I dance,i laugh,i cry

While i hide myself ….. doing crazy things

Even my voice sings

I jump…i fall

A fight without words

I am  what  i am

Now i know myself

I Accept myself

as i am

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22 Responses to Me

  1. deepu says:

    hii Sweets
    as you know,  i wil be fisnihing ma xams soon, and i wil leave this place…..i might not come this way again….me going on a sebatical now….have a lovely time….hope to be in touch via mail…byeeee….relax n njoy ur weekend….

  2. mon says:

    Just be . that is all. Nothing less nothing more. Self-realisation and acceptence are great things. this willbring peace to Sweeti .So Sweeti  is great . Please lead me your way.

  3. Donna says:

    Hi, Sweeti!
    It is important to love and except ourselves! We will never be perfect, we all strive to be the best we can and that is good but it is Human Nature, to have flaws!! Take care,X,X

  4. sara says:

    Jose arrives at the Mexican border on his bike with 2 huge bags over his shoulders. The guard stops him and asks: "What’s in the bags?" "Senior, It’s only sand." replies Jose. "Sand??? Well, we’ll just see about that – get off the bike!" The guard takes the bags, rips them open, empties them out and finds nothing in them…except sand. Detaining Jose overnight, the sand is analysed, but only to discover it is in fact simply sand. Jose is released, the sand is put into new bags and placed on Jose’s shoulders, and he is let across the border. Next day, same thing happens. The guard asks: "What you got there?" "Sand," says Jose. A thorough examination of the bags again shows there to be nothing but sand, and subsequently Jose is allowed to ride across the border. For a whole year this continues until one day Jose doesn’t show up, and the guard discovers him in a Cantina in Mexico. "Hey, Bud," says the guard, "I know you’re smuggling something. For a year it’s driven me crazy. It’s all I can think about… I can’t get sleep, the kids are getting neglected…heck, even the dog senses I’m beginning to lose it! Between you and me, just what are you smuggling?" Jose sips his beer, smiles and replies: "Bicycles…"

  5. Project says:

    Sorry to hear you have a cold..flu? It has affected large numbers here and our vaccine production failed to protect against two of the newer strains.
    I haven’t got my lab built yet is why (inside my fortified city).
    The mutation (or adaption) processes of viruses is a problem that a better organized laboratory network would have a better chance against.
    That’s just one of the reasons I want to promote the building of one (giant one) as headquarters and a building system more than anything.
    So, rather like a floating assembly line is my rough (explained) vision..but it has sooo many facets that explaining it has not been close to possible.
    I do have a better grip on the approaches for me however as I have not received any finantial support, and very little support beyond cheers and other encouragement forms.
    Okay, I can use that I suppose, but the accomplishment won’t be built on wishes, but on raw help or participation. You have to pay those guys too…like cash and asap. The best guys are never free. I have cheapie geniuses though, and much smarter too over the costly ones who are focused on past theory.
    I have also seen that the healthy could care less about expanding medical systems, and that the sick only wish they would die and get it over with…neither group found reason to consider complex financing/construction ideas even if feaseable or profitable.
    The industries presently working together feel there is no better system than that which they are using also..wrongo big time..there’s me for instance.
    To propose "entirely different" relationships and groups is an outrage to them so far in past in, "Who do you think you are" mostly, and the stinger that goes "who’s helping you" and "what open support have you got before now?"
    So when I go over who has helped (like my Govenor and University), and where are all my extensive paperwork for projects like that, I’m (of course) at a dead loss at that point..even the theory is not given a listen and I can’t blame them.
    So I’m doing it daily (the parts I can) instead, rather than seeking audience anymore…I had audience was a worthless waste of my time..their’s too in my mind. They certainly didn’t gather in much from it.
    I am going to start with a simple pool table and this filming team who did the presentation at the University for got a B+ by the way (last week), and I talked to them again last night..they loved it.
    Since the Professor is the turd who squashed my grant way back and hates me, I was hoping he wouldn’t get an "F" just because it was me on film. It’s the highest grade he gives they good then.
    But on that series of smaller productions (one pool table), I’m going to promote the financing of the next larger one which is Wild Billy’
    At that point, I’ll have to move up in partnership management as I intend to produce a blockbuster idea that can be franchaised out if "one is ready" for that, and able to accomplish tying it all up before others do.
    So when it goes on-line (my idea) it can be copied everywhere instantly, and will be. Getting my share of those things is my partner’s job.
    So I got all of these broko partners all the way out to the pool hall Asians (250 of them+Chinese) who are going to help me say perfect words including construct acceptable "local dialog" for my Asian Saki/milk commercials I wrote..they are very funny and I have written a character through a thousand commercials of about 30 to 60 seconds each..long story too.
    It is an escaped American who is running up and down the Mekong with a pack of kids tagging after him. Straggler orphans all of them. He plays his wild one-handed pool against anybody for Saki for himself, milk for his kids, and against the bundle of cash he flashes around….
    So the kids get milked out, he gets drunker, and then a freak blow-up (that he causes) puts the whole place into chaos that he capitalizes on.
    When they get lights back on and so forth, the till is gone, the milk machine is gone, and out back? The cow is gone are the guy and his kids.
    A lot happens as he gets caught occaisionally and has to deal out of it..he marries off his kids too. Has old people up in a top of a hidden place with milk machines and cows and cash registers in stacks. He and the kids are feeding them.
    Later, he leads them into contracts for getting it brought in from America, ice cold and 6 hours old, and they put in an airstrip and it gets more complicated as they find the place and he has to further deal out of that..then the past damages start flowing in to the office against you see? A long story.
    For sale too honey..and all of the things I have are for sale including my talents..I sell myself steady and generaly do sewer work or toilets..sinks? Yeah, and build houses also and one finishing up right myself too except for recent electrical on the "no money" issue.
    I can borrow, but won’t. I have a secure product is why and well-tested. It gets attention more if Janet Jackson does it, and better than me? By far..she can already tap dance and has Samurai disciplines down.
    I just know Mushashi and do as he said…which lis learn and teach only under unavoidable demand.
    So I expect to show off on my show, organize stars to contain the form in their group, and get more money than any one up-start group ever did..that would be my managers getting the money and making sure I get my share..right?
    I just practice myself and invent more things steady in my hell with all of the others who just wish.
    I do only fun play too when I play..I can shoot all equalities and levels in fact..a master breaks even against the hardest odds.
    And all things go forward to me..steady like a blizzard I should face into or die. If nothing else, it will fill one ear with snow and I won’t hear as well.
    And the third option is snow pack falling down the back of your no, face forward and hold out your tongue.
    Love you,
    PS..And get well soon.

  6. Asela says:

    hey mj,
    finally i am back and thanks for your comment.

  7. Rajeev says:

    Hey sweeti!How’ve u been?nice lines there! hope u had a wonderful weekend!-Jeevy

  8. sillygloop says:

    Hope the weekend was a good one 4 u…as usual I spent my time shuttling to my home n back. The train journey today was good with a nice cool breeze making for great sleeping at my window seat 🙂

  9. ♥ Aimee says:

    i did enjoy mine…
    *~* :o) always remember to be happy… :o) because you never know who is falling in love with your smile… :o) *~*

  10. Billy says:

    Hello Marijke
    This is such a wonderful post, so refreshing, to joyful.
    After all, that is what life is all about, life is created to be enjoyed, living in the moment, every moment.
    Now, this is such as positive post. No more negative, sad, crying about the past, depressing post… okay?

  11. Trouble says:

    It’s the BEST thing to do – accept yourself as you are! 🙂
    So whssup Sweeti? How did the weekend go?

  12. Sreedevy says:

    Certain words leave you speechless and with a smile.Thanks for the above lines."A fight without words" hmm nice.Good day,Sree

  13. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    I likes the way you are that don’t change then too late to do that ha ha ha
    Enjoy your life,
    Big Hugs,

  14. Isabelle says:

    Who will accept you if you do not accept yourself?!!!
    The secret of happiness lies deep inside each of us and not in the eyes that looks at us to judge us!!!
    Thanks for your comment at my space!
    Mind if I send you and invite?
    You can come around anytime!
    Take care,

  15. Project says:

    Well, I’m glad you appreciated them as I’m taking them off next since you’ve been there now, and earlier there, you saw that I told you I would do that.
    I not only write a lot, but nobody writes even remotely like me. But that is my case in all of the things I do..and will do.
    The writing has been of no cash value so far, but the ideas are. Already I recoverd most of my investment into this machine and service costs..About 30 month’s worth or so in fact…but a big writing assignment? You noticed I’m not really seeking one with any form that says I want one…like joke to me even.
    I am independent for most of my life is why I’m like this..none could do these things under any yoke there is. Unrestricted am I for all time too. And who can overpower that? Or me?
    I bet my life most of the time and won everytime..I play for money while I’m there too. The money was a shadow of the dominance joy they call "The thrill of victory." And it is awful to lose the money things, but I never lost the "to the death" things.
    I have master status because they suffered no harm under my win. So on the "beat em to death" things, I bet, and they didn’t have to.
    I call that "playing uphill.
    Being the winner is a given with me..I refuse less most of the time unless it’s beneficial to the other one..I have lots I can give away and not lose anything. I try to book a loser in fact these a master I’m tired of winning all the time and them not upgrading.
    Besides then being in the rarified class of free-form one-handed..I’m wild in it. Consevative life is for all of the players besides me in my mind. So my style is new to all and astounding to all, and to them, I’m in hiding somewhere which I in fact.
    I have fourty years of daily exercise and play..will that work? I have many, many accomplished students..will that work?
    I stood in the middle of the pool hall in a thousand places as the king..will that work?
    The next person who can do these things will never come again. Just me.
    And honey? I haven’t even started my project on that yet..and don’t forget me when I’m rich..K?
    But..let me write you a poem I wrote at 22…
    Once upon a time in a lifetime, I thought a thought.
    And the thought was of love, and feeling.
    So with feeling I loved, and in love, I lived forever.
    Then one day a flower crossed my path and I sought to move it,
    But a voice came from the sky thus saying:
    Upon the weight of this flower rests the balance of the Universe.
    If you seek to move it, that balance shall be lost, and the stars shall tumble from the heavens.
    So with feeling I stepped aside, and in love, I lived forever.
    So take this (prose) and sell it to a postcard dealer in fits there…split the money with me..get lots too as it’s mine and original like one of my wild shots.
    One shot for Budweiser honey is fourty million for the principles. Does that work?

  16. sara says:

    hi sweeti!!i’m fine and u? i like so much your "english slang"! ..(mine is very bad!!)
    yes i’m ready for the weekend, i don’t know what i’ll could be do!
    and you?
    on 8 and 9 march i’ll be go in Torino town (1half our from my town;it’s a nice city also if industrial (it’s called FIAT’s TOWN ’cause there are many factories that produced the FIATcars).in Torino we got a couple of friends(husband+wife+baby) and so we’ll stay togheter enjoy friendship and have fun..and especially for eat!!!
    yes ’cause this friends works and lives  in Torino(that it’s located in the north o’ italy) but come from the south o’ italy where there are not opportunity for have  a job;the people that comes and born in the south o’ italy got the tradiction of the  "VERYGOODFOOD"!!pizza,lasagne,parmigiana yuhm!!very good! they cook very very good!and they enjoy the life like no otherone!.in italy there are many different between the north,the middle and the south! very various tradictions and very various mentality.we say: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE IS VARIOUS!  MAH..i don’t know,the important thing in the life i think is the respect for everyone and for himself: don’t u think?!
    i don’t like when i’m so serious!!!
    let’s tell me something about belgium.. paola ruffo di calabria stay well?! ehehe!
    so let’s have fun and enjoy this next weekend!

  17. Delete52Mitch says:

    I really like this poem! Best wishes to you from Alabama! Mitch

  18. sara says:

    HALLLOOOO!!! my boyfriends it’s born in BARI town! he lives here in the north o’ italy from 5 years ago for work! so every summer and sometimes on xmas i go at his home where lives all of his family.bari it’s on the sea so WE got free(gratis)HOLIDAY!!
    well, have  a good dinner with all the company!and have  a nice time!
    i see that   u have  leave  a message to LETY, a contact of mine spaces, i can tell u that she’s a prettynice little girl..she’s very young!!
    she’s italian but she lives in sweden and she talk many language! fantastic!
    ciao bella!! HUGS!

  19. Letizia says:

    Thanks for the visit 🙂 ..yeah I’m sorry I write mostly in Italian but I will try to write something in english too, from now on…anyway some of my very old posts are in english =)
    Have a nice weekend!
    P.S. Anyway feel free to comment whatever you want, even in english, I don’t mind =) I love languages!

  20. sara says:

    no the name it’s not NANNA.
    byebye dear

  21. Adrian says:

    Hi, how are you?!  Been pretty busy lately, and lazy with ‘Spaces’…:)  But, here from the "Sunshine State"…some Sunshine and warmth coming your way!   Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Big hug,

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