Tx Anthony Conrad

I have been tagged  by AC
So here i go



# piercings = 4    Haha  only  2 in each ear…Not what u think  LOL

# tattoos = 1

height = 1.63   cm…

hair color = brown

siblings = one bro  one sis

children = 0

How old do you look = 45???

How old do you act = im still  in my puberty  lol

How old do you feel = 20

Do you have any pets = a cat



movie you rented = i watch tv  we can  watch movies  on request 

movie you bought = the Contract ( Morgan Freeman and Cusack)

song you listened to = The Afterglow  on my space INXS

song that was stuck in your head = Touch me and i will follow  ( the Afterglow)

cd you bought = Metallica

tv show you’ve watched = hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.



you have a secret crush = u bet

you wish you could live somewhere else = Yes! Sri LANKA.

you think about suicide = Never

you believe in online dating = Nope  Its all fake

others find you attractive = I dont know… U tell me.!!!..

you like cleaning = Yes WHat??  did i write this..Well i like everything to be clean indeed  But cleaning!????

you like roller coasters =  The Crazier the BEtter



long distance relationships = it Works  for a while

using someone =  worst thing  a person can do..t

smoking = Feel free.  But i dont like to  be around when u do.

Death penalty = if a guy  rapes  a  kid   I say  KILLL



ever lied to someone? = Sure

ever been in a fist fight? = no….

ever passed out on a street from drinking too much?  = oepsiedaisy  Hmmmmm..

ever told someone you loved them when you didnt? = No

ever cheated on a lover/spouse? = is someone  reading this???

ever cheated on a test? = Never..Im to scared   



shoes do you wear most= My black boots…High heels

are you scared of = Nothing..Till  last week  when i slipped to a pole on an icy road

do you want to be when you grow up =Jesus  Im grown up

is your least favorite chore to do = making dinner  O rit  that not  a chore.???

makes you the happiest = When my  close friends are happy  and thats something i mean

upsets you the most =  Close friendships  that ends without any good reason

always makes you smile = when i see  a person i love



of times I have been in love = cant count  Its to much… 

of hearts I have broken = 1

of people I can trust with my life with = hmmm really dont know..

of times my name has appeared in the newspaper = in the magazin at work…coz of my projects

of scars on my body = 3

of things in my past that I regret = tusting  a friend.

of times I told people I loved them today = zero  Should i do it??



pretty = not  that much

funny = well  i feel funny

friendly = always

amusing = they call me  mrs Bean

ugly = maybe my back side

loveable = 200%

caring = Yes

sweet = Yes

sensative = Tooooo sensitive

a putz =  No

mean = I  never hurt a person intentionatly



6 letter word = sweeti Haha  i copied Conrad

Candy = all kinds of sweets

Cartoon = old  ones

Cereal = i dont eat that healthy

Color = Black

Day of week = Sunday

Season = Summer

Movie = Wild Orchid

Book = The White Masai  woman

TV Channel = im not  that much watching tv



Slept in your bed with you = my husband  haha

Saw you cry = My colleagues at office

Made you cry =  that friend  that said goodbye

Yelled at you = Cant remember  I think  its been ages 

Smiled at you = my hairdresser this morning

Kissed you = oHHHHHHHHHHHH Let me see…



Gone out in public in your pajamas =  Im nota n idiot

Kept a secret from everyone = sure

Wished you were the opposite sex = Yes   Even this morning   with the hairdresser  lol

Maybe  the wierd idea  to feel  what a man feels  with  a woman haha

Stolen someones newspaper =  what a question

Borrowed something never meaning to return it =  Jesus  these questions  are getting worse

Had sex with some one of the same sex =  Will i try??



Do you believe in love at first sight = Certainly

Most important quality to you in a relationship is = Love and be loved  and keep the fire burning from both sides

Who loves you most = haha   i wont tell



Do you speak any other languages = Dutch Spanish  German  French

Last flavor you tasted = chocolate mousse

Last noise you heard = My cat wanting to come inside the house

Last smell you sniffed = coffe

Last meal you ate = Lunch

Last beautiful thing you saw = The pic of  the twins  of our sri lankan friends

Last emotion you felt = being loved

Favorite item in your home = My White  leather  couch

Worst feeling in the world = Being used



I Love … to be loved

I Miss … Friends

I Wish …i was somewhere else now

I Hope …that  my dream  will come true

I Want … not much  Just ….

I am …who i am   

I need …a plane   

I’d rather die than lick … Oepsie   Ur Ass  (  forgive me my words  LOL YAhooooooooooooo

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22 Responses to Tx Anthony Conrad

  1. Project says:

    Wow! What a questionaire!Don’t think of me for sure since I only do government-commanded ones..and..I did plenty of them too…fifty? Or more.I got in lots of trouble for one thing…and only new stuff by the way. I had to "explain it to them" is all to get away…it was easy for me.But hey girl…"threaten" means I’m not going to do it, but simply "want to."I can’t even shut my computer off if my girls didn’t have it all automated for old dad…that’s me. I can’t imagine changing anything on my own, and not here for "friends" anyway..exactly.Remember this honey?…I am only here to discuss [for this last four years] my water power ideas.The actual power exists at all times, and only the public’s opinion was necessary for me since I was six and first saw the film of compressed water that also showed it to be very dangerous material.However, it had been filmed in the thirties or fourties and that accident never duplicated again.The film was lost even until the late eighties, or at least gone off of telelvision from 1952 until then.So now, I am getting the film clip that shows 300 volumes [+] of water coming out of a six-foot sphere without a doubt to any viewer.Nobody cared, and was exactly what I needed to know before proceeding myself with a Youtube release for shaking up the whole world.I will send you a link to that film when I have it up, and you can send a really cool "chain letter" of deep importance.Cold power is now in and saleable. Free power is even more desireable than it was when I was growing up, and they trashed my development ideas as "not necessary."Well? What if their "hot engines" melt the place down?My motors will cool as they run…forever. And more of course.But yes, you have me.I will have incoming "conversations" from that Youtube link, and all will at least "be interested" in what I am interested in.And your own Country will develop right away..or..as we pig farmers say, "you’ll be sucking hind tit" on global power forms and motors.So yeah, all of that is David’s "little war" that I’m waging as I am not all that friendly personally..oh well..love me or get out are my thoughts.Except to my good cat that is. I don’t have to even ask…just look at him and he meows and heads for my lap. Smart guy indeed since the food is mine.David.

  2. Arctic says:

    you know Sweetie, i enjoyed your music while reading this joyful questionaire. it outlines a lovely Sweetie more clearly,hehehe.and thank for your dropping by, and end of the year is fast coming, lots stuff need to be done, as you have seen, day and night is alway confusion when are in day, i am in night, and when you are in night i should be in days but it doesnt like, hahaha, luckly we have 24 hrs system, otherwise i would mess up. kidding. actually i never confused from this aspect. have a good weekend!wolf.

  3. Jorge says:

    Gosh, I learned a lot about you here, or at least of the person you want to be 🙂 Be well,J.

  4. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,Aren’t lucky to have all these questions? I enjoyed read yours as sametime I don’t want to passt me lol!I knew you are honest person that your answer’s hasn’t change for a last three year that’s a good Sweeti !Enjoy your day,Michiko

  5. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heey’kes Marijke !ja, dat heb ‘k ook al gemerkt, maar daar heb ‘k ondertussen al iets op gevonden.Als je comment geschreven hebt & je besluit om naar je eigen space terug te gaan, dan moet je bovenaan in je takenbalk op ’t pijltje vorige drukken. (staat bij mij links naast de adressenbalk)Fijne zondag (of wat er nog van rest)Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jesBabyEvelyne

  6. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    p;s;: waar ‘k wel een probleem mee heb is m’n vriendenlijst bekijken. Dat blijkt niet meer zoals vroeger te gaan & ‘t beweert zelfs dat ‘k geen vrienden heb. Als ‘k dan probeer op andere spaces, bepaalde vrienden toe te voegen, blijken ze dan m’n vriend te zijn, maar kan ‘k via m’n vriendenlijst er niet aan. Dat vind ‘k wel niet fijn 😦

  7. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Hallo Marijke ! Xhehe, veel geluk met ’t uitproberen ;-)Sorry maar heb vandaag 2x een comment geschreven. De 2de maal was ivm m’n vriendenlijst. Moest ’t gwn even kwijt aan je…Ja, uwe grote vriend komt geregeld bij me langs. ‘k Hou ’t puur bij gesprekken over ’t weer (gelijk ze zeggen) & ga niet te diep in op andere onderwerpen. Wil niet weer zoiets meemaken zoals in ’t verleden.Ja, voor mij is ’t deze week werken geblazen. Ben vorige week maar 2 dagen gaan werken & de rest had ‘k verlof :-p Moet ook kunnen, toch? Spijtig dat dat zo rap voorbij gaat, maar ja…Dikke Knuff BabyEvelynehttp://musicfreakske.spaces.live.com

  8. charming says:

    Hi MI really enjoyed reading this…And, I am still so much confused with the new layout, can’t get into other’s spaces :)I am very slow when it comes to technology.Love and hugsCha

  9. Trouble says:

    wow! i enjoyed reading all this info about you, Sweeti! :)guess it’s a good way to know yourself and let others know about u 😀

  10. Project says:

    Cleaning? I was a janitor of even medical laboratories…and now I won’t clean anything but by being whipped into it….the final answer is the real one.

  11. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heey’kes Marijke ! Xvoilà, si m’n 1ste werkdag van de week zit er al weer op. Da gaat toch rap, hé…Ja, de Pappenheimers volg ‘k soms wel eens, maar ‘k vind da wel enorm moeilijk. Wij zijn normaal geen één-kijkers, maar aangezien er nie zoveel op tv is & volgen m’n ma & ik nu De Slimste Mens. ‘k Kijk vooral voor Koen Wauters (die er nu nog nie in zit) *haha*Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jesBabyEvelyne

  12. deepu says:

    lol.. ohh this is a pretty long one .. ohhyes i remember you are growing young! hehe …so no wonder you take the xtra pain to amuse urself hehe ..oh u speak four languages! God!!

  13. Project says:

    He want’s outside where it’s freezing at 24 degrees F….I am too hot is what is going on with him.So he also want’s his head rubbed three times per day at least whether I am sick or not..but knows I am sick and changes his habits tells me that….a smart cat that get birds and mice all of the time and likes them better than the "cereal" they put out for cats…"meow-mix" it’s called.Mine only meows when he wants in or out…and funny, I can hear him when I am asleep even and have to get up no matter what since we are friend with an agreement about this place.He thinks it is his for instance and I am like, "the gatekeeper" or "doorman."At 99 degrees plus…I’m still putting out too much heat, and when I finally poop, I will be down to 122 pounds…wow…a record drop.I figured two pounds of poop of course….love you..David.

  14. Isabel says:

    Hello MJ!So are you liking the new spaces?Well I dont…I started to like and as im using things i notice its so much more hard to do anything even navigate!!!It took me forever to update…to make an album Oh God I hate it!!Anyway I am passing by to wish you a lovely week!!Ah that tag…courageous girl!! you did it!!:-)Lots of love from Portugal

  15. Carlos says:

    G’Day MJ,I was very entertained reading about you 🙂 Wow you speak spanish lol Spacing by to say Hi and wish you a lovely day!Hug & kisses from devil’s landCarloshttp://carloscoolcorner.spaces.live.com

  16. Project says:

    Hey..they found a fully intact wooly mammoth baby frozen in the glacial ice last week.Watch for the proverbial "Jurassic Park" results soon…if they tell us that is….DW.

  17. Marina says:

    Woow, it’s so intersting to read such personal information about somebody 🙂 I loved the last one))))) Have a great week!

  18. Project says:

    Ha ha…I just now "jumped out of bed" to let my cat out…he makes me mad by clawing on the arms of the couch I sleep on to make me wake up.But it only makes me mad when he does that so that I wake up and go to the door where he stands, but when I open it and he smells the frozen air…he won’t go out and retreats back to my desk chair.So then when I am almost back to sleep…he will do it again and as then "mad," I yell at him "I am throwing you out!"So he jumps back while I jump up and he hides on the other side of my coffee table next to my bed. Then I start growling like a disturbed lion and go to the door and yank it open…he dives for the door like black lightning.Like ten minutes ago…then want’s back in when he gets too cold…like in an hour.By then, I am sitting here, my tv news is on, my lights, and my coffee is hot…at 4:30 AM every night..day for me at that point…I am up early or "early start" is what I write of it.And sure…burning a candle can never harm anyone….there is much to that idea with a long history of results that can’t be explained.But I am alive because God makes alive and makes dead….not me or any thing else.And when I am really bad sick like this last episode?I relax and get ready to go…but..instead, I heal up like magic each time, and only I don’t seem surprised….doctor alway thinks I was going to die but didn’t….so far.I "can’t go" until "he" decides is what I know, but can’t prove. Don’t try either.And when he comes back to the door to scratch once and meow once?He forgets an hour ago no matter what….I learn that true vision for myself from him too.So he crawls up on my lap cold..and crawls off a half hour later too hot again..purring.He is lazy for sure, but likes me more than anybody.They who are "with you" are the ones who like you…always.But thanks.And..I think I have been led to the right film on the compressed water example on an old Navy film I mentioned.The reccommendation comes from the television station manager, but he is not sure…so I bought it and it will be sent to me today the order’s confirmation said in last night’s email….good?It saves the world is what I know of that strange condition it shows on that film.If it is the right one, I will only show it to my internet friends first or point them to it for knowing of it while I decide "what next" to do….like you for instance.The one he said he thought was it?It is called "Underwater Dream Machines," and about a new type of ocean submersible…the man died at the finish of it, and it’s for sale unused…for lots.It is "#NovaA489" for pulling it up with a computer to see parts of it, and some transcript…I don’t know how so I bought it from Barnes and Noble bookstores yesterday by "order and pay now" for it.Mail comes at noon, sooooo? Truly, if it get’s here by today as the note said?That is impossible since it comes from across the Country….meaning..they would hand-deliver as a special deal…only the government can arrange that is true..and only by military jet.Sooooo, who all knows of me? Everybody here for sure it seems to me.Love you,David.

  19. Project says:

    I don’t know how to do that..but..it was featured on MSN’s home page on Saturday.It is on the far upper-left, and a little video square with a picture of it on a cart that says "very little," and is short.I couldn’t get the text to apppear either or I would have more written more down on it.I wanted to know "what glacier" exactly and so forth…and also…"who has it now?"So looking up archives on MSN’s main page is another thing I don’t know how to do.Come to think of it, all I can do is type letters and send them…and these "instant link" systems like blogs.But my cat is back in…forgets everything but getting rubbed…and..he licks the bottom of my right arm if I type instead of tickle his ears and head….and…he don’t know what I am typing either…good.His meow becomes like a complaint…"pet me."In three more minutes…he will be too hot and jump down…I have to be careful that I step over his sprawled-out body when I get up….he don’t even move knowing I am like a cat…like him in fact.I know where my feet are going to be at least for "being here now" that I practice.One should see only "this sunshine" not yesterday’s rains when the sun is now shining…right?But yes…the "most important find" in our science world’s history is that mammoth and it’s contents.And? They will find more animals and so forth there as it melts…if it continues to melt that is…this water can refreeze everything including polar ice….I think.Seldom do they say more about those things but for "once" so as to say "they told us" later.Sometimes years later….it’s the law of "required disclosure" we call it here for things at government levels.You could find that easy though I would think…and maybe it was on Friday too, but I didn’t notice it until Saturday.Love you,David.

  20. Project says:

    Okay..I have moved the small pic and so forth from MSN’s Diagonal View section to my blog…not much..but..it was discovered last year it turns out, and not "just now found," and found in Siberia.So that section is sponsored by Silverlight and is on page three at the bottom of that upper-left section.The pic is #1541867, and there is attached video, but I don’t have my stuff updated to transfer video/audio to…..I have a counterfeit copy of XP pro in this junker when I bought it…now I can’t get all kinds of things.And…it has a secret encoding MSN couldn’t get into, and they disabled part of it also…like half.I am now running at 22% and dropping everyday.But? The "encoding" is by the genius chief engineer at Micron….they can’t break into it either…nor can India’s finest or my own government..good.I will take a million dollars for the hard drive when it finally quits.The "top unbreakable encoding and firewall" in the world is worth something, even "un-decoded as yet."So far…no offers, so screw them…I’m keeping it so none can mess me up, and it fixes itself I see too…but is was his home model, and who knows what’s on it?One thing..secrets he don’t want China or bosses here to know for sure…I paid $125 and he told me "throw it away when it quits on you."Not yet, and I am "not ever" throwing away the hard drive.But that at my site is what you can go see…page three at MSN’s site as I said….DW.

  21. Project says:

    You’re welcome, and my cat too at 24 F out there.I can’t even push him out because his front won’t move.The sun got him though, and he went five minutes ago…now I can go. He is fine outside and got beds everywhere in my junk…all his.There would be bones in most of them and feathers everywhere also.He prefers meat too, but won’t eat worms…just drags them in and leaves them.Stubborn for sure as he owns me he thinks….fine with me if he believes that…he minds better in fact.I tell him he owns my place too…with "some" rules….like five hundred or so that he has down…I tell him, he learns with once…cool.He is a small panther…..a real one I think…soft however and friendlier maybe.I think natives have pet tigers too…and seen that…giant ones..wow..and no cages.They never fail to negotiate anything is how it goes well….in cat of course.Love you…DW.

  22. Coyote says:

    There’s nothing like ChristmasAnd woods deep in snowTo make us rememberThe dear long ago.Down life’s weary highway,Years pass single file,But deep in us allLives a bit of the child.The same breathless wonderFloods over us whenThe gray skies lose snowflakesThat dance in the wind.Smoke curling from chimneys,A white windowpane,And dear thoughts returnAnd old joys remain.The tinkle of sleigh bellsAcross a still night,A warm, shadowed hearthWhose embers burn bright.A colorful afghanThrown over a chair,Green holly entwinedDown the length of a stair.The candlelit churchAnd the golden bells tellOf chapters each heartRemembers so well.Oh, there’s nothing like ChristmasAnd woods deep in snowTo make us rememberThe dear long ago.Tinx

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