Its gonna  happen…Friends…
Sweeti is gonna  fly in the glider..Next sunday  july 6th   3.30 PM.
My husband  checked  my  life insurance policy…just in case Boos
It took so long..coz of bad weather  
Im really  soooooo  excited…Uitgestoken tong
Pics will be taken  from the ground  and in the gliderRegenboog
A typical training glider, Schleicher ASK 21 just before landing
and  To Night  
 Final  of  The European Championship 
Germany- Spain
     german flag: German flag in soccer stadium stock photosspain flag: Spanish flag with soccer ball and matador hat stock photos
Im  for spain 
But  im realistic
Germany will win
Ontblote tanden
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27 Responses to Finally

  1. HEDGE says:


  2. Princess says:

    Yo Sweeti! WOW!! UR soooooooooo lucky! I have always wanted 2 do that! Good Luck 4 next Sunday, will be thinking of u! Can’t wait 2c the piccis!!! Hope u have a lovely resta Sunday…watching the footie! Luv PF XXX

  3. Gunveen says:


  4. R U Serious says:

    WOOOOO HOOOOO!  Hope the weather holds!!  Can’t wait for the pics!
    I think that Spain has a good chance!!  However, I’m watching NASCAR!!  Sorry! lol!  As a Southern boy (Well… Southern California!), It’s what I LOVE!!  So exciting!!
    I marked July 6 on my calendar!!!!  You will have a Blast!!!!!!!!!
    Take care Sweeti!!!

  5. Stephen says:

    I can’t wait for a blog post along with pictures of your adventure with the glider!!!
    Sounds like some major fun!!!
    Have a GREAT weekend!!!! 🙂

  6. Adrian says:

    Congrats…that’s exciting, you must be thrilled! 🙂  Can’t wait to see the Pics!  Enjoy your Sunday evening.

  7. Debbie says:

    Hi Sweet!  I’m excited for you…Really!  Life is too short, huh?  Hope that you have a blast and I’ll be watching for the photos! Hugs, Deb 

  8. Elle says:

    Hi Sweeti!Wow, flying in the glider seems so fantastic! Good luck and have a great time there hehe, it seems like you’ve been waiting for it for a long time and finally you have this chance, how cool! Sorry I’m kinda late but the uni life always take my time here away. >.< I really miss you hun. Hehe yeah planes are so cool lol I think we should create a fanclub for airplanes, do you think so?It’s so wonderful that your friend is working at the military, hehe so you will have more experience about it, that’s great. How are you doing hun?Take care,Hugs,Elle

  9. sillygloop says:

    Spain savours a rare win I guess…time for them to say Ole 🙂

  10. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti san,
    I just wondering about  the glider it was sometimes ago you were talking about it, I thought you might had change you mind lol!
    Well! another six days… Have fun my dear friend..  
    I watched EURO 2008 (3-00am on Monday moring)your wish come true the Spain won the game.
    As you know these day I watching the tennis on TV  from wimbledon and two more night till finished.
    Have a great week ahead,
    Michiko xxxooo

  11. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    wow sweetie!
    Flying in a glider is something I’d love to do
    I’d also love taking the photos
    I’m really excited for you sweeti
    and lol @ your husband checking your life insurance 🙂
    sweeti…I hope you have a beautiful week!

    Garry xox

  12. Newman says:

     fly in the glider…R U kidding me??
    I only see people do that in TV…now I can tell people I have one crazy friend doing it in july 6th  😉
    By the way,Spain win the game:p

  13. HEDGE says:

    that was an interesting soccer game!  quite the finale!  were you watching it?

  14. Isabelle says:

    Geeeez! Can’t wait for the pictures!!!!
    I don’t think I could get my a$$ in a glidder….
    Your husband LOL Well at least he is pragmatic!!! LOL!!!
    Just promise not to eat before you get in LOL!!!
    Enjoy your ride in the sky dear Sweeti…..this place is so near to heaven…..
    Take care,

  15. R U Serious says:

    First of all, Congratulations to Spain!!  Undefeated in the tournament!!
    The sad part about Bonnie was, not only was I laughing but I was also pointing!!  LOL!  Oh yeah….. and I *snorted* a few times too!
    NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) is a series of races held here!  Very popular!!  Sort of like Formula-1 racing but I like it better. I’ll email you a photo of the cars!
    The F-18’s are Awesome!!!!!   Have a GREAT week!!!!!

  16. Gunveen says:

    hmm 🙂 Yes.. dream r another cause for living.. eva felt u dint wanna dream anyday??hehe sometimes, in order to continue these dreams, i sleep alot hehhe!!

  17. Adrian says:

    Hi Sweeti, yes you’re so right…we have to take life moment by moment! 🙂 
    Oh…the Navy & Marines almost never take guests for rides in the F/A-18, only high ranking military personnel, politicians and some entertainers ( I know, it’s crazy)  The Russian Airforce allow rides to civilians in their MIG-29’s…for a fee of course! (about $15,0000 USD)…absolutely shameles (lol)
    Enjoy the moment,

  18. Marilena says:

    cool, you must be very excited! :Doh you must be very happy for Spain then 🙂

  19. charming says:

    Hi M
    Wow… this is great… and i’m so envey of you……
    Bring down some clouds….
    And did you check on Etinne’s Life insurance 🙂

  20. Adrian says:

    Hi,  yes the MIG flight is approx: $15,000 USD.  Not too long ago, a very rich American Aerospace Engineer paid $20million USD for a space flight with Russian Cosmonauts (True).  He trained with the Cosmonauts for nearly a year for the flight..
    You see.. the Russian Airforce & Space Program are ‘broke’!!
    Me I just trust God always.
    Happy mid-week to ya,

  21. sillygloop says:

    Didn’t catch the game…was catching up on Zs 🙂 With the paycheck taken by the Indian team, they should win every tournament n match they have to participate in. Hope they win this one since they let Pakistan win the earlier tournament in Bangladesh. Enjoy the flight during the weekend…my weekend starts in 12 hours 🙂

  22. Newman says:

    Hi Sweetigood to hear your flying plan:)So have U flied before? or it’s your first time?Oh no I’ve never done that,but I think it’d be funWalking,swimming and flying,how fantastic!have a nice day xxxRichard:)

  23. Newman says:

    I’m sure there’ll be sunny weatherU must have waited for it for such a long timewill U fly with your husband?Maybe U could take a camera with U and share your fly video with me?:)Fingers crossed for U xxxRichard:)

  24. ♥ Aimee says:

    well i am so excited for you…good luck…♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  25. Mr. Charlee Preston says:

    hmm the sun i remmember that, it”s cpld here in melbourne
    back of toooo my bean bag…

  26. Newman says:

    Trust meSunday will be a sunny day,that’s the reason we call it as Sun day teeheeI’ll take my telescope with me on SundayWhen U fly over my country don’t forget to say Hi,I can c U hehe
    fingers crossed,best wishes xxxRichard:)

  27. Elle says:

    Hi Sweeti!Glad to know that your flying adventure went well, it’s really nice to try new things. 🙂 Oh dear, it’s a shame that you can’t have a flight with your friend, I believe that he has his own reasons but I hope one day he will invite you as a special friend because I know that you have been so nice to him. 🙂 I still have to study a lot at the uni, it’s pretty tiring indeed and I’m kinda depressed at the moment but oh well, what about you? How is your day hun? And why did you count down the days? Where will you go? I wish you luck!Hugs,Elle

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