Its been a while …the  normal  sundays i mean. ( Backpains and bad weather)
Early morning…..   im watching the alarm clock…i want to go out of the bed. Im an early riser u know. But  i try  to  stay one hour longer in bed on weekends. pffffffffff  watching the ceiling  lolKnipoogje
But anyway …the weather  was a bit like..  raining???? snow??  hail???? No it was a sunny day. Could not believe my eyes,coz  weather forecast Promised us other things.
so  i wanted to stretch  my legs and run.Went to the neighbour (  wife) lol  to ask  if she liked to come with me.Like always she is a bit slow  (sorry Marianne but its a fact dont argue Coz u know its true )so i had  to wait for  another 5 minutes
and then off  we went.  It felt good for the first time this year  i had  my shorts back on I love to run without things around my legs. It felt like new, fresh, and  warm sunbeams  on our face. I enjoyed  a lot.I need that u know. Is it an addiction  PPl say its possible ….maybe???  but i think its a healthy addiction,better than  drinking and smoking.
After having  guys shouting  behind my ass Beschaamd  That they enjoyed the view LOL Verhit ………we ran back home. A hot shower  hmmmmmmm  and  it felt  like an old crazy sunday
After  a  whole ritual (drying hair…getting my face  back to normal  ) i wanted  to have a call  with my buddy. His a good poem writer and we have nice talks.Telefoonhoorn
Oeps times goes fast ..when u enjoy… so  time to get the lunch prepared.
The afternoon as always started with family visit…and as i told u we have another baby girl in the family  Its like a baby boom here.
My bro his son Danny and his sweet wify Mischa are the proud parents,the baby is now 10 days old.Her name is Flore. She was sleeping  so peacefull (first pic)
and half hour later she wanted  to say…I am hungry mom  lol  I show it this way  ( pic 2 )
so  after  taking some pics of that cutie and a drink outside on the terras  we went back home.
and now..sitting behind my computer writing all this stuff.
Gonna watch  Prison break this evening  (another addiction)  and ready  for another hard  week of  office work..So Guys  enjoy  ur week  and  smile  Coz   As my buddy  always says
ur smile  is ur best dress..
As we say God gives life and takes.
As u all know Sri Lanka is a country close to my heart and i have a lot of friends there.
Killings are daily news.I pray that  one day it will stop.
Innocent ppl die.
The lastest  news … this happened this morning same time as i was watching my ceiling…Imagine..Bedroefd
In the bomb attack at Weliweriya in Gampaha this morning 12 people including Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle were killed says Dr. Dhammike Mayadunne, Director of Gampaha Hospital.

Among the dead are National coach Luxman de Alwis and National Marathon Champion K.A. Karunaratne say hospital sources.

About 40 people have been injured in the incident and the condition of nine of them is critical say hospital sources.  

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9 Responses to Sunday

  1. Princess says:

    Yo Sweeti! The bomb attack is horrible. I try 2 sleep in at the weekends 2. I get up thru the week at 5.30am…I have tried telling my body it doesn’t need 2 get up so early at the weekend, but it only manages another hour! Beautiful pics! Hope u  have a lovely resta Sunday! Luv PF XXX

  2. Isabelle says:

    Bomb attacks sucks……But the question I ask myself is it God’s job to take back lives in these circumstances…….?
    Anyways I love the picture of little Flore….and the parents are really friendly looking!!
    Well,……. Have yourself a great week!:O)
    Take care,

  3. renay says:

    flore is so adorable. here’s pryaing that one day the bobming will stop.

  4. Karolyn says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Congrats on the new addition, how lovely, a beautiful little girl!
    Very sad indeed about the bombings, such needless violence….. I shake my head.
    Take care,
    Karolyn & Georgi 😉

  5. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    This is a good news for your family that your brothers and your hubby brothers babies never get lonleyLOL!
    just looking at baby face and never get tired of that so cute.
    maybe one day they can dropping your home for both their baby to baby sitting ha ha ha ha
    your post has good news and a bad ones that nowadays worlds then we need to lives with nothing we can’t do it…..
    Life is too short we need to enjoy ourselves a while we can do it. 
    The last wednesday I won the Medal day…Do you remember? I told about that I was so nerves for play off with other ladys….
    But we had very bad storm in the afternoon and made black out for 200.000 houses without powers till yesterday.(5 days)
    My computer was out of works and my son’s fixed for me, there I can jogging around in the blogland ha ha ha
    I hope your back getting better soon.
    Warms Hugs,

  6. sara says:

    what a beautiful picture of TRUE HAPPYNESS!and "ur smile  is ur best dress..
    " is a fantastic sentence!every sunday morning i like to walk for 1 hour, also if it’s raining .it’s like to feel myself , my soul, i enjoy the nature and the silence (no much car on the road..many people sleep again at 11,00am on sunday!!)this is life..but don’t with shorts back!!!ciaooo!

  7. ♥ Aimee says:

    Flore is beautiful…
    *~* :o) most smiles are started by another smile… :o) *~*

  8. Shirley Jean says:

    Hello Sweeti
    I hope you are having a wonderful week.  The baby pictures are so very beautiful. I love little babies, I love rocking them.  It is so peaceful when they are content and happy.
    I watch the news a lot and sometimes all the killings really bother me.  My husband says I would be able to sleep at night if I did not watch the news so much, because some days it really upsets me.  Why can we not all live in peace.
    Just wanted to stop by and see how you are and to say "HI"
    Take care friend
    Many Hugs
    <a href="; target="_blank"><img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

  9. Enter says:

    Running is certainly a better addiction than many other things. Wish u more sunny weather so u can indulge in that addiction. Have a gr8 evening!

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