Xmas in an orphanage

I want to share with u ..the joy of Xmas in an orphanage in Chennai.
My Buddy Pety, his sis Vanessa and a lot of friends made this Xmas a special one.
Look  at those faces…special  aint it??
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25 Responses to Xmas in an orphanage

  1. Samantha says:

    That is SOOOOO lovely!! XX

  2. Princess says:

    Yo MJ! Aaaaw it sure is! Hope u had a Great Christmas & that u have a Fantastic New Year! Luv PF XXX

  3. sara says:


  4. Isabelle says:

    See that’s what is lacking!!!!I have ben asking myself a whole lot of questions…. again… on the whole mascarade ehd of year thing.It’s awful, every year the same thing!But your friends have managed to show us all the true meaning of Christmas.By the way, Christmas should be everyday!!!! I don’t think running to the store is Christmas…..the spirit os it should not be celebrated on a single day but it should be a day to renew what we do every day in a year! SHARE!!! Bring happiness to other without second thought.The smile on those faces is not worth all the money in the world but if rich people could understand that giving money to help others can HELP bring joy, then we would not be in the shit the world is right now.Thanks for sharing with us.I wish you and all your courageous good hearted friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009.Hugs,Isa

  5. Tom says:

    When you bring so many smiles to so many faces, you then know you have done something wonderful for someone, this is the true spirit of Christmas !

  6. renay says:

    that’s a good deed one you can puta smile on someones face christmas morning

  7. Rhonda says:

    This is what it is all about…fantastic blog and the true spirit of Christmas in action!!!Hug

  8. Project says:

    That is stunning…there is more in those faces than I have seen on other news releases…wowee.I have a picture at my site at the bottom you can take to them.It shows how power can be taken to the deepest well and run the pump for a hundred years.The government will own this technology and all associated things.But it is "one-time-cost" for a government and the operations are free…like free power..they will supply it for what the market can bear…but it makes electricity best of all.In this picture, a spider-web thin jet will power a very large turbine for a very long time…years at least in that one old junker "first and only" deep water container.It is "very" highly pressurized and they would have engineers who would like to see a pic like that.Copy it if you like…I hope it replaces the steam generators in nuclear plants and coal-fired plants.That would be easy too…so…Happy New Year to you smiley kid….DW.

  9. Enter says:

    A little can go a long way in Chennai which is my hometown too…indeed a good way to spread the festive cheer! I’ll remind the sun to leave Chennai for a while n hit Belgium 🙂

  10. Marilena says:

    awwwwwww that is so nice, love the smiles!!!

  11. Isabel says:

    Lovely smiles…great souls! I love the pics MJ!Here are My Wishes for You… Hours of happy times with friends and familyAbundant time for relaxationProsperityPlenty of love when you need it the mostYouthful excitement at lifes simple pleasuresNights of restful slumber (you know – dont’ worry be happy) Everything you needWishing you love and lightYears and years of good healthEnjoyment and mirthAangels to watch over youRembrances of a happy years! http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd211/ernetex/831323229_8439.jpgWith love from Isa

  12. Trouble says:

    wow! i wish i were there with these children and i’d have given them all the time and love i could! :)Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Sweeti! 🙂

  13. charming says:

    Hi MI am so proud of you and your friends…We all are following the same course of life….If all of us can think like this… a lot of money is not needed to help people.. if all of us can share only one meal with the people who is hungry i feel the hunger will be vanished on this earth….Cha

  14. Tom says:

    Just dropping by to say Hello ! Wishing you dear friend all the best this NEW YEAR !!!

  15. Project says:

    Don’t forget to drop by the Times Square party tonight for the dropping of the ballStanding in the middle of one million cheering people is an experience few will forget they say who did so.I did a crowd of 200,000 once, and my head didn’t stop making noise for a month, and I can still see them in my mind…and strung out for miles on the road coming in.It was amazing to feel them all as far as I could see at my level.And I hope to form a new type of company out of war orphans and abandoned people some day from dreams I had.But..I will have to live a long time to get all of my mentally-formed ideas working and making profits.Profit-sharing has a glitch that must be overcome, and I have seen an accounting form that today’s technology will support very soon….real transparency-real help.It is the thieves who keep food, medicince, and educations from the women and children. And if either of those groups [women and children] manage to earn 50 cents, it is taken away from them.If they manage to form a bank account the banker steals it from them, and loan persons or extortionists steal the rest.But by the time the "state" takes their lion’s share, the entire Country drifts into finantial ruin.Soooo, it is a matter of how to account it all without money changing hands, and a bank that disburses cash or other transactions is where the transaction complicity takes place…generally in somebody’s mansion at night over wines and more food than anyone can eat.The dramatic reduction of leaders who are able to touch a person’s money they have set aside by their "managers" is a critical key to my system.It is the money managers that my system focuses on like hot sunshine.I have a "live, interactive management style" formed from my business school, and more secret money accounting views of their books in my head than any alive.The range extends from the whorehouse to the whitehouse, and all houses in between, including the drug houses and slave traders and smugglers and black market dealers.It is like being born in hell and being used to the heat from birth and before. The noise is to cover up the thefts and cons in progress. A sales plan is noisy too, and it sounds soooo good to the listeners…until the party is over of course.Robot systems are going to lose "control features" also with my plan too. They are controlled and constructed by the crooked in fact strictly to create an "imaginary army" so to speak.But in all crowds [like those pictures] are two groups from that world that can’t smile even if asked to.And one of the groups looks to the adults or child leaders for silent instructions and will not pledge their smile either, and for the reason of the wars still being fought but seen only in those intrepid and fearful looks.Work, education, unfettered communication, and a team to help them save their earnings successfully is the central issues in my accounting form I modified from all of those book-sets.They must "all balance" to work, meaning they have their profits too…but much much less.And god will decide all things is what I know.But, I want him to know what I want even if I dream rather than sleep.But golly…"one million people?" Wow…I would take a camera with audio if I went.And how far I would get from here with two dollars is iffy however…so no..just watch it on television is my plan.Love for all…David.

  16. Arctic says:

    Hi MJ, Happy New Year!i am back from vacation, in past few weeks i was busy with endless rush, hope every thing is great for you in this beautiful season and new years eve. i would say hello to my spaces friends and come back to read more entries.hugs! Thanks for sharing such a touching photos,they are the reall spirit of Xmas,

  17. charming says:

    Hi M,Happy New Year 2009!!!Thanks a lot for being a wonderful friend :)Love & Hugs to you, Etinne and the gorgeous ChicaCha

  18. Zeynep says:

    Hi Sweeti, I came by to wish you a happy new year!!It is party time: http://zeynepankara-live.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!612AF29A1928F789!10673.entryLove and peace, Zeynep xx

  19. Ajay Kumar says:

    Hi Mj.At last I could some how able to land on your space. Almost after 15 days. And hey, a lot has changed in those 15 days. Please convey my regards to Pety, Vanessa and friends. And Thanks to you for sharing this with us. Happy new year to you and all your near ones again. Thanks for being such a good friend.

  20. Project says:

    Okay honey…it New Year’s Day finally…get ready..get set…Go!To insure that you know the right course..I throw rainbows out in front of you…follow them.Love you,David.

  21. Dana says:

    Aww what beautiful spirits these children are! I have adopted 2 children, seeing these faces makes me wonder if I am not done! Happy New Year Sweetie!

  22. sara says:

    happynewyear to u too!yes,also here it’s very cold (-2° this morning!)..but it doesn’t matter..’cause: I’M ON HOLIDAY!!!!!!! on 31th and 01th it was snowing and that’s make me so happy!hug dear take care and i wish u faboulos 2009 full of joy !HUG!

  23. Project says:

    If you see the rainbow end, that is the place…and since there are two ends, you have two paths and destinations.So I look to see which place is the prettiest and greenest from where I stand looking at one.I tend to the left in this valley because the rainbows are generally on the east end.That puts the left side down on the mountain side, and the canyon notch that cuts through 500 miles of ridges and uninhabited wilderness…my world.That’s rainbow logic.But 2009 is for getting real things. For being profitable. Land is cheap right now too, and at the top of the list for most people so nothing could be luckier for chances for those who want that.I will say that land with a house is only if you are a woman…or got one.But you would know that I strive hard to get rich, and with a bunch of great products.I can make a small container you can’t open, but has plug-ins all over it with differnent current outputs, including 12V DC and 38 amps.Even those little kids can plug in television or computer, and, the rest of the house into it also, and it will supply both the heater, lights, and the stove. Even an air conditioner.Then, when it costs them almost nothing as the fair price?Only then will they really smile..all of them.And heavy on the "fair" part or it won’t be my product for sure.And yes, it will have a cell phone supply socket too…and more.More is that it runs for a year or more.And just one of my products.Money talks in my world, but it says the best things for the right product.To insure that those kids get "fair" I have decided to go straight to them with the information it takes for all of that I listed…and all places on this planet at once.I will release that water-clip in nice black and white truth on Youtube when I can get the thing ready and up. And I’m working hard on it all of the time…even at night or in my head, which I wrote something as you commented even as up at 4 also…now that is.I didn’t write about the water, but about when I was a little kid…and I had fun too.My film will be viewed by the elders of those kids, the rainbow kids I thought of them from the picture.Those elders are not stupid, but engineers in fact. They will instantly see solution in that film.I have a convertable product therefor that they will admire, fear, and still put into use immediately.The electric box is my own dream design and leased…not sold. The elders will build better stuff and faster by far is what I know of them.Recharging them is also those elder’s responsibility.The kids cannot "play with this machine" is why…it’s dangerous for sure.Indestructable casings and electronic locking for disassembly is a must in my mind.And right outside that room to the left? They can put a larger one that runs factories…all-electric kinds.And if they own their own?Then I would smile like that.So…I predict you will be rich, or already are is all.David.

  24. The Divine Mrs M says:
  25. Ruma says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Sweeti!! So you have ACTUALLY landed in India?? Wow! Which places are you planning to cover? I loved your pics here…shows a truly giving heart.I’m sure 2009 will be very happy for you, as you are spreading so much of it in your own way.Love, Ruma.

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