Im Nominated  for the Most Diverse Space.I was suprised… hmmm ME?????  
Spaces Hall of Fame
At this link   u can make ur  vote..
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30 Responses to Nominated

  1. Isabelle says:

    My vote is already there!!
    Fair and square!
    Take care,

  2. ηικκιħart says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Wow congrats on the nomination!!
    How have you been? It’s been a slow week so far for my work, nice though for me to get lots of errands and things done around the house.  I saw some people flying kites at the beach last weekend, made me think of you, but I still haven’t tried it yet…one of these days.
    Hope you have a wonderful day,
    Big hugs

  3. sara says:


  4. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hello Sweetie 
    yahooooo 🙂 I love it…
    You get my vote girl!
    Also want to wish you a beautiful day
    Garry xox

  5. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti san,
    Congrats on the nomination for the most Diverse spaces….I vote for you and wish a good luck my dear friend.
    big hugs,

  6. Captain says:

    No!  You just did this cuz nobody likes me!  You want me to feel lonely ;O(I’ll pop a cork in your honor; a handy fix for some Plumbing problems…  When you’re through gloating over yourself, ask them if there’s any actual cash winnings involved?  If they say: ‘yes’ I’ll expect a Finders Fee!  (Finder: ‘There it is!’)  Congrats to you Sweeti!

  7. Nina says:

    That is so cool! Congratulations and hugs, N.

  8. Adrian says:

    Congrats on the nomination! 🙂
    We have lots of Sun in the Morning and afternoon and then the rains in the evening..can you believe it?!.  But, here’s some Sun coming your way!
     Warm hugs,

  9. Project says:

    Yes, more than proud, they are me plus them now.
    When your oldest twin daughters are 19, and the other two boys are 16 and 13?
    You will be like my oldest daughter Angela, and as in "my first angel" as knowing then I would have at least two more because of my beautiful wife which I couldn’t leave alone..ever.
    So three angels became ten, and now four more little ones.
    I teach them that there is only one life-line coming and going to heaven, and that we are all on it..enjoy the ride by the only because it’s so nice and you have so much…they agreed with that.
    But my own rule?
    Be like me..a winner by no losses to anyone..ever.
    Only court the righteous and ride the silky part of the line with children’s laughter being the borders of it.
    The house is the castle, and the house is the woman’ roams normally, getting money or something he says>
    Let no man tell you what to do in your house is my only teaching though, and how to do strategy.
    They are giants in that..and high-tech? Wow..the kids are hotter by far too.
    The answer is communications, and I started out as my first choice as a mod tech for the phone company.
    Do more I told them, but, only after the kids are good, and the old man is doing what he’s supposed to be doing.
    Don’t ever relax, they look for that.
    Only listen to yourself as the only one who knows all things.
    So hey..They argued with me even until now, and I always lose…
    I am a master is why honey.
    Love you,

  10. Ruma says:

    Hi Sweeti!         I’ve been trying to visit your space for the last four days, but all I could see was a blank blue page!!! It was most frustrating!!I also want to thank you for your visit to my space and your long comment…which I agree with wholly!!I will surely go to the link to vote for your space….you deserve to win!Love, Ruma.

  11. Michiko's says:

    Yes! Sweeti san, we have 118 privet gilf course in the Victoria, I had account from the news paperslol!.
    Some clubs are 1894. 1904 founded..pretty old. my clubs 30 yeras old.
    Every Thursday morning mostly the golfer would like to see who was winning on the Wednesday and we ring each other to congrats for our friends ha ha ha
    Would believe..a since I started blogging business then some how I got sick and my golf is far away but I started pick up slowly..  
    some friends ring me to say Are you still playing a golf?
    By the way you said your colleagues play at 18 ..she is very good that I never get down the law only to 21 I wish I had one…
    I think a wait for next Feb than it must be change to new handicaps system that all woman golfer a waiting for it.
    Our course rate is 71 nett. your friend need to play 89 to her handicaps….
    Other things your Q: As you know play the golf is took time for at reast four hours..
    today young women get marry and back to works that why not many younger woman golfer …
    if you don’t work then waited for thier child to go to the kinder garten or school then you will find time to play a golf ha ha ha
    Well! Now you know I’m pretty busy with three days a week,Yet not quite true only Wednesday is seriouslly one smile!  
    How many time I could vote for you?
    I guess you read my comments at office in here 2.00 pm yours about 6.00am ???????????
    By for now and have fun time after 4.00 pm" Happy hours"

  12. Mei's says:

    Hello, congration! Long time no see, hope you’re well, good luck! Mei

  13. sara says:

    good morning dear!i’m still watching my "morning video" in my blog!eheheh!here the summer is starting (very hot!)for my luck (and ur luck!) friday is near!!!yeah  i had watch the soccergame and i do to u many compliments to orange!a very good team!!enjoy ur day and hold to shake ur ass till saturday!XDhugs, Sara

  14. Newman says:

    Yeah I like Netherlands too,they’ve done great:)
    I watch football from time to time
    oh forget to tell that I’ve voted for U
    have a nice dayxxx

  15. Project says:

    Don’t worry Sweeti about the earth, it will not only continue in full bloom, but it will thrive.
    The sadness is in the human tolls.
    But ..all cities near the water have to move, and to men?
    That means jobs honey..we built those cities to begin with..right?
    To us, a city is not house with little wives and families, but parts and pieces like a puzzle we love to put together in different forms like tinkertoy artists.
    You know I have claimed "special" for myself personally, and it’s quite so.
    I am government-trained since little, and I have focused on these exact details and plans that will work for those issues since at least twelve or so.
    There are many solutions, and a very large segment of the work population is always focused on the dirt work and actual labor of re-building and relocating about 2 billion people we will move as we go.
    There are several end results we can count on that are also shaping up..more water means more plants, insects, and animal food.
    I tracked that for 40 years now, and am encouraged that the doomsday sayers are so far off they have become Al Gore for instance who is shamed so far in his ortrageous claims that didn’t happen, and won’t.
    Furiously working is what the men are doing about it..and all are confidant the logistics can be accomplished profitably.
    Sooo, the publicity outlets only make money off of shock and awe, and they are treating this royally for sure to the tune of billions in their advertising pockets from those they selling junk survival gear or high-priced flood insurance etc.
    The finished product of the melted poles is the "normal condition" of the planet in fact.
    It’s warm and a steady 80 degrees everywhere. There are gentle rains twice a day in each place…and where the Polar bears roam, there will be eighty-foot jungles as always.
    And no, they will not all die even in the heat..but turn brown for one thing.
    It will remain that way forever until another astroid slams into our planet, and the ice age will start all over again.
    No polar ice "ever once" occured but from one of those collisions.
    But on the other hand, it has always melted "exactly" as it’s doing now until that balance is achieved again.
    Humans and animals cover every square inch of new ground as it goes, and all is over-grown dramatically in that green world.
    All "deep lake bottoms ruins" studied shows mostly slow evauations, and not’s pretty slow relative.
    But tv hypes it up for big we are supposed to do to make money for the rent..and maybe a house a little higher up too.
    So my "building fortified cities" is that new idea style that will shape the new networks now developing all over the world for this gethering construction-need we see.
    Reduce all of that honey into "Don’t worry..I’ll fix it."
    And who am I Sweeti?
    I am man himself…we are all the same on this issue.
    It’s our god who tells us to don’t worry, and more..exactly what to do also.
    I work with my bare hands like Jesus who took a tree and made a wagonwheel from it..and with blisters.
    The real winner this time around for humanity is that the women and kids are going to run the thing becasue we men are needing communication technologies for these tasks, and they got it down.
    And honey, we don’t..oh oh..that can go bad on us men and has already.
    So that is my very specialty..socal animalism..or call it adaptable animalism and it’s need for family and tribal cooperation.
    Women have always run the house, they will run the new world just as well, with more surveillance than us men have ever imagined even.
    And yes, a telephone communications modifications tech myself originally with Siemens..and hot mentally.
    I’m going to do sales of the ideas I hope for my own involvement.
    And all men see themselves as king crap..surely you seen that before..[jk of course] But I wee myself as head of all households that are…the worst case scenario for one like me to fall into some said..Well, poop on them.
    Love you

  16. Magick says:

    Hi Sweeti:
    Thanks for being such a caring person and worrying about me the way you do.  I really appreciate it. 
    I went to SHOF to vote for another person that I know who was nominated for "Most Inspirational" and I saw your name there, so I voted for you also.  Good Luck!!  You deserve to win because you’re such a sweet lady.

  17. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heeey’kes Marijke ! X
    dank ù dank ù 🙂 ‘k Heb m’n best gedaan 😉 Enkel de muziek werkt niet mee, maar daar ben ‘k aan ‘t werken. Voorlopig moeten de spacers ‘t even zonder m’n playlist doen, maar wie muziek wil moet m’n blogs maar lezen :-p
    Ja, ‘t is niet simpel als je niet goed met codes overweg kan, maar ‘k wil je wel helpen met die banner. Je moet maar laten weten wat je precies wil & anders kunnen we ‘t eens samen doen op msn. Hier is m’n msn-adres : Altijd welkom !
    Ja, vandaag was ‘t een leuk zonnetje, maar wel veel wind. ‘k Hoop dat ‘t morgen goed weer is, want met de Nacht van Vlaanderen is dat toch leuker dan regen, hé. Niet dat ‘k meedoe, maar ‘k ken er wel die meedoen 🙂
    Fijne avond & prettige vrijdag 🙂
    Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jes

  18. Mei's says:

    Thanks for the visit, Sweeti. You’re welcome back anytime!

  19. Newman says:

    Hi Sweeti,hope U enjoy the football game! Wish U and your family a great weekend xxx

  20. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hi sweeti
    I’ve just come back from the SHOF
    You deserve to win
    And…so very much more
    the work you do for people in immeasurable
    the world..needs more people like you!
    I hope you have the most beautiful weekend!

    Garry xox

  21. Elle says:

    Hi Sweeti!Sorry for the late reply but I was so busy with the uni and I have to come home late almost everyday so I don’t have much time to use the internet. *sigh* But I really miss you hehe!Congratulations for being nominated, I’m so proud of you! Actually I’m nominated there in the same category also but I think you deserve to win much more than me so I’m gonna vote for you!Anyway yeah Evelyne is so special to me, I don’t know how our friendships happened but I hope it will last forever, and you’re a wonderful person as well so I hope we will be friends forever!How are you doing today anyway? For me I had an exam at the uni, then I went karaoking and had an audition for the university choir, wish me luck hehe! What about you?Have a lovely weekend!Elle ❤

  22. Elle says:

    Hi Sweeti!Sorry for the late reply but I was so busy with the uni and I have to come home late almost everyday so I don’t have much time to use the internet. *sigh* But I really miss you hehe!Congratulations for being nominated, I’m so proud of you! Actually I’m nominated there in the same category also but I think you deserve to win much more than me so I’m gonna vote for you!Anyway yeah Evelyne is so special to me, I don’t know how our friendships happened but I hope it will last forever, and you’re a wonderful person as well so I hope we will be friends forever!How are you doing today anyway? For me I had an exam at the uni, then I went karaoking and had an audition for the university choir, wish me luck hehe! What about you?Have a lovely weekend!Elle ❤

  23. Jill says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    how are you?
    Just thought I’d make an appearance because at the moment things are a little mad lol
    It raining today on the longest day and in old wives tales this means it will rain for 21 days and nights so lets see if this is true.
    All down hill from now lol after this shorter days again 😦
    At least this means Summers here, well is it!!
    What a disapointment it has been so far, I just hope it improves, but not if the old wives have anything to do with it.
    Take care and ignore my madness lol
    byeeeeeeeeee I’m outta here xxxxxxx

  24. Newman says:

    Hi Sweeti,Because of time difference,most games R at midnight here,and I have to workSo I guess I have to skip most of themI’ve tired once but I fall alsleep.too tired watchingI guess it’ll be hard if U have friends on both sidesThen always choose the right side hehehave an awesome weekend xxxRichard:)

  25. sara says:

    hi sweet!i have not to  forget to wish u a good sunday like always i do!!eh eheh!
    today i just wake up in!!!i’m he dog sitter for the dog of my sister tht is on holiday for 3’s hard ..the dog miss my sister and "he" cried all night long…oh my god!!so i didn’t sleep well tonight!! he’s a puppie, cutie..but i prefer cats..that are much more indipendent!!
    well good sunday..i’m sorry for orange footballteam…
    tonight italy play.
    here it’s very hot…
    i miss spring,winter and autumn!!i don’t like summer’s clime!!bye dear!!

  26. Newman says:

    Hi sweeti,wow your friend’s in India,hehe,I guess he would have simliar feeling as uswe have to stay up so late just to watch gamesWhen’s the final by the way?best wishes for Netherlands,orange guys shall win the match hehe:)Thx for your caring words,U take care 2 xxxRichard:)

  27. Elle says:

    Hi Marijke! xDYeah, you were right, it’s not important if we win or not but it’s always great being nominated because it means someone thinks that your space is great and deserves to win, for me that’s more than enough. :p I wish you luck at the SHOF!Hehe me and Evelyne are like sisters lol, we always share our stories and help each other even though we live so far away, and that’s really important. :pThe exam was okay but I’m still not sure if I’m gonna pass it or not. Yeah, my life now is pretty amazing and I enjoy it a lot, it’s so sad that one day everything won’t be like this anymore. *sigh* oh well, I’m gonna enjoy every minute of my life and I hope you’re happy with your life also!Anyway do you know where is Isa? Haven’t heard from her for a while and I really miss her!Have a lovely week ahead!Hugs,Elle

  28. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heeey’kes Marijke ! X
    neenee, ‘t is niet m’n WMP. ‘k Heb iets anders ingeplaatst, maar dat kunnen jullie niet zien (maar ik wel). Onertussen heb ‘k van Sarah te horen gekregen dat ‘t bij haar ook een paar weken geduurd heeft eer ‘t er op kwam. ‘k Ben ‘t nu aan’t uitzoeken 🙂 Als je muziek wil op m’n space’je, moet je maar eens op een linkje klikken van één van blogjes :-p
    M’n weekend was ok. Zaterdagavond ben ‘k iets weest gaan drinken met vrienden & ‘t was gezellig. Vandaag zijn we dan gaan eten met vrienden van m’n ouders & in ‘t stad waren ‘t batjes (koopjes). Een beetje veel wind, maar ja, zolang ‘t droog blijft was ‘t ok 🙂 Vrijdagavond ben ‘k naar de Nacht van Vlaanderen geweest 🙂
    OOh ja, proficiat met je nominatie 😉
    Prettige week !!
    Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jes

  29. R U Serious says:

    I VOTED!!!!  Hope you win!!  Thanks for your wonderful comment.  112F = 44C!  HOT!!!!
    Hope we can chat soon, sweeti!

  30. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Hi my dear friend ! X
    The sweet smell of summer is in the air
    Time for endless laughter without a care
    Anticipating experiences that haven’t come yet
    Creating moments of our lives we’ll never forget
    Going swimming almost every day
    In the grass we would always lay
    Tanning by the pool, the sun feels so warm
    We sit there hoping it doesn’t storm
    (¯`·._.·[нανє α ηι¢є ѕυммєятιмє ]·._.·´¯)

    Hugs & x-x-x

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