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My CAt Chica

My cat was my inspiration to write… Last evening i invited  the neighbours for a BBQ.It was warm weather since  months. So it was  now or never. I think whole Belgiumand the Netherlands took de  BBQ out of the  gardenhouse  for the … Continue reading

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Dont know whats going on with me. I want to write  But dont know abt what. Normally i dont have probs with that.. Maybe  the fact i work from january…till now….Oh yes i had  4 days  Ardens      thats it…I … Continue reading

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Did U ever

Did u ever feel used??

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The Ardens4 days ..hmmWe stayed  in a nice hotel  I think we are there for the 12th time..Maybe more.The owners know us  by now.and we have always the same room.And the roof is  partial of glass..But no stars…damn…i  wanted  to … Continue reading

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busy busy busy

Hi Guys….Give me some time.  Im extremily busy. I will visit  u as soon as possible..

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Im leaving for a 4 days trip to the Ardens ..a lil village called Rochehaut. we stay  in a lil hotel…with an awesome  bathroom  and the bedroom  has  a  glass roof….Hope there are no clouds,so we can see the stars. … Continue reading

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When u miss

Is it wrong to miss a friend……. Go on with ur life….Forget…  Easy    Isn’t it??? good advise  from friends. They mean well. I know.   well  Wrong…. It hurts…  a lot. Time will heal . Oke…time     ….   Hurry  Plz..   … Continue reading

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