Lets not forget

Floating paper lanterns

Did u know that a lot of Tsunami victims still having problems????????? After 4 years with Million euros of aid???
well lemme tell u one thing..The world is confronted daily with war, nature disasters,cholera…Which the president of the country denies its there.( The Cholera i mean)  Understand who can. A lot of people are getting insensitive for all these problems.
I want to remember today the victims of the Tsunami.
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8 Responses to Lets not forget

  1. Adrian says:

    Hi M.J.Big hugs to you too..even the cat! (lol) All the best to you and family for the New Year 2009′ and let us remember the Tsunami victims in our prayers.Stay warm,Adrian

  2. charming says:

    Hi M, today at 925…. I still get the goose bump on my hand when I think of it… And, the mental dilemma its still causing???? where are we heading to???? disaster… And we are so helpless…..I am so fed up with the cruelty all around us…and let us think about the bright side and still keep the faith that we can do something.Love and hugsCha

  3. sillygloop says:

    Indeed a tragic moment which changed lives forever.

  4. sara says:

    i just remember that tragic day…so let’s stand hand in hand for just 15 seconds and say a prayer .. hugs sweet sweeti

  5. Project says:

    "Let the dead [of spirit] bury the dead…life is for the living."And I admire you for your sympathies, but those who died are in heaven as Satan’s victims…not god’s.Only god allows death or makes the living live at all…not Lucifer who only wishes for that power.Helping the living is the thing to do, and look next door so that you are not abandoning your own to serve others…an illusion Jesus talks much about to Judas and the others…they didn’t listen either.but my "rather extensive but perfect" email response was wiped out by Satan, Lucifer, bad magic or MSN’s stupidity.And I am not sure which is which…..Happy New Year for you and your’s my friend."Count your blessings" is his advice on such matters of "other dying and distraught humans." But you give all, I give all, and I make less money than anyone in my town…and I still gain property and blessings galore…how is that working when some years I made less than five hundred dollars total?The Jewish pawnbroker who taught me Jewish church laws on transactions says: "I can’t give it away fast enough" when he is asked "How is your business doing?"So did Jesus say that as a perfect Jew.I’m like you…I give, but with pain and sorrow’s sympathy and not joy…I try in other words which is all one can do.But good job honey…I congratulate you for sure.And Happy New Year for this is the year of solutions……I am here for one thing and tooled up for changing the world with many projects that work.Water and dirt for what kind…food, shelter and healing for reasons and goalsEquality is the bain of the demons and the purpose of evil that one strives for, but only to cover-up that they don’t need to strive.They need only to love, to smile, to help all around them, and even the wicked as in Paul building tents for them to Lazareth begging Jesus to let him go back for the rich merchant to tell his brothers per his request.Sooo, Jesus sent him back even knowing it wouldn’t change them and said so…"Even if one were to return from the dead, they will not believe" he told the merchant in the fog.And it hasn’t changed o that since and none come anymore for that reason..and some are still here who went to heaven and came back.They hide only, and wait with full knowledge of how it will go generally.It is their children [rich merchant brothers] who are doing those treacherous things you speak of here…not the righteous like you or others who contribute and submit like Lazareth.Those who try are the godly ones and those who receive are the chosen.Yes…that would be you honey and good for you…but…don’t cry or Jesus will hear you and wonder if you heard him about "don’t worry…be happy."I hear you for instance from here…so a quote from one of our old songs…."So dry your eyes, little girl dry your eyes…for we’re gonna see that the skies are blue..yeah yeah yeah!"Forgot who and what song…but know it…strange even in my mind.Love you,David.Ps…I recalled the song…."Today’s Teardrops" …..are tomorrow’s rainbows and tomorrow’s rainbow we’re gonna share…me and you" ….etc.

  6. Dana says:

    Oh Sweeti that’s just plain neglect. Is there a way for you to write or petition for that problem? Is there famous people there that can make some noise about it? I like you am shocked and saddened they would be neglected as they are. Don’t stop making noise about it, the squeeky wheel gets the oil!

  7. Carlos says:

    G’Day MJ,Pity to read that about some of the victims still having problems after 4 years. In the other hand I read somewhere that Tsunamis will be better forescated i the future. Anyway, I just came by to say H and wish you a lovely day :DHugs from devil’s landCarloshttp://carloscoolcorner.spaces.live.com

  8. Princess says:

    YoMJ! Well said! Hopping in 2 wish u a Happy New Year! U are a Good , Kind, caring person & I am very Proud 2 have u as a Friend, Big Hugs, Luv PF XXX

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