I woke up very early i want to enjoy every minut of this wonderful day.Zon
After  breakfast i changed clothes and went for my sunday run. As my  friend was not here  (she is  riding bicycle for 4 days,,Thumbs up!!!) Im not  a  bicycle freak  i need  my legs to touch the ground.
i went  alone  and  i must confess  i enjoyed running alone a lot.I went to  another forest,its only 50 meter from our house.
Sunbeams welcomed me…… peeping trough the leaves of the trees.
The birds were singing their morning song.  i thought those birdies are talking with each other. Abt what would they be talking ?  I wonder..
Flying like an eagle?
making love in the night?
A secret meeting?? 
Maybe…  who knows? Where are my thoughts?
During my run  i met just one person letting his doggy out..
Silence ..
What do we need more? 
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13 Responses to A BeAuTiFuL SuNdAY

  1. Princess says:

    Yo Sweeti! Aaaaaw a Beautiful Sunny Day , can really lift ur spirits up! We had a Gorgeous day yesterday, but it is cloudy tho still mild this morn! Hope u have a Lovely resta Sunday! Luv PF XXX

  2. mary says:

    What a wonderful way to enjoy a fabulous start to a beauty filled day. If only we took time to be with nature more….that is true happiness. Enjoy the rest of the moments!

  3. Newman says:

    Hi sweeti,What a lovely new post! I can feel that how much U love mother nature and how much U enjoy your life,it’s really great! Thank U for posting it,it gives me much wonderful thoughts,so even I have to work on Sunday,I still feel ok.U right it’s like a self-protection,we try our best find beautiful things in our life,and we R sure to find many.Maybe we R unable to slove all problems we met in life,but at least,we could make ourselves more comfortable.Thank U for letting me know this:)Lots of smiles for ya xxxRichard:)

  4. Isabelle says:

    That is the same conclusion I had when I was on the beach yesterday.
    We too often tend to forget simple pleasures.
    Have a nice week!
    Take care,

  5. Frans says:

    We come from the nest of yesterday and tomorrow. God bless our journey. We have flown from the inside to the outside world of your knowledge. The cage door is wide open. We burst out singing. We fill all the treetops.
    Splendid and glowing. Tiny as tree bells. We dance on the tree branches, night and day, always. Listen to us. Feed us. We are your thoughts winging Out of the nest of the birth-cage, into summer and winter. We perch on the branches of the minutes and seconds. Our song is your heartbeat. We move with your pulses. You send us out perfect and shining, each living and different to populate your kingdom. We sing outside your window and line up on the rooftops.
    Separate and knowing, we peer through the branches, surveying the inner land of enchantment, the skyless and timeless world of our birth.
    We fly from our perches back and forth to our first nest, vanishing inside the cage of your head. Then we fly out again and sing at your window while you feed us bread crumbs from your hand

  6. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heeey’kes Sweeti ! X
    oe is’t er mee? Aan ‘t genieten van ‘t zonnetje?
    ‘k Heb in m’n verlengd weekend nie veel m’n pc gezien. Veel gaan rijden met de auto & gistern veel geholpen met m’n ouders.
    Dus ‘k heb ook een grote tijd in ‘t zonnetje doorgebracht. ‘k Hou er van.
    Nu zit ‘k wel binnen, maar moest ‘k kunnen ‘k zat buiten met m’n laptop. Door de slechte lichtinval lukt dat niet, dus ja… Maar strakjes mssn nog eventjes buitenzitten. ‘k Kan ook nie de hele tijd buitenzitten, hé :-p
    Allé, ben er eens mee weg…
    Nog een fijne zondag !
    Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jes

  7. Ruma says:

    Hi  Sweeti! There is nothing as refreshing as waking up early and going for an early morning jog, run or swim. One feels lazy to get out of bed, but once you’re out, you don’t regret it one bit. Wonderful picture of an eagle you’ve posted here….it tells me a lot about the mood you’re in. Have a great week!Love, Ruma.

  8. Adrian says:

    Yes, it is a beautiful Sunday and a gorgeous day! 🙂   The simple things of life are a great healer to the soul.

  9. sara says:

    uao!lovely!bring with u this joy for this week!

  10. Jorge says:

    Few things are more enjoyable than solitude shared with Nature on a beautiful day. I’m glad you had a good run. Sadly, I have to work today, but that’s part of life in my profession. Be well,

  11. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    It was lovely to haerd that you were enjoy your regular running though even I can playing golf myself that’s enjoyble too…
    because more I can free to do in my way of practicung…. I wish that I would be with you …a bit too far away….
    The birds picture is a beautiful..would be nice if we can frying like that….Good post very relaxing …
    Have a good day,
    Michiko xxoo

  12. Enter says:

    Away from the madding crowds and in the lap of nature sounds like a great way to start the day…and you run you say all the way in those forests? I’d probably grab a tall glass, sit down n enjoy the view 🙂 Have a gr8 day!

  13. Newman says:

    Hey Sweeti,U really romantic person,just thinking about lay down on the grass and watch the sky make me feel so great:)Throw the ball back..good idea:) Many things make me unhappy,like a internet friend suddenly stop writing me,my colleagues sold me out,or I have arguements with my parents,have to admmit got much pressure from that.But now I found out being negative will not help me at all.So…..I guess now it’s time for me to throw the ball back:)U know sometimes I love this crazy world cause I could still find people like U. Keep on rocking xxxRichard:)

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