermit." So that’s the first stanza.
    So my songs sing in me all the time, and when I play guitar, many of them come out in magical notes..like they cry if it’s sad. To me, the song is inside..a command to the world around me too.
    But, I’m here to overthrow the world, no small task. I’m going to cause things by "not-so-subtile" commands that eminate from my most inner song. It’s not always an easy thing to hear either. The song of every father in fact.
    And wait until you see me smack in pool shots..talk about showing off my butt. I’ll drive them older ladies crazy, and part of the value of my character I’ll be "marketing" to "high bidders" for endorsement commercials I’ll build in my studio…dream studio that is.
    And no lady can ever have me..period. I’ll increase in value as it goes then.
    So when all are listening to that guy, I’ll tell them what to do..easy things too.
    Then I will have changed the world with words alone, the fabric it’s made out of in fact. Know them all is all…so far no..learning yet. A good student however that I am, I’m confident of success.
    My inner guy sings this though: "Billy Billy Bayou watch where you go, you’re walking on quicksand you better walk slow…etc."
    Love you,

  17. Project says:

    You are a salary administrator, talk to your boss, tell them you are my manager and will split the salary.
    That you will write what is going on and I will write "an American perspective" on each thing..you can edit for content, post once a day.
    So how much can we make doing that?
    I would do "abnormal things" too.
    Like order my President to do something in particular as if he reads me in that column. It could get back to him, and it might get done for instance.
    Bonus money of course for heavy scores like that, and you will administer our salary evenly for sure.
    The first time anything gets back to Bush, I assure you we will have readership..big time.
    On my side, I would have partners with him underlying all, and long now I’ve been a government person..kinda.
    Bush thinks "stark raving mad" of course…something funny to work with I’d say. You could get it printed in multiple languages..right?
    I would have to do "yuk yuk" humor of course..I don’t want to get us killed do I?
    Love you,

  18. sonia says:

    Very very tender thoughts, sweety !! God bless!! How have you been and how is life? Its nice to  be back after along sabbatical and grt to read your words !!

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