Another beautiful day,seems the sun tries to peep between the clouds…We have to cherish these sunny moments.
Summer started on the calendar.
Saterday  was midsummernight..In my birthvillage were festivities to welcome summer .Bands playing and a  lot of ppl hanging out. The weather was excellent.
Now back to sundaymorning.
Went for  my sunday run..It was perfect  in the forest, not that much running or bicycling  ppl Just  the sound of birds singing their morning song.
Felt good…a bit sweat  i love  to feel exhausted…Am i wierd???lol
well maybe I am..
a good shower..and a long  foon talk  with my soul mate  10.000 km away from me.  Its  a sunday  addiction these  days. and i love it.Talking abt the differences  in the way we live our lives,and same time we are  so alike…Tx Buddy ..
After dinner  we  drove  with the car open to  a place where ppl meet on a sunny sunday..Awesome  bike riders  show their babies ( haha their bikes  and car drivers  come together. watching  talking..enjoying and have  a drink.
u know such things..and there i ordered..
My first  Mojito…
It tasted fresh  and  same time a bit exotic..I loved it,t asted for more…njam njam 
i give u here  the ingredients  of a Mojito if u like to try (it was the fav.drink of Ernest Hemingway)
5-7  leaves of fresh mint                 
half lemon
and of course rum
and some sugar…
       If u like  U can still vote for me 
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39 Responses to Mojito

  1. Isabel says:

    Awww Sweeti!…We are not going to have our final 😦
    But we still have the Summer to enjoy…right?

    I am here to wish you  a great Summer!
     Enjoy the most you can….
     Lots of love from Isa
    P.S. You can count on my vote …but in just a few days as I have my space closed!

  2. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    you are really enjoy the sun and I will be too in the early winter time…I can have fallen in love with the sun whenever I find the chance, I love sunday because my family and our friends get together spend great time …we create our own beautylol!
    You have run in the forest and I have walking with golf stick ha ha
    If we can do that every morning or weekends becames a beatiful ourlives worth living hahaha
    Mojito: I will try next Wednesday after golf… 

  3. sillygloop says:

    Lime n mint coolers are sure gr8 for the hot summer days!

  4. Newman says:

    Hi SweetiIt’s such a pity that orange has lost the game! They could have played better I thinkWell let’s see how far could Russian walk:)It’s a truly a nice post,I’ve learnt how to make MojitoDream to be as strong as Hemingway hehesounds your soulmate’s so far away from UI hope U 2 best luck take care xxxRichard:)

  5. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    Are you watching tennis? your country man doing very well His name is R Haase..
    I like himlol!

  6. sara says:

    i don’t like mojito too much..i prefer CAIPIROSKA!! taste this one!ciao ciao

  7. Captain says:

    As usual, I can see we’re in sincronicity.  Just take it easy on your knees or your legs will fall off when you’re 60!

  8. R U Serious says:

    Sweeti!  My vote didn’t go thru!  So I went back and tried for an hour!!  I TRIED!!!!!   Hope you win!!
    If not??   You are still a winner with ME!!!!  You are a Wonderful friend!

  9. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hi sweeti
    It sounds like you had a great weekend
    and’re not weird at all 🙂
    My daughter and I do go to the park and..she rides her bike
    and I’ll either ride mine or run beside her and..just look at
    and listen to the sounds of nature! I love it! doing that..makes
    me feel so alive.
    I have to admit sweeti..I’ve never tried a mojito but..I’m going to now..
    it sounds good! might even help my mojo 🙂
    sweeti..I really enjoyed reading about your weekend
    and I thank you for sharing!
    I hope you have a beautiful day!
    Garry xox

  10. Jorge says:

    Congratulations on your nomination, as well as on your first mojito! As for your Sunday, there is no better way to spend it than in the copmany of Mother Nature. Be well,

  11. Karolyn says:

    Hey Sweeti,
    What a wonderful description… I can almost picture… just lovely!!
    Thanks for sharing, just what I needed to warm me up from winter – brrr!
    Take care,
    Karolyn 🙂

  12. Elle says:

    Hi Marijke!Wow, your Sunday seemed so fantastic and I’m happy that you enjoyed it a lot. Hahahaha you’re not weird just because you like to feel exhausted lol, for me I have a weird fact of myself as well, I really love sitting in a plane lol! Yeah, I don’t know why I never get airsick or something like that, I just like sitting there and I love the airport too haha! Weird huh?Anyway how are you doing? And wow, your Mojito looks so cool as well, did you make it by yourself?Hugs,Elle

  13. R U Serious says:

    Patting your sweet head!!  ‘Good Doggie’ !! Kidding!!  My dogs are sweet!   The Cairn (brown one) hangs out with me.  The white one??  My wife’s best friend!! And the Dachshund??   He is just a cutie!!  They would LOVE YOU!!  Maybe someday??  You can visit So Cal!!  We have a spare room!! LOL!  Anytime!
    Have a Wonderful week!!

  14. sara says:

    Preparation Time 15 minutes Cooking Time 5 minutes
    Ingredients (serves 8)
    250ml (1 cup) cold water
    215g (1 cup) caster sugar
    8 limes, halved, each half cut into quarters
    330ml (1 1/3 cups) chilled vodka
    4 cups crushed ice

    the water and sugar in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat. Cook,
    stirring, for 5 minutes or until the sugar dissolves. Remove from heat
    and set aside for 5 minutes to cool. Transfer to a jug. Cover with
    plastic wrap and place in the fridge for 1 hour to chill.
    Place 3/4 of the lime wedges in a large bowl. Use the end of a rolling pin to gently pound until roughly crushed.
    Add the sugar syrup, vodka and crushed ice, and pound until
    just combined. Pour among 8 serving glasses. Top with remaining lime
    wedges and serve immediately.

  15. sara says:

    i put out the ingredients for the kaipiroska,it’s a brasilian drink. we add  juice of strawberry: it’s fantastic!!hey don’t drink in the morning!!!ciao it’s very hot and humid..i want to swim in a fresh pool..much better in the sea!!!!hope that there the weather it’s much fresh!give me some fresh air plz!

  16. Trouble says:

    Wow! That drink surely looks tempting!! 😀
    I’m back Sweeti (as if I’d gone somewhere) LOL! 🙂
    I was just busy with home, the in-laws, and work (as usual)!
    So how’ve you been?

  17. Jill says:

    Hi Sweeti
    I have been busy the last couple of days because we’ve got some sunshine at last and I am trying to give a walk way a Japanese feel.
    It’s hard as the ground isn’t level.Will post pictures when it’s finished but it is all because of a Japanese Acer that is in the walk way
    Take care xx


  18. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heeey’kes Marijke ! X
    hehe, met zo’n weertje zou een mens toch verlangen naar niets doen & genieten van de rust met een boekje naast zich. Jammergenoeg moet ‘k nog werken, maar ‘k kijk al uit naar de reis op 13 Juli 🙂
    Ja, m’n weekend was idd wel leuk. M’n vriendin heeft trouwens zo’n mojito gedronken, maar da’s niets voor mij, want ‘k hou meer van ‘t zoete 😉
    Normaal beginne de solden op 1 Juli, maar de meeste steden in ‘t rond (‘k denk enkel in west-vlaanderen, want in Antwerpen kennen ze dat niet :-p)
    Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jes

  19. sillygloop says:

    Russians sure shocked Netherlands and stopped them in their tracks…apart from Spain and Germany it’s been a cup of surprises this time 🙂

  20. dying2die says:

    Hey Chika
    Wowo now i dunno if u know that Bikes make me crazy and wen these riders show off i just pray they live to keep doing it 🙂
    so hows life treating you
    Im glad you had a great sunday
    be blessed

  21. charming says:

    Hi m, ppl are crazy with ur photo.and you know me should frame it and hang on your wall.thank u very much for sharing it and allowing me to publish it on my blog Love cha

  22. HEDGE says:

    thanks for sharing … but i don’t drink.

  23. charming says:

    Hi m, ppl are crazy with ur photo.and you know me should frame it and hang on your wall.thank u very much for sharing it and allowing me to publish it on my blog Love cha

  24. sara says:

    her today 35 °..very very hot! i  don’t know how can i stay at work!! i survive with ice coffee and ice cream!!!i hope that soon  fresh wind come here!!!bye dear.. now i’m looking for a fresh place where to put my foot…the iron of the writing desk!!!lucky you!!!
    i can’t drink caipiroska with this clime!!!hahahah!

  25. ηικκιħart says:

    Hi sweeti,
    I’ve read about this Midsummer holidays on a couple other spaces also and it sounds so wonderful, I wish we had it here!!
    Wish you a beautiful day,
    For you>
    Lots of hugs,

  26. sillygloop says:

    Dunno abt Turkey but Russia sure pose a strong challenge

  27. Newman says:

    Hi sweetiOh I would hope German and Spanish in the final,that’ll be more fun in my opinionRussia has done a good job,but I think they’ll just be stopped herewhat can I sayI’m in an online realationship myselfSo I can understand U wellI haven’t met her yet,I know it sounds crazy but I do have feeling for herDistance is a huge problem for me,and cultures difference,languages,financial problems,U know,headacheBest wishes for U and your soulmate xxxRichard:)

  28. Wayward says:

    Sweetie, Laissez lui être.
    I haven’t been here before.  When I am in the running I try not to visit the competition.  I am anal that way and others.
    Diversity is one of my fortes.  I mix it up so that as a writer and blogger I don’t get bored.  Still happens on occasion though.  Blog burn out.  I really suffer during guest book signings.  It is so tedious.  Especially since I don’t like to leave pat comments.  I always try to fit my remarks to the bloggers content.  Makes for better communication.
    Yes I am a child of the 60s.  I was 16 during the Summer of Love, however I really got my hippness from the beatniks on my paper route which was part campus and off campus.  When JFK got assassinated  (1963) I was visibly upset and some beat women invited me in a turned me on to pot.  I have been seeing the world in a different perspective since.  I have chosen my bed and never sold out like most of my peers.  No big house, no car, no worries.  Yeah.
    Thanks for stopping by for a look see.  I live for new visitors.
    Peace, Love, Hippie Stuff,
    Wayward Bill

  29. Savannah-Joan says:

    hey… love ur pic.. yep you too, come back anytime to visit

  30. HEDGE says:

    Thanks for making me a non-alcholic drink .. much appreciated!  My body reacts quite badly to alcohol, and I get very ill, so that’s why I don’t drink.     I’m so glad you liked my pic’s  🙂

  31. ♥ Aimee says:

    enjoy one for the prego lady! 
    ♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  32. Newman says:

    Hi sweeti,thx for your kind wordsit’s great to know U and your soulmate’s so close in heartI still need time and money to make everything become true,hope she could wait for me.I write her on her birthday and received her letter after one U best luck with your soulmate Have a great weekend xxxRichard:)

  33. Princess says:

    hi sweeti,
    my vote is there for you…
    howz you dear?
    its always kool to read your posts related to nature..
    as fresh as morning..
    much luv,

  34. Ruma says:

     Sorry my comment didn’t show up. Trying to register it again here. Loved your post and pic of the drink.
    Having problems with visiting your space. If you don’t find me here for a long time, it means I’m unable to visit your site.
    Do keep in touch, and hv a grt weekend! Will vote for u on SHOF!

  35. Princess says:

    Yo Sweeti! Ooooooh that sounds an interesting drink, can u pour me one please??!! Hope u have a Fantastic Weekend, it’s dull & cloudy here though rather muggy! Luv PF XXX

  36. Pastor says:

    Hello, my dear friend,
    I Pray that the Lord keeps us all on the strait and narrow and opens our hearts to the things that are of Him! That He might lead and guide us on the path that He has selected for each and everyone of us, that one day we may all stand in His presence. Can we all take a stand for Jesus? Amen!!!
    Love in: <*Christ>< Pastor Winston

  37. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hi sweeti!
    I know that feeling that you desribed
    I feel the same way as well at times and..I don’t really like the feeling you goes away
    sweeti..the best remedy that I can think of is…a Mojito
    and maybe..followed by many more 🙂 and shake that cute ass of yours woman!
    sweeti..I hope Sunday is good day for you

    Garry xox

  38. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heeey’kes Marijke ! X
    oe is’t er mee? Heb je genoten van je dagje vrijaf? Om eerlijk te zijn, ‘k hunker naar m’n verlof. Ookal ben ‘k de weekends thuis, een weekje vrijaf kan toch ooh zo deugd doen ^^
    M’n weekend was leuk, maar ‘k ben toch wel wat moe aan ‘t worden. Zaterdag ben ‘k naar de paardenmarkt geweest met m’n pa & een kennis met z’n kindjes. ‘s Avonds ben ‘k naar een Afrikaans festival geweest met m’n beste vriendin, maar daar heb ‘k mij niet echt geamuseerd. ‘k Hou wel van djembé-muziek, maar die andere tierlantijntjes errond waren niks voor mij. Pas op, alle respect voor die mensen, maar je moet er natuurlijk voor zijn, hé 🙂
    Vanmiddag zijn we lekker gaan eten met kennissen, maar ‘t duurde wat te lang voor mij. Daarmee dat ‘k nu wat moe ben, denk ‘k. ‘k Heb ook nogal veel aan m’n hoofd de laatste tijd & dat begint wat door te wegen, denk ‘k.
    Hoe was jouw weekend? Hopelijk heb je je wat beter geamuseerd 😀
    Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jes

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