I want u to meet my cat .
u see her in her favorit position…..snoring……..

diversen  maart 2007 158

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29 Responses to Chica

  1. DANA says:

    Awww kitty kitty, so sweet. Bella tries to be upside down as you can see in her picture but her tail is too floofy and gets in her way.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Oh what a beautiful kitty and she looks so comfy…adorable!

  3. charming says:

    No Price Charming to wake up the sleeping beauty?Cha

  4. sara says:

    uuuuuuu!verrrrrry cute!!

  5. Marilena says:

    lol! how cute!

  6. Princess says:

    Yo MJ! Aaaaaw she is sooo sweet! Hope u have a great day 2day, it’s chucking it down here, grey & miserable, hope ur weather is a bit better! Luv PF XXX

  7. freckles says:

    aw she is so sweet – i am trying to find a kitten to come live at our house- think it’s the wrong season tho ? have a great day~x~

  8. ╰☆Chloe☆╮ says:

    ^^Hello Chica~~~
    I remembered that "chica" in spainsh means girl.Is it right?

  9. sillygloop says:

    Isn’t that a fave position for most of us 🙂

  10. deepu says:

    i too have my fav place … but no snoring 🙂
    eii you got another space as well? i tried there, unable to drop in ….

  11. Trouble says:

    What a cutie pie!!I would love to sleep in that position all the time! 😛

  12. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heey’kes Marijke ! X
    ‘k kwam net zeggen dat ‘t mailke verstuurd was naar jou, maar ‘k zie net dat je ‘t al gezien hebt & ‘t je ook aardig gelukt is om m’n instructies te volgen.
    Proficiat !! Vind je ‘t mooi?
    Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jes

  13. Zeynep says:

    Awww, beautiful picture! Lovely catttt!!!! xx

  14. Carlos says:

    G’Day MJ,
    Very cute cat and I bet that it is very spoiled by the owner ;). Thanks for participating in my Christmas event I just placed in my table as "Marijke" and I hope that I got your name right lol. have a lovely day!
    Hugs from devil’s land

  15. Ray says:

    About time I got to see Chica, has big paws, our cat likes to sleep too!

  16. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Chica…my darling
    It is I..   Little Boy..your lover
    now kiss me you fool

    Hi sweeti!
    lol I see Chica’s got a new boyfriend 🙂
    she’s beautiful
    that’s also L.B.’s favourite position
    Here’s hoping you have a great evening!
    Garry xox
    p.s. your new banner looks great!

  17. Isabel says:

    Hello Sweeti!
    Omg I love that cat! So cute!
    You know I lost my puppy again…-(
    So finaly your space its black!! Looks realy great!~
    Hows the weather in Belgium?
    Here its cold but sunny.
    I dont know what makes this summer i only know that its like that since I was young…
    Lots of love from Isa

  18. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Ooh dat is echt goed gelukt, hé 😀 Ben fier *hihi*
    ‘k Kom deze week zeker nog langs om comment te antwoorden, maar nu heb ‘k even geen tijd. ‘k Sta ook wel achter, wegens omstandigheden, maar ja…
    Tot snel !
    Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jes

  19. sillygloop says:

    I wouldn’t know for sure since I’ve not heard my snores 🙂

  20. Ruma says:

     I feel jealous of your cat!! It’s been ages since I could take time off like that!! Talk about catnaps!!
    Lovely pic….lovely cat….you must be a proud owner!
    Bye…n take care! Love, Ruma.

  21. Lauren says:

    Hey, AGAIN. seems i never learn. still rather tardy with my visits. anyhoo, ust be off. and just when i find the time to visit…

  22. Enter says:

    Here u go 🙂

  23. charming says:

    Hi M, New colour and the banner is great…If Chica’s and Garry’s cats wedding need any bridesmaids, I can provide two…Our two Nickys..Just imagine Chica is in a veil and Garry’s cat in a blazer and tie and our two nickys are in bridesmaid’s dresses 🙂 LOLI feel like gigling…Cha

  24. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Hi my dear friend ! X
    today I visit you to wish you a nice weekend 🙂

    Can you please place a vote @
    Best Poetry : Noelle ( Thought Provoking: Greg (
    Best Music/Video: BabyEvelyne (
    Thanks !
    Hughs & x-x-x

  25. Enter says:

    CEOs simply seem like titular heads with no idea of what is going on, and who make statements that send the stock nosediving 🙂

  26. deepu says:

    heyyy i thought some poeple dont get old … in thier heart!
    yess, cook isnt back yet.. we are looking for someone … know about someone? hehe

  27. Arctic says:

    Sorry i did come earlier, beautiful picuter, this change of dark background gets this light color pic more outstanding, seems a very comfortable position for her.

  28. Michiko's says:

    She is gorgeous! isn’t she? it seems nothing worry about anythings thats lucky cat’s ….
    It was good seen well looks after Miss Catts LOL!
    I hope your computer is back to working?
    Big Hugs,

  29. Savannah-Joan says:

    Hello again. s sorry 4 i have taken a while 2 et bak 2 u. i havexams soon so busy gettin ready 4 them. studiyng @ friends houese. whellt htat wat i told my grandparents 😛
    how r u? will try 2 B less tardy wif my visits from now on
    enjoy ur week.

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