Your Book of thoughts


In your book of thoughts

I would like to be a dry flower

A little rose or jasmine


Every time you would turn a page

I wish you saw me

And for little while

Hold me in your hands

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  1. ♥ Aimee says:

    *~* :o) always remember to be happy… :o) because you never know who is falling in love with your smile… :o) *~*

  2. Hanging Judge says:

    Hi Sweeti,

    Angelwitch, aka Pink Marshmallow has been found guilty on all counts!!!
    The Court will next pass Sentence!
    Judge C. Qwaylood, Presiding.

  3. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hello Sweeti
    What a beautiful thought that is 🙂
    very beautiful words
    You’re always in my book of thoughts
    I hope you have a great weekend!
    Garry xo

  4. Project says:

    That is very, very cool. Excellent poetry.
    Nice flower too, and I draw and painted Roses in my youth. Even watercolor (in college). And more lessons too of course..a student I am.
    But this: A better plan on "newspaper column" suggestion.
    You take what you want, do with it that which you will, and make all you can make. I will say I don’t know you should it come up.
    Present me as "John Doe, American, Anywhere, USA" and listen, none in the world will ever see (of find) this site I’m at now.
    I have created the most obscure place to speak from in the world..I have to come here in fact just to quieten down some. I am "very" noisy in the real world…even when quiet.
    So if none found me, and what I wrote sold, you can keep all the money too..K?
    Money will only warp my sense of values you know. I talk lots but turn down lots steady, so what is true? Guess and be wrong.
    Then forget talking to your bosses in other’s a lot of work to do all that for me, and am busy actually. But, glad to hear you like my writing, it’s haphazard for sure, but, getting better everyday. Practice is it.
    Later honey,

  5. deepu says:

    woww Seets..thats a wonderful news you ahve for me..i m so glad to hear that you are back to ur normal self and enjoying life as ever…so take care ha? like me plese dont fall sick again..hehe
    the match was wahsed out dut to rain…maybe the rain Gods are reacting to wats happeing in Lanka..heyy you forgot that you are speaking to a religious? dont worry…i know situation there is tense, hope and pray that things fall back to normalcy soon and the innocets live peacfully!
     these days i think your imagination is soring high and reaching new hieghts….this is superb….you sure are a sweet rose…with the fragrance of jasmine…
    nice day

  6. Princess says:

    Yo Sweeti! Hopping in 2 wish u a Great Weekend! Luv PF XXX

  7. Geek Stud says:

    Hey Sweeti ..Its Too senti Yaar !!! 😀 😀 😀 ..
    One should be in thoughts of Heart & not in the thoughts of mind ..quite complex ..heheh 🙂
    Enjoy ur self …
    Warm Huggy 🙂

  8. Ipshita says:

    hey sweeti!
    long time, how are you? firstly, happy new year and belated christmas wishes! 🙂 i was away for some time and now m back. yeah, book of thoughts.. i wonder sometimes, that , our thoughts are so many and they never seem to end at one thought, it would be in more than a book, or u can say , a never ending book.! lol!
    hows family and everyone doing? hope u r enjoying ur life and having fun! 🙂
    keep smiling
    see u!

  9. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hello Sweeti!
    I hope you’re having a good day
    I too, are trying to follow the ways
    of Buddhism
    And in doing life has changed
    so much as well, in a very positive way
    I haven’t found that most people
    forget to be respectful…I have found the opposite
    What I have found is..when I show respect
    to people..most people show respect to me.
    Sweeti…thanks for your comments
    I always appreciate your point of view
    And…your company 🙂
    I hope you have a good weekend!
    Garry xo

  10. Rajeev says:

    awwww….thats so sweet! :0Really! good post! :)so how’ve u been?have a great weekend! :)-Jeevy

  11. Project says:

    Well Happy Valentine’s Day to you honey. I hope they carry you off and marry you.
    And with 128 friends, how can you "not" receive at least dozens of cards and good wishes?..and don’t forget many, many admirers.
    I think of all internet people as "secret ones" myself as very few will write much about their personal lives, or even answer direct "your’s truly" that I was was writing the blog about who had sent me a "very nice" Valentine’s wish with hearts and all that.
    So they show a profile pic of an older man with long hair and "sweet-looking" face, and they wrote much on the geometry of the Jesus tomb emblem over the door (in Israel).
    But in the profile is almost nothing about them except listing themselves as "female."
    So with the type of lavender colors the gays use to identify themselves with, and the nature of the writing, it sounds "very much" like a gay guy talking to me.
    I asked them if they are a man or a woman? They didn’t answer and sent me a "friends link" instead a few days later, so I accepted and it’s on my friends list now…rare for me too (new friends) but they have a geometric and poetic mind like mine, so I thought "what the hell..sure."
    And they continued to talk like a woman to me.
    So then "she" sent me a mushy Valentine’s Day card and I wished her also a romantic time and so forth..and on top of all that, I call her "honey" as all sweeti’s are honeys to grandpa Dave kinda.
    Therefor, I’m writing "love you," and "honey" to someone who says they are a woman, yet I think them to be a man potentially.
    But, since they are soooo sweet, I say "I love you" to someone who is indeed a stranger (secret admirer), and probably gay as a high probability.
    And since their study and belief is that Jesus of Nazareth came back to life in that grave, and I think I know "even more" about that, we have a similar view of his words (Jesus’s)…
    No judgement whatsoever is what he taught..and that he forgave "all" that would include me and this "person."
    That being our case then as internally agreed with us, how can I fault them? It starts with I am not allowed to fault myself first as one half of the "judgement equation."
    So all of that is in reference to your term "secret admirer." I would have to say that this person is therefor my secret admirer, but possibly a gay guy….funny or what? It is to me as "not gay ever. Or "never will be either" if you will.
    So in my real world, many men are gay and attracted to me..keeping them down to "appropriate touch" is the goal. So secretly, they love me they say, and I can tell that it’s so also.  Touchy situations to say the least.
    I just say no..but, they still insist on stealing touches when the can get away with how secret is that?
    And ther’s more…many are top politicians I worked around, and more are top rich guys.
    And honey? None know but me and a very few that they are gay..most are even married and kids. I lie perfectly on their behalf too as a "house person" so to speak…we do not bring down the castle on our own heads to kill the mice do we?
    My story would explain’s called, "Mousey Wazzie, Mousey izzy, and Mousey Wowsie..Three Generations of Cathedral Architects."
    They are grandpa, father, and son..and all are stress engineers working on keeping the castle from falling down while expanding their numbers and living space (in the mortar between the blocks in fact).
    But from there, you can write your own story I’ll bet.
    And glad to hear we’re gonna be rich..I could use some of that as I intend to overthrow the world and need to buy some expensive stuff..people for one…but got cheapie guys, so mostly equipment.
    And food for quality thought….
    "The world," "the earth," and "the planet" are three different things, and three different places, and all in the same bad magic in fact.
    The world part is human..easy to overthrow in my mind for sure.
    The earth part is God’s and his followers..meaning all humans that are, were, or will be.
    The planet part would have been better off if no human had ever been born..we have ruined it.
    This pure, sweet water from the skies will wash it clean I assure flushing the sewers with enough clean water.
    Planet disaster is only disaster to the world..the humans that is. All other things be fruitful and multiply without them..finally.
    What a voracious appetite all of these little mouths have!..each wants a mansion and a new car for instance..conceiveable that it can be so for each?
    All religions say yes..go with that for premise as straight (world) thinking..meaning "all aspects."
    So hey, get us going on that money deal. The world needs us to get rich so I can help them a big plan too.
    Love you,

  12. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hello Sweeti!
    How are you today? All good I hope!
    I understand about trying and, I thank you for sharing with me.
    When I first felt the beginings of change in my life through the teachings
    of Buddhism, I was in so much awe of life and, this has only grown.
    Sweeti..I could talk forever on this  but…I wont 🙂
    I will however wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day

    A FriendA friend is like a shade treeBeside a summer way.A friend is like the sunshineThat makes a perfect day.A friend is like a flowerThat’s worn close to the heart.A friend is like a treasureWith which one will not part.                                                                                                ❤Happy Valentine’s Day❤

    Garry xo
    p.s. Have a great weekend!

  13. deepu says:

    helo Sweets…how are you doing?hope you are enjoying a well deserved break.
    we all hope the same that peace restores to Lanka…but it s in all probability wil remain just a wish coz of the conflicts between Tamils and Sinhalis…it s not without ni cause that ltte is violent, they have their story, so has the lankan goverment, no amicable solution yet, sadly..
    hope your freinds are fine there…nice day

  14. Project says:

    Yes, of course, and I mentioned that I must know personally about ten or twenty thousand individuals (by name) with "alternate sexual identities" as the word "gay" never covers the individual
    So, not a new experience for me to have one liking me, or even falling in love like puppies…but I only mentioned it as a point about how false, or at least obscure, all people I’ve met on the internet are.
    To me, it is only an internet  "feature" that I’m delving into like a social scientist…"social" being separated from the "personal" only by the internet involvment itself.
    For instance, a scenario:
    You have a new neighbor move in and you see each other from a distance and like what you see, you you decide to "talk" to them as a form of meeting them.
    Can you imagine going to their door and writing one line about how you like their place, their car, their clothes, or some such banality, then posting it there and leave?
    That’s exactly what we do here on the internet..and no more.
    So imagine that you wait a few days, and they come and go and visit other old friends, but don’t talk about you to them, or introduce any, or even write you back right away although you see them come and go everyday. That would be exactly like here.
    And if they decided to "meet you back" as a neighbor, and left a one-liner about "how’s the weather" or something, then they have to wait up to days before you write back another one-liner and stick it on their door and either wait or forget them until you hear back again, and so forth.
    In all cases, both know that the simple things they wrote are read by not only all of their friends, but your own enemies or their’s who generally want to "get" whomever they can, so they would in no wise write anything they couldn’t post on the bullitin board where they live or work.
    So only the most neutral and simplistic things are said, if even that…and only one line at a time like a note in a bottle or one posted in the villiage square for tomorrow’s visit and a reply.
    The point?…No true inter-personal exchanges are made between internet people as "personal" on any level..and even as social, it’s a strange diversity of social interactions unfamiliar to the point of "non-involvment" that transcends the boundries of modern social science models.
    So the point of the point?
    You don’t know who you are talking to ever, nor will it ever be the true person you could meet if they moved in next door.
    Sooo, it is the most "fabricated" social invironment ever devised..even more removed than the Musashi times of Obato posting a note on the villiage square that was a challenge of duel to the death for all to see.
    Talk about "no true interaction" sociology.
    So I write into that villiage square marketplace, and later, I will scream into their faces and show them a form of movement that frightens the Samuri even (previously tested by me).
    My pool stick will be a visible weapon to them even via internet, and it’s powers are easily demonstrated across social language barriers or normal cover-ups of true intent or meaning.
    It’s form is "much more" than a trick to get attention, it is a new (by virtue of old) form of thought expressed in movement, and with reproduceable demonstrations in live envrionment..meaning only "on earth" and not necessarily in front of "other humans."
    So my form is "never before seen" or even close…and..I taught it easily as a "true, internally hard-wired brain function."
    It’s only that that I bring to this place that none here have, can get, or ever knew of.
    So to promote the use of that for profit is my goal.
    And gay guys or horney old gals that want to f*ck me are pretty far removed from my "personal" goals of upsetting social orders with it’s impact, and I say this: Known only to me what it would be.
    If it therefor created a new "Samuri-type" mentality complete with movements, and both "individual and social" identities that vary dramatically from "all others," then you would have a grasp of what I say it does consistently for fourty years straight….
    *So finally: Point, point, point…I didn’t come here to make any friends, just business hopefuls.
    But since I have already written them (potential gay guy) "much more" than here to you, you can see I have "no problem" with whoever they might be, male or female even.
    As all-time winner all my life, I can’t even imagine this world being one I would enter for any reason. It is definately the world of the loser who settles for assauging sex for their reward, having failed the upper challenges.
    So the guy would be offering that his sweetness or prettiness is sufficient to be admired and desired..not for winners honey, that’s the claim of the losers for sure who have nothing else to offer after the conflicts they failed, or failed to face.
    But thanks for the support and good thoughts on your part. You are indeed a sweeti yourself.
    And of course those gay guys are "nice" to you..they wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot pole, but with men, they are like raging wolves in heat trying to be nice..a difference? You darn right.
    However, already I have pitched him regarding filming, production, or exposure of my plan(s) and built systems, and since he didn’t "instantly respond" he can only be an "internet acquaintence" at best.
    And that’s fine with me as writing is my first thing I’m doing in this "alternate environment" from my real world of this pool form’s expressions and research (daily for all my life).
    So talk about lack of one-liners..that’s me for sure.
    Let the causual socialites have them as will make them fat but not healthy..informed, but of no intelligence, and only identities contrived with a few words at best….not real winners for sure, and not even players of value to guys like me.
    But "friendship?
    Not me honey, only "real people" become my friends..ever. They have to be around me too for that, and for a long while as falsity upon falsity is peeled away from their real selves.
    And my "real self? (as the flawless one).
    I told them all that I’m the winner right up front..piss and moan later if they want.
    To me, they are like wind whistling through the trees late at night pretending to be voices, but no, only the wind making the living tree sing and claiming partnership with life.
    I got a bigger plan than that I can tell you.
    Love you,

  15. Isabel says:

    Hello Sweeti!

    I wish you a very happy Valentines day!

                         000000___00000                    00000000_0000000                    0000000000000000                      00000000000000                         00000000000                             00000                                 0
    Here some pressies to you:

    Lots of hugs from Isa

  16. Donna says:

    I really liked your space, especially your profile picture with the Monkey! You look like a person who enjoy’s life. I invited you as a friend! Take care,

  17. Phoenix says:

    Well hello there!!  Sorry I haven’t been updating my page whilst on my travels darling but there was just too many other things to do. I’m back in Aberdeen for a few months as I ran out of money so it’s back to the 9-5 routine for a while. It’s unlikely your going to read all of my diary (if you do, you definately have too much time on your hands!) but I hope you’ll have a look at my videos, all of which will be on my page by the end of the week. I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to continue my travels in summer, I look forward to hearing from you and I promise you won’t have to wait 5 months for a reply this time!
    Phoenix -x-

  18. Project says:

    Of course I am aware of those people..even you.
    It will be a nice visit for you and them and don’t forget pics.
    I take care of my aging mother myself, and can’t (very..345 lbs) overweight sister is needing me also so far, and getting worse. So I have designed studio facilities (in my head) for local use and only short trips away from here until they both die and are buried.
    And there are more than hundreds of projects in that (mental) package who’s designed uses are going public..for a slight profit as a foundation guideline. And my pool (just practiced) is beyond lowest possible right now too by house demand..turds.
    So you see, I am at no loss for friends, and my enemies respect me. But you can also see that this is a "semi-religious" mission-type production. A studio fabrication using multiple religious precepts, heavy on the big five.
    Me, as "American," am many gods, many colors, and what a bunch of total stories here! Mostly lies that we go along with too if they are doing okay.
    The ethics of the eco-religious accounting (I’m using) sells mostly world-wide is why that adaption..internally sells that is.
    So known to me is the daily "mental progress" I make, and many things approach "invention" which I’m avoiding.
    I want a company that operates by itself and no human being able to alter it much, if at all. So Cyberville is that place. But wait until you see me on the television..I will get your attention for sure.
    Writing to "nobody" is awful for me.
    A new experience to say the least, even though I wrote since little. I always wrote elsewhere like a note to a girlfriend I’m trying to impress..and a real person. Also, the manuscript would be a subject we both knew..and my most creative thoughts on it was the "story."
    Since none here "ever once" expressed a desire to "know" anything, I have no common thread with anyone then as a I meander through my words like tripping through the meadow flowers..just to stir up the bees..which are disappearing.
    And people who actually want to participate in any part of some "overthrow the real world" are few and far between, and most are locked up or got bad ideas that don’t work..not my deal for sure.
    For me it is up to the god as it were..but male or female?
    In America we have both with the recent official acceptance of the Wiccan’s "Supreme Goddess" (Whom I think to be Mary Magalene probably).
    So my vision of my god tells me to do that which I damn well please, and get away with whatever I can, and for just one mission..Heal the sick…period.
    Anyway I can is my rule I make for myself..I’ll answer for it later if need be.
    And my little army is out there right now jetting around the world (some of them)..and doing what I told them, which is that..are they "unstopppable?"
    I thought so the last time I seen them.
    But, I don’t need to get more, just organize and produce what I’s a lot I can tell you.
    As for "my world war," it’s in progress silently as my kids are quiet, I’m the only noisy one in me..normal.
    No human has swayed me so far from this path, and all try..including family.
    Lots of latitude is what I need so it works for me then..that secret permission from Jesus I mean..or at least in the book it says that.
    So I’m off to face directly in front of me..over at my house project for a furnace installation today..we will see the future unfold for sure if we live..and is there more than one? Like 6 billion?
    I think so on that. What a lot to organize they say.
    Love you,

  19. Ruma says:

    Hey Sweeti! These are lovely words, and lovely thoughts. I think you have a talent for poetry writing. Carry on, we are there to appreciate your writing.Bye and take care! lots of love, Ruma.

  20. Ruma says:

    Hey Sweeti! These are lovely words, and lovely thoughts. I think you have a talent for poetry writing. Carry on, we are there to appreciate your writing.Bye and take care! lots of love, Ruma.

  21. deepu says:

    hmmm it s really a sad state of affires there Sweets…i too dont know exactly wats the situation there….may be one day i wil go there as a missionary to work among those people suffering and perhpas be blon off there…..hmmmso wat plans for the 14th? you hav work is it a national holiday there ? hehe..have a lovely time …

  22. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    How is your back? mines pretty much back to normal ….I realise that I can’t do much the garden because everytime I worked
    then gave me a back pain but I can played golf is no problems, thank goodness for that ha ha ha
    This entry is lovely one, If I’m younger age I would like to send this poem to my boy friend then I sure beautiful reply from him LOL!
    Big Hugs,

  23. Project says:

    On Valentine’s week, I worry about old ones showing up out of nowhere more than’s pure fear.
    Like a small animal that knows vulnerability and knows he will be nice against his will even..before that is. Now he is only frightened..and hides. Ain’t that romantic as heck?
    And for you? I can’t believe you ain’t married this minute..I expect hours and don’t think you can get away even…tough as you are.
    If you make it a week I’ll be amazed. We’ll see however.
    Happy Valentine’s Day honey,

  24. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hello Sweeti!
    I hope that.. you’re well
    What a beautiful entry
    Your words…brought a smile to my face 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweeti!

    Garry xo

  25. riki says:

    hey Sweeti!
    hope ur well, just dropping by to wish u a happy valentines day 🙂
    lots of love

  26. Project says:

    Aha! I thought you would be married. Congratulations then.
    And I was married four years, almost five, before we had our first daughter, and six years later had three by then..all girls, and very pretty ones too. Ten grandkids, god knows on the great greatgrandkids. More than Solomon altogether.
    My first and only legal wife she was, a pretty Indian girl and silent almost. Twelve years with her.
    And a pure thing that should have never hooked up with the wildest guy in the place like I was.
    At seventeen, no juvenile criminal record ever read like mine for the good reason of more talents and energy than any…Top guy therefor.
    I almost didn’t leave the system for the rest of my life in fact, and they kinda "threw me out" against my will at first..then met this girl, the rest is "so far" history.
    I have many more too besides that that we didn’t marry. The last one was eight years ago since "gone."
    What fun?? Big time young lady..more than "non-energetic" guys for sure. They kept me busy I can tell you and romantic? What else? No money in it for sure.
    Just secret fame..which I now have lots.
    So another one for ole Davie? Only a sexy billionaire for my project funding source…maybe..not fact, no, I take it back publicly.
    Love you,

  27. Project says:

    Yes, Indian as in Native American, and Chipawah I think..1/4th, but looked Indian and is one for all practical purposes.
    They are a bit wild too until they get older, then don’t smile until they die..they don’t move much either and react to very little that you can see. So that’s what  I meant by "silent." Inside they are not of course.
    You have to watch their eyes as you speak to them..they will get "angry-looking" if you stray from the truth..and all without moving a Indian magic? Kinda. Those dark eyes are expressive indeed.
    A good woman, a bad man, the same old story. She’s fine now is the end of it and a manager of a large store. We are nice to each other when we meet at the girl’s houses. One lives just below her about a half-mile.
    So that would be my middle daughter, who’s pretty daughter Cassandra is pregnant and delivering me a new great-grandson in March.
    Her and her boyfriend live out in the country even farther in a trailer house…and not married yet. I told her to don’t unless he shapes up..she won’t either, and neither did their mothers.
    And with fame all my life, I can’t imagine having a secret from anyone for any reason (hardly).
    Even the things I did in secret I told if they asked me, and the government did for sure..everything in fact almost back to birth.And then? They gave me the master keys to the Capitol Building and all state doors..and turned me loose for three years.
    Surveillance galore for one thing..and I talked my way out of a hundred giant "wrong things" I did before they could stop me. So it was a difference in perspective which I taught to expertise in fact.
    I defended all hundred things by the law, which I knew well going in. The law allows for pleading for mercy too for a variety of it went well after all, which was my case each time.
    The key play was that none were guilty but me, the janitor..mercy took care of at least half of them..and guilty of course.
    I can tell you my private life was under surveillance too after the second year..steady.
    So, you have correctly guessed that my secrets are visible to no one until I display them, and then it’s too late. And since all know at that point, from the most basic level of insubordination to treason were my charges.
    I can sell light-duty crime to anyone was what I proved, and asked for a shoe-in fund for my project as director in a design capacity at least..writer of it. It was the University that squashed it..crooked is against their official ethics…liars.
    Many think of me every second for years as all know I haven’t quit practice or writing..and..getting better at both.
    It is a big plan I assure you, and, goes forward daily as all it takes is problem therefor. I am king of the world as my sub-title says, I obey my own command even.
    The slave actually, but if the castle was empty but for me?
    So who could figure out that secret? Not even a psychic. Not even my mom or kids or ex-wife either, and all know of my plan…since little.
    The conditions it took are here is what, and me? Retired, studying insect intelligence and building a small playing all the time. The project I designed is "busy busy" and no less..and until I die, and almost certain to get killed intentionally.
    Few who know me can tell you why I have done all these things just for that so far..and then don’t want to do it either at any time past minimum practice and so forth…well, the spirits will have to make me is what..I don’t do suicide deals out of my own raw intelligence I got (in my head).
    But a long story big time…not over yet either.

  28. Tida says:

    Happy Valentines day 🙂 Sweeti. Nice quote above. Take care yourself.

  29. Billy says:

    Hi Marijke,
    I was on a passage through time… come see.
    Be well, be blessed.

  30. Shirley Jean says:

    Hello Sweeti
    Jus t stopped by to wish you a wonderfu week-end. I hope you have fun. I love you space.
    Take care

  31. Project says:

    Thanks for the compliment on my writing as is is sooo difficult for me to tranlate my much more fluent speech into words, and I have mentioned I am going to do both for my internet exposure on the Doctor Doom Show.
    My form will be popular instantly and easy to learn for all that try.
    The last man to prove that physical exercise would produce a new way of thinking, and developed uses of both sides of the brain and body was Miamoto Mushashi with his "two-swords method."
    His own publicly demonstrated uses was indicative of how different that reformed brain thinks, and more than that, how differently it moves the body and it’s tools without thinking.
    It saw all directions at once in "eight places" around his body in a circle (as he put it), and he said to himself (like me) that "I have two hands, I also want two swords since this is to the death."
    And more like me, he knew he was going to compete with all others in the world, so he also learned each of their weapons and methods and styles first with practice in each until he had them down perfect..including styles as much is show and stance.
    But unlike him, I took students from my very beginning as all that came to me fast as a younger man by years and years.
    So my teaching system is perfected too and jambs twenty years of hard work into ten days of soooo easythe mind doesn’t know it’s changing. Headaches and hot skin and so forth is all, and from elevated blood flows and intense electrical increases for a short time also.
    Rapid growth causes quite a bit of heat…and the brain is growing at that point regardless of scientific opinion otherwise.
    The students testified to that, and the test results showed impossible increases in actual "I.Q," scores by 30 to 40 points.
    Those tests were conducted at the University which later gave me a grant approval for a "How-to" video and promotions, and largely on those student performance document results they had, and were tracking, as at least three of my students had gone to their college and getting straight "A’s" from scratch at the time..1992.
    So this is the long version of an even longer "three-year story" about my grant getting squashed with the rapid development of the student model and impossibly-high performace she demonstrated.
    The entire campus was shocked and terrified..they muttered things like "evil" and "wicked" about afraid of her.
    The upshot was that the Director of the Department of Psychology wrote that the process had created a psychopathic personality that she felt was irreversable with delusions of grandeur and that she demonstrated no evidence of religious ethics…and had been harmful to her.
    Listen to "supidity" for a second..A pool shooting winner has no mercy or even thoughts of the other "human"…it’s psychopathic or loses. It is the goal for crying out loud of all pool shooters.
    And stupider? She was Asian Buddist, so of course she hasn’t any "Christian" perspectives that foolish woman with a degree had. And with Hindu leanings, there was a bit of a conflict in their interviews.
    Her word was worthless lies from a jealous girl was fabulously beautiful..and sexy? OMG!
    The women hated her and so did the men..she could beat them all to death on the pool table is there went my paid-way-in back then.
    Somewhere there is a "Temporarily Inactive–Pending Re-application" file with my name on it..a big one too.
    Sooooo (gosh), I write into a group (the internet) who is unfamiliar with pool itself, or the gigantic industry it is, and growing rapidly world-wide. It’s lucrative for sure.
    I was hoping one here would know entreprenural people more aligned to developments like beer commercials where the money is at, the University money is not..period.
    A partner-type relationship would be the form that that business could work from effectively..none have time to go anywhere (else) in my future. A complex component studio design is in my head as I said.."ouch!"
    But as he who does these things daily, like in twenty more minutes from now, I’m okay no matter what students are out there moving around for sure.
    And me? I’m their leader and teacher…they are my kids. I approved them and not their world while I was "talking" to them…they agree.
    And mercy? They haven’t beat anybody or you would hear of it big time.
    I taught peace war tactics for winning..totally secret ones from the whorehouse. A great background for me by the economics came from there.
    So all I can do now is wait and maybe increase my army size..they all think the same so I only have to have numbers as reason for the internet exposure. They will solve all problems all by themselves that the world has or will have.
    Psychopathic thought is the best mode for that. The humans are dying there you know where the thought must focus. It[‘s ugly if you feel it too. I can’t, so I quit looking.
    But I still build onto my gang/company who don’t..quit looking I mean.
    And geez David..quit writing such long comments..please (don’t get no headache).
    Love you,

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