Bengal Royal

Can we Save this beautiful Bengal Royal

Estimations in 2005 indicate an approximate worldwide population of 3,000 Bengal tigers. The bulk of the population is found in Bangladesh and India. There are about 200 tigers in Nepal and a small, unknown number in northwest Myanmar. In the early years there were probably 20,000,000 Bengal tigers living in the wild. But much later, due to poaching, there were only 1,835 Bengal tigers left in the wild, however, a good conservation program increased it to 6,000; but then it dropped to 4,000.

The Bengal tiger is now strictly protected and is the national animal of Bangladesh. Following the introduction of a tiger conservation program in India, known as Project Tiger, the population of wild tigers has increased significantly. The tiger population of Bangladesh is officially estimated to have reached about 500 (unverified), up from 200 in the 1970s. In the Sunderbans, a 2004 survey found the presence of about 280 tigers on India’s side & 500 tigers in Bangladesh side.

Today  i had a  conversation with Rohit  abt the fact that the population of the Bengal Royals is increasing  day by day. Even though  there are programs to save the Bengal Royal, the poaching  is going on and on..This beautiful animal needs to be saved.  So the government in India and Banlgadesh need to take action.

Not only in theory but in practice.          

                                                                               Image:Panthera tigris.jpg

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24 Responses to Bengal Royal

  1. R U Serious says:

    Hi Sweeti!!  Thanks for the comment!!  I am healing!  Almost there.  LOVED your post!!!!!  VERY important!!  I love animals and hate to see species being endangered.  ALL animals are important for the ‘Circle of Life’! 
    Hope you are well…… we need to chat!!
    Take care,  Bob~

  2. renay says:

    beauitful animal . there slowly be coming insted.

  3. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hi Sweeti!
    How have you been? All good I hope!
    Isn’t the Bengal tiger…absolutely beautiful!
    Just recently I was watching a documentary about breeding programs for the Bengal tigers
    They said that..if the tigers stay in the reservations that they then have a great
    chance of survival
    But..if they leave the conservation parks..their chances aren’t so great…with the poaching
    and apparently…a lot of problems from the farmers
    Sweeti..I don’t want to sound negative but..I really don’t like what a species
    have done to the animals of this world and in fact.. to this very dear planet
    I really pray that the outcome for the Bengal tiger is very positive!
    A good entry Sweeti
    I hope you have a great week!
    Garry xox

  4. The says:

    Royal Bengal Tiger is a grace and delight to watch…
    I feel so sad for the ill treatment that human being is offering them…
    We keep on capmaigning about the same. Forest Ministry also taken many steps, yet nothing comes in comparison to the greed of few fellow human beings!
    I wish someday they stop this savage…
    ThanQ for writing about it!

  5. Michiko's says:

    WOW! the Tiger is good looking But it seems she is a hungry looked….
    it was nice to know strictly protect them in here we had protect a birds and an animals too.
    Have a great week ahead,
    Big Hugs,

  6. Newman says:

    Bengal tiger was once the king of animals and now it becomes the poaching target.I don’t know why,but most Asian governments seems to be slow in actions.People do everything for money,so more strictly laws shall be followed and more police shall be sent there.With human being’s joint effort,this beautiful Bengal Royal could be saved.Thx for liking my space music,and I’d love to taste your version of Kung pao chicken:)Have a great week forward xxxRichard:)

  7. sillygloop says:

    These are thriving in the Sunderbans…which are mangrove forests growing by the sea. Hope the projects succeed in keeping them safe and help grow their numbers!

  8. HEDGE says:

    the tiger is a magnificent animal!    i sent you a friends invitation 🙂

  9. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    At North Queensland, Port Douglas..there is all around years 25C-35C and very popular in the our winter times(Sydny,Melbourne)
    where we having a middle of winter’s weather in here. I think more likely to your friends will coming to north? 
    If they likes a cold weather? Myself I like spend time at little Islands(Barrier reef)
    How are you doing? working hard and enjoy after happy hours at Friday 4-00pm ..I thinking o youLOL!
    Have a good evening, at 10-00am in here.

  10. Jill says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Bengal tigers are my favourite animal they are so mysterious, out of all the big cats they are so good looking too. It’s a shame that certain countrys want to kill them. Maybe fear makes people like that? who knows.
    Thanks for popping over and for the compliment, I am a hobbiest, it’s not professional but I do it as a hobby.
    I would be chuffed if I was spotted though and someone has already asked me if I sell them because they would advertise them on their site.
    Anyway have a lovely day, you’ve got some strange weather there in Belgium 🙂
    Byeee xx

  11. sara says:


  12. Newman says:

    Hi sweeti,
    Glad to know U and Rohit would write to Indian government for saving Bengal Royal,I heard Indians R very good at English,why don’t they accept letters? How about email?
    Yeah we human truly have done much terrible things to mother nature and our animal friends.Today on bus,one of my colleagues is talking about his dog,it’s about to die.Then everyone suggest him to eat this dog…So U know,there should be laws to protect these poor creatures.
    Wish U good luck writing! cheers xxx

  13. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hi Sweeti!
    How are you? All good I hope!
    I had a big smile on my face when you were telling me that
    people laugh at you for not killing a spider but..putting it outside instead!
    I do the same thing’s a good feeling to do that
    After capturing so many and putting them outside..I’ve learned to like them
    instead of fearing them!
    Sweeti..I hope that you’re having a beautiful day!
    Garry xox

  14. charming says:

    Hi m, how pathetic to loose these beauties. I really don’t understand how can somebody kill such a majestic animal?

  15. Elle says:

    Hi Sweeti,I love this blog hun, thanks for sharing. What a wonderful and amazing animal, I’m glad their amounts are increasing from time to time, and you were right, we have to save them before it’s too late.I thought your real name was Sweeti lol, Marijke is such a beautiful name, do you know what does it means? And how do you pronounce it?I understand how you feel a lot when people you cares are in trouble, you may feel guilty and lost because there’s nothing you can do to help them, it’s not your fault, that’s okay, and I’m so happy that your friends are safe now, may God bless them!Yeah, you were right, me and Evelyne are good friends for over a year now and we share every secrets like sisters hehe, if you notice her comments in my space and my comments in hers you will see that we call each other "sweetest sis" lol, how sweet! By the way, how are you doing?Have a lovely day!Elle

  16. sara says:

    ok let’s see the guy…also if i’ve got a boyfriend!eheheh! ciao good night!

  17. Isabelle says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Finally managed to come see you.
    I read what you wrote about the bombing!! I am sooooooo happy your friends are safe. Geezzz….some things leave me desperately sad. Why so much inhumanity? I doubt I will have an answer very soon!:O(
    I read your blog above! These are amazingly beautiful creature and like all living souls should be protected. Deforestation and human habitation are making life very difficult for some animals such as tigers in the wild. Unfortunately the owner (tigers) find themselves renting their own ancestral land from humans now.
    Tigers are killed because they attack humans….who invaded their property. I know that people are forced to cultivate new lands for survival but it is not fair to do it at the tigers expense.
    And the F**king hunters….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….why kill for fun!!!!! Geez they deserve to be bitten in the a$$!!!!
    Ok I can write a book on this so i better leave!
    See ya! Take care,

  18. Newman says:

    Well U know,my country fellows R Savages,they eat almost everything they see.Eating dogs is popular here,in another parts of my country,they prefer to eat cats.I’m sorry if my words upset U,but it’s the truth.These people R not on bus today,so dn’t know what happened to him,hope he’s ok then.Have a nice dayxxxRichard:)

  19. HEDGE says:

    I came over to look at the tiger again.

  20. Jill says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    I am rushing at the moment because it’s my sons sports day.
    Just wanted to say you can use my pictures if and when you want.
    I was just thinking to combat your weather wear a bikini with wellys lol
    mind you ours is more or less the same.
    Take care xx

  21. sara says:

    mmmm. i don’t like football very much, i see the sports’s events when the national play preferit sport is eating!!ehehe! have a good day dear!!hugs

  22. riki says:

    hiya Sweeti!
    just dropped byt o see how u doing? hope things are well
    wat a sad entry. that tiger is soo beautiful! why kill it/them 😦
    god help us!
    u do take care of urself and stay smiling!

  23. Newman says:

    U R a very smart bunny heheactually they eat everything,even worms or locusts,I have been invited for such dinners before and I’ve seen they eat them.So when people take their dogs on street,neighbours might say "oh he looks tasty"  Don’t consider it’s a joke,it could be real.I guess we could do nothing about it.only with strict laws could stop thembe well xxxRichard:)

  24. Jill says:

    We’ve got the same weather here, it’s so cccold again I was thinking more along the lines of rain coat and flip flops lol
    Josh came 2nd in the relay, 4th in the 400 meters. He did well.
    Take care xx

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