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Thursday  morning … My day off and i was lucky it was a sunny day around 28 degrees.So we wanted to go for a beach walk. The drive to the beach was one with a lot of sighs. First fill the tank  (  half our money gone … Continue reading

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The light blue vase

My sunday  ritual After  the sunday run  …and shower Foon talk  with my buddy Talking abt everything  we talked abt how lil things can mean so much in our life and then my projects in sri lanka came  back in my head ..I wanted  to share one of the most  beautiful moments I had … Continue reading

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My Tag

well  im not gonna send an invite to friends coz i know u all did it already  here i go   first hmmm well once i wrote 100 things abt myself,so i have an easy assignment now.   1.Im impulsiv.( and i mean  VERY impulsive) 2.Love  to make friends  … Continue reading

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To Love

  A Poem written  by a friend for his GF TX  PETY To Love   Among the roses a lilly fair  To thee my love to share  From thy eyes a love to seek  To fill this heart deep   … Continue reading

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My Glider adventure

Sunday morning First of all I had to call  the flying centre if the  gliders would go up to day. And  Good news  Yahooooooo Only a shower could spoil the fun. After a  light  lunch we drove to the flying area. … Continue reading

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Third anniversary

  Third anniversary  of my space   Today  is a  day  that i want to forget very fast In the morning  i was at office.  And  busy  with work all of a sudden  i could  not  see the difference between … Continue reading

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