Thursday  morning …Open mond
My day off and i was lucky it was a sunny day around 28 degrees.So we wanted to go for a beach walk.Zon
The drive to the beach was one with a lot of sighs. First fill the tank  (  half our money gone U know its  a very expensive thing these days keep ur car running)  and as it was a sunny day we drove with  Top off..( the car  Not me)
sun glasses . and  here we goooooooooo…Yahoo.
Traffic jam …  and traffic jam … and traffic jam   I think whole Belgium was there.But as we heard on the radio there had been a serious accident on another highway to the beach a  Truck loaded with hydrochloric acid ( the driver  was drunk)  The  material was all over the road. It took 9 hours  (  all day) when the road  was clear again. So all the traffic was directed  to the  highway we were on..
so we arrived with a lil delay,but who cares.No parking probs   so that  was  a piece of luck…Hmmmm the beach was loaded with ppl.
I like  more  the deserted beaches.But that wish is a bit to high asked these it  was awesome..and it felt good..It  was wierd to see so much kids  with grandparents. and then we went  for a lil drink  on the boulevard..and what did i see??? a lot of bikes..awesome sight  though.Those Harley  machines..Super
and i wanted  a pic of course.Normally those  Bike  riders  dont want any one to touch their  child….But  i asked  and he said  Sure..!!! I think that guy  was  a bit proud 
 i choose  his bike  to take a pic..with..
Later in the evening  we  drove home  ..tired  but  fullfilled…

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31 Responses to Beach

  1. Princess says:

    Yo Sweeti! wow! u lucky thing being able 2 go 2 the beach! It is boiling hot here in England, but we can’t complain as it appears Smmer has finally come! Hope u have a great resta Saturday!Luv PF XXX

  2. Nina says:

    I am envious of all the great weather you are having over there…It is not so here! Your gas prices are double what we pay!!! YIKES!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Hugs, Nina

  3. sara says:

    wow!can i came with u to the beach..tomorrow?! i love the sea!!!i must drive for 4hours from my town if i want to swim in the sea!!!bye dear and shake ur the water too!!!baci

  4. Arctic says:

    sweetie, what a sweet music!
    i got big pictures, all of them by open them in new windows, what lovely pictures they are! especiall that you are on the big bike with a turning postures:) they tell me you have had very happy day.
    ppl in south like  you can enjoy beach in sunshine, what i can enjoying in summer is riding and seeking animals.
    today the weather turned out to be differenct with forecast, it is cloundy now with shower,  but i can’t stay in home, i will go, i must go far away from town look for Sandhill Cranes, i didn’t get good picutures last sunday, but the weather will get worse, so i must go again,i felt i have been addictive to those creatures.
    enjoy beach and sunshine when they are available, i’d to go now.
    polar hugs:)

  5. sara says:

    i have read "thousand shining stars" :it’s a very good book! i will soon read the kite runner…but don’t BAMBAREN!!
    ;))) ciaooooo

  6. Adrian says:

    The beach walk sounds good, I love the beach!  Oh, I have been known to ‘shake it’ occasionally! (lol)  Have a great Saturday afternoon.

  7. sara says:

    SERGIO BAMBAREN is a bookwriter all the book that i MUST read…

  8. Jorge says:

    Any day at the beach is a good day! Glad you had a good time, and got to see a snazyy Harley to boot. Be well,

  9. Newman says:

    Hi MJ it must be an exciting trip isn’t it:) Glad to know U got lots of fun there,and Thursday is perfect day for holidays.At here on weekends every park’s full of ppl,not to mention
    Enjoy your Sunday xxx

  10. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    You having a good time at the beachs but as you said quite an expensive gas to get there… but worht doing that ….
    I’m glad to hear top off your cars not yours PLEASE DON"T DO THAT, you might have on the local news paper…ha ha ha
    The Motor Bikes when I was younger I used to ride for awhile just likes normal bike but I start thinking IF I fall down?? ..thinking hard and not do again then I stopped. Not only my thought it more my parents decisions lol!
    In here we having miserable cold rained days for a week and our golf course are closed but I don’t complained after all the dry hot weather we did had in the last summers. we needed the more rainning for my gardens???? ha ha ha
    The meantime off and on I find spend time in my garden and I had been working hard for pruning roses and hydrangas..after that my hand was sored but I enjoying doing that plus family get together and went to see the movies with friend MA-MA MIA was good one. without golfing my tummy is getting HEAVIER so I having exercise(used exercise tools) in garage for an hourslol! 
    Have a great day,

  11. sara says:

    goodmorning dear!at what time is the appointament for the beach today?!!  here in the sky there are clouds and sometimes a little bit of ray of sun 😦 and there is more humidity)
    can u give me an advice plz?where can i found the songs to put in my space (windows media player)?i’m looking for to put a song  from many times but i don’t know how..let me know with calm
    have a good sunday,today here we eat meat and mush (click on mush for to see)a typical food of my town.i’m curios<and i like to eat (!),so wich is a typical food of belgium?

  12. Enter says:

    Nice outing…a day at the beach is always relaxing.
    Public security in India is a joke and virtually non-existent. It’s so pathetic that some terrorist outfits find it beneath their dignity to target the public in India…when politicians can be targetted why target the common man? 🙂 Anyway, one has to take the usual precautions of avoiding crowded places, and sadly need to avoid public transport when possible since those can be easily targetted. Otherwise, life goes on…

  13. sillygloop says:

    Weekend’s off but then I use my office as my living room sometimes just going there to watch movies, listen to songs, browse the net or simply to relax 🙂

  14. Elle says:

    Hi Marijke!It’s so nice to know that you enjoyed the beach that much, I read your blog and you seem so happy, it makes me happy too. (: And your pics look really cool, thanks for sharing!How are you doing? For me yesterday I went to the dentist again, now I feel so terrible. *sigh* But apart from that everything is fine, what about you?Hugs,Elle

  15. Adrian says:

    Yes, it’s an awesome song. I think it has a gypsy / native american flavor…love it! 🙂  The music is by Yanni ( composer, arranger & music director…he is the one with the long hair between the keyboard(s))  The musicians are ‘session’ players etc…
    Have a wonderful summer Sunday evening.

  16. Michiko's says:

    HI Sweeti san,
    This morning I found my little note book then I discoved that you were on first my friends lists.
    I’m sorry, I’ve add your name….It doesn’t matter to our friendship…but I thought I’ve done right things.
    Have a great week ahead,
    LOve xxxxoo 

  17. sara says:

    …well…the brown thing that u see on the mush is .. a bird!!!but i don’t like it ..i prefer eat …rabbit!!!sorry if i hurt u,but every country got his kind of food!….baci baci

  18. Newman says:

    Hi MJ,today’s an ok day for me,nothing special just like others.Glad I’m home now haha
    Wish U a nice day xxx

  19. charming says:

    Hi M, Sound so great…i don’t understand why ppl like beaches so much.  I always love mountains and jungles.  But i enjoy beaches also.  BRChamaree

  20. Enter says:

    Yes, when terror hits home, the commute could become a death trap. Have started taking the autorickshaw and near empty buses when I go to work and use the company cab to drop me home while returning – might use the company cab for going to office in case the situation worsens. Using ones’ own vehicle is an option but then that would add to the traffic on the roads and I’ve been looking to avoid that if I can.
    That dress called veshti is not something I usually wear to work…it was on the occassion of Diwali when employees are expected to come in ethnic wear 🙂 Usually, it’s trousers and shirts as usual with smart casual wear being the norm.
    Hope the week’s a good one!

  21. Isabel says:

    Hellooo Sweet Marij!!

    How are you?
    I am sorry it took me so long to reply!
    I had my Tibetan friends here and I was sooo busy!
    I was not at home and I was checking the mail from another pc!
    Now I will go on Vacations but will check the mail and my space once in a while!
    Hope you understand…Oh well its Summer!!!
     I miss all my cyber friends and I have not forgoten you!
    Lots of love from Isa

  22. Adrian says:

    Well, here’s sending you some Sun from the "Sunshine State" of Florida! 🙂
    Warm hugs,

  23. sara says:

     here is warm too : 33°c …my brain is friend..and there is much humidity…so is full of  mosquitos !ahhhh!!!!what a itch!!!!

  24. Jill says:

    Hi Sweeti

    how are you?
    sorry I haven’t been around much at the moment, I have been busy with my new blogger account
    And my drawings

    Bought this one round for you for being a friend xoxo

  25. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Hallo Marijke ! X
    hoe gaat’t er mee? Met mij gaat ‘t goed 🙂
    De reis was heel erg leuk. ‘t Zwarte Woud is een mooi gebied. Zoals je waarschijnlijk wel op de foto’jes kunt zien 😉
    & Heb jij al vakantie gehad? Hoe was ‘t tot nu toe?
    Heeft ‘t daar ook zo gedondert bij jullie vannacht? Amai, wat een weer zeg !!
    Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jes

    BabyEvelyne [♥]

  26. sara says:

    ops!yesterday i woulded to write that my brain is "fried"..and not friend!! weel i will follow ur advice: i put my head in the refrigerator..with mine t-shirt too!!!it’s  a good expedient!!! i need spriiiingtime!
    good evening dear!

  27. Elle says:

    Hi Marijke!How are you doing? Thanks for telling me everything about your Sunday, for me I think it was so famtastic. Anyway what happened to that serious talk? Hopefully everything is solved. My teeth are better now thanks for caring, have you ever get your teeth removed?Take care!Elle

  28. Mr. Charlee Preston says:

    HELLO chicka… blush, well yes i am beautiful. a beautiful MALE pomeranian chihuahua!

  29. fish says:

    what`s up
    come and say hi

  30. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heeey’kes Marijke ! X
    ooh da’s ook leuk 😀 Heb je eigenlijk kinderen?
    Haha, dat kan gebeuren, hé. Heb je de donder vannacht gehoord? Nu mag ‘t wel gaan stoppen, zenne. ‘k Ben er  wel niet bang van, maar je kunt niks doen met dat weer, want alles moet uit. ‘k Heb gistern dan een beetje liggen lezen in m’n bed :-p
    Ben je ook al in ‘t Zwarte Woud geweest?
    Een prettig weekend !
    Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jes

    BabyEvelyne [♥]

  31. Enter says:

    Yeah…wasn’t a good day for bears!
    I guess we do our best work when we’re comfortable and I would have it no other way…if only I get a laptop and permision to work from the beach with a tall cool glass of juice and hot snacks to boot with a cool breeze and lovely but not too hot sunshine and lot of good lookig…okay…will stop here before my employer decides on the transfer order 🙂
    Have a gr8 weekend!

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