Third anniversary

Third anniversary  of my space
Today  is a  day  that i want to forget very fast
In the morning  i was at office.  And  busy  with work all of a sudden  i could  not  see the difference between a comma  or a seven
so wierd. First  i thought its coz    my new pair of glasses i took  my old ones But still..couldnot see  clearly even i took them off
ad  i saw  a  glassy  kind of tornado   in my sight..I went  to at work  and my  blood pressure  was a bit  high.The pressure below  was over 100  Oeps…to much tension???dont know
so after 2 hours  i went to my family doctor…
he took the blood pressure again  and  it was  kind of normal  ..pfffffffff..and the  glassy tornado  was gone  to..But i was worried very much coz one  of my colleagues here  (former nurse) said  when u have  so much underpressure u can have  a brain attack.
And then my  bro in law came back in the picture…
And now  the positiv  things…
                                                                         Zon Zon Zon 
My blog is  3 years old…
and i was thinking  abt  the way  she  was created…
on a saterday  ….raining…and my friend  Duminda  and  Asela..helped  me a lot
they did  a lot of work  try this  …try  I was  just  a  beginner  Did  not know how things worked…
so  tx  Guys..
and same time i want to  say a  big Tx  to all my blogfriends  during these  3 years.
I dont gonna put names  here…coz  i dont want  toforget  a single one
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29 Responses to Third anniversary

  1. Princess says:

    Yo Sweeit! It sounds like u could have had a migraine! U can get a migraine(really, really bad headache), it can make u sick & affect you vision, u can get black spots, shimmery lines, or colour distortions  the migraine can be so severe that u don’t even feel the pain of the headache! weird I know! My hubs had one so bad, he couldn’t speak & lost the use of his right arm, they thought he had had a stoke. It turned out is had been a really severe migraine. Hisarm returned 2 normal the next day, but his speach took longr & he had 2 go 2 speech therapy 4 a bit. he’s perfectly fine now.
    Wow!! THREE Years! Congratulations I have managed a year & 4months so far! HOPE U HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND! Luv PF XXX

  2. HEDGE says:

    3 years is pretty good!   Now I’m hearing Bob Hope in my head, singing "Thanks … for the memories."    🙂

  3. freckles says:

    well happi birthday to you space !! hope it’s a good rest of day for you !! and take care bahppi~x~

  4. ♥ Aimee says:

    3 years is a long time…♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  5. Debbie says:

    Sweeti, I hope that you have a peaceful evening and don’t have anymore vision or bp issues!  I am thankful that I have you as a friend.  And I owe it all to our friend Captain Queege!  :0)  Have a wonderful weekend too!  Hugs, Deb

  6. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

                                                  Happy Birthday sweeti’s space
    For you…

    I’m very glad you’ve been here for three years
    before we became friends..I used to come here
    to read what you had blogged and..I was fascinated
    as I still am now
    Here’s to the next 3 years!
    sweeti..please try not to worry
    bp goes up and down at different times
    and has put a scare into me quite some time ago
    But..everything was ok
    Try to relax sweeti!
    And have a very beautiful weekend!
    Garry xox

  7. Nina says:

    Happy 3rd anniversary, Sweeti! Glad to be one of your new friends!
    Right now, I need to go to bed…I have been up since 3 a.m….so after 18 hours of being up and out to sea I am ready to go to bed! Take care of yourself! XXXD.D.

  8. Arun says:

    wat a coindence my bday is also on July 4
    i am 26 now :)) gettin older 😉

  9. Isabelle says:

    Happy Blodversary!!!!
    3 years geezzz that needs celebration.
    And I wish t take you for all the interesting things you right here!!!
    Sweeti, take good care of yourself! Too much blood pressure is not good so learn to relax and take it easy!!!
    Blessings and Hugs,

  10. Princess says:

    Yo Sweeti! Thanks 4 ur lovely comment 2 my space. Aaaaw hope u are feeling bit beeter 2day, if it was migraine, u can have a day or 2 of feeling groggy & tired. There are tablets u can buy from the Pharmacy that u can take at he first signs of a migraine attack…might be handy 2 buy some & keep them in ur purse. An early warning sign b4 the headache starts can be the affected vision in ur eyes. If u take the tablets at this point u can stop the migraine from coming altogether. Big Hugs 2u, Hope u have a Great Saturday! Luv PF XXX

  11. Princess says:

    YoSweeti! Well here they are called "Migraleve" There is 2 colours of tablets in them Pink & yellow…One of the colour u take when u feel a Migraine coming on or u have warning signs like the visual warning signs & the other u take if the Migraine has already started. Hope this is of some help. I 2 get Migraines, but luckily only about 4 a year! Sorry I didna mention wot the tablets were the first time, I didna think thy wud be the same name over there, so didna want 2 confuse u. Luv PF XXX

  12. Newman says:

    Congratualtions! I’ve also run my space for over 2 and half yearBut I deleted it for’m sorry to know what happend to your eyesU must be too nervous,it’s nature feeling which could happen to anyoneIf I’m going to fly my blood pressure would also be highJust drink more water,listen to soft music,sleep early and ready for the flight
    Trust me,U’ll be fineYeah U will fly like Superman wooohooo~~~Enjoy it xxxRichard:)Let me check my watch..hmmm,22:28 pm Saturday night here:)

  13. HEDGE says:

    Yup, I’m a pretty patient guy, most of the time 😉   Have fun flying in a glider!  You’ll have fun!  Flying is great fun!  🙂

  14. Jorge says:

    Seems like you and I started blogging around the same time. I’m glad we connected, and have kept up our visits. I hope you are well, though I would agree with yoour nurse friend that your sypmtoms deserve further evaluation. Best wishes,

  15. Michiko's says:

    Happy the anniversary of blogging to you that last long times ha ha ah
    mines coming around soon too. 
    your eyes ..I’m glad it’s okay now….
    I wondering that must be a little nerves that even you don’t noticed youself????  
    I do thinking of on sunday 3-30pm …how are you feelling about these days?

  16. Michiko's says:

    I fogot tell you that tonight the mens tennis final there I go to watch on the TV lol!
    I didn’t enjoy the womens tennis so much so I din’t watch that all and you do know why? 
    Good luck tomorrow!

  17. Elle says:

    Hi Sweety!Happy anniversary to your blog! Wow, it’s so cool that you have been keeping this space for such a long time, that’s wonderful, I bet you have so many stories to share here and it’s really nice to read them all. By the way, I read this blog and I hope you’ll take good care of yourself, I really don’t want you to have a brain attack, always remember that health is the most important thing. :)So today you went flying? How was it? You made me jealous lol! Did you take some pics?x0x0xHave a lovely week ahead!Elle

  18. Michiko's says:

    I’m not happy right now, Roger is loosing and they are stop to play because of rains 3.00am early morning ….
    Good luck this afternoon, have fun see you later.

  19. Ann says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    I saw your comments at Michiko’s place. Happy anniversary on your blog. I just celebrated my third year!

  20. HEDGE says:

    hey there!  sounds like you had a great time up in the air!  very cool!  looking forward to seeing pictures from up in the glider.   and i’m still smiling over at this end — i’m actually a big smiler here in canada  :))

  21. charming says:

    Yes those two guys showed me the blog world and made me interested in them.  I got to know about you also through their blogs and i always thanks them for that. 

  22. Isabel says:

    Hey Sweeti!
    HAPPY ANIVERSARY!!! it has almost the same age than mine!!!
    I thank you too for existing and beeing there those 3 years-!
    As you know I live alone and my space friends have been my company at home!
    Well the weather here in Cascais hasnt been that good…so we go south part of the week!
    South beaches are realy good and the sun is realy hot there.:-)
    Are you going the Sri Lanka this year?
    lots of love from Isa

  23. Isabel says:

    Sweeti…regarding the high pressure…dont eat salty things and avoid coffee.
    Also if you can have a quarter of aspirin per day it will prevent strokes….
    Take it easy dear friend!!!

  24. Michiko's says:

    Thank you for so many visits I was stupidity enough staid up to all night till 6-30am this morning to watched the tennis LOL!
    when you sent me hello from you and your hubby then after that Roger’s is doing very well lol!
    I’m grumpy an old woman the all days, because my favorites Roger’s has lost form the championships ha ha ha
    In the way I’m glad finished all the golf and Tennis on the TV…..
    Last Friday I went to my younger son’s home, his wife Mum from New Zealand visit for two weeks, it was lovely to see Millie too.
    she has growing 4 month old there I was holding her for about half hour and I had sore back today….unuseal physical exercise?  
    What is about you?  I hope you are having some rest?  Poor your hubby it must be a lot of headache to watching you up in the skies…..
    Hopefully all we have peaceful time.
    Love xxxooo 

  25. sillygloop says:

    Keep the tension down and relax. Hope it wasn’t cricket that caused it…maybe it was India losing another final 🙂 Keep sharing your words and wisdom…blog on!

  26. mary says:

    Happy anniversary…glad to see you are still enjoying the blogging…I love it but sometimes my passion and energy is elsewhere and the pressure does not allow me to blog as much as I would like….hope your health is back to normal…take it easy and enjoy the beautiful summer!

  27. HEDGE says:

    good to see your pictures in the glider!  hey everybody!  sweetie is in the air!  woohoo!

  28. sara says:


  29. Karolyn says:

    Hey Sweeti,
    Happy anniversary!  In the time I have been reading your blog, you have certainly raised some interesting topics!
    Please take care of yourself, thoughts are with you!
    Karolyn 😉

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