Wonderful News

Sri Lanka can start to breath again.
Live without fear.
The heroic Security Forces were able to capture Killinochchi, the main administrative town of tiger terrorist organization, yesterday (2nd) inflicting the worst defeat for tiger terrorists in the 30 year old war against terrorism. (lankatruth)
Today i got  foon calls from my sri lankan friends..Happiness..Relief.
God bless the security forces.
 lets pray that this is the beginning of the end of this bloodshed.

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18 Responses to Wonderful News

  1. Project says:

    A fabulous achievement and the beginning of the end for the Tamil Tigers.It was featured on BBC’s world news reports at midnight in fact and I loved the shots of the crowds cheering and the parties even in the captured town.They looked as if they were freed from the clutches of the tiger for sure.How a cease fire and negotiations for peace can be accompished is now the biggest topic on earth…wow indeed.David.

  2. dying2die says:

    hi wow i dint know wat was happenin to me… now i know about sri lanka… thnx to u … be blessed

  3. Jorge says:

    It’s been quite a few years since I had the chance to visit Colombo, but I’m happy to hear that things have taken a hopeful turn in this beautiful corner of the world. Be well,J.

  4. Adrian says:

    Hi MJ,Thank you, and a Happy New Year cheer to you too..:)Cheers,Adrian

  5. ╰☆Chloe☆╮ says:

    hi MJ~~~long time no see u~~~though it`s a bit late…but ~~~happy new year!!!~

  6. Project says:

    As one who follows the mideast war intensely, I can tell you that to capture the headquarters is to capture more information about who is who, and where all of the things are stored.It is a magnificent "war-winning" advantage only men can truly appreciate.It’s a mortal loss for Tamil Tigers, and those records contain all of the key issue both sides always wanted to know more than life itself. All knowledge of the other side are in those massive collections of files and captured reports.A catastrophic event for the losers indeed.And all wars only involve less than 5% of the population at the very most..normally, it is more like 1% to 2%.Armies march though the 98% of "normal people" and instantly, they cheer the "saviors" and "liberators" and throw flowers on them, and peace spreads out behind those advancing forces like new rain on parched ground.Normal people will serve whosoever has the guns on every corner and holds the higher ground..like the headquarters and parliments.Sooo, those few escapees are forced to find shelter in front of those threatening advances and they get little help willingly from any man with a family he’d like to protect.It won’t go well for the tigers for sure, and so a negotiated peace is all they can hope for at this point.Gaza is the similar example I am watching now, and I have friends on both sides I talked to for a long time previously.Less than 20,000 hold 1.5 million hostage in the case of Hamas, and the Tamil "hardcores" are about the same ratios.It’s a great opportunity rather than a victory."Cease fire and let’s make a deal" is the only victory worth the name.Soon is what I think there therefor sweeti.I am seldom wrong either I say.love you,David.

  7. Trouble says:

    Let the peace prevail… in Sri Lanka and everywhere else! :)So, back to work tomorrow Sweeti? I’m gonna miss the long weekend… it was sucha relaxing one!!

  8. Frans says:

    This is wonderful news.Let’s hope this will bring peace to this beautiful country and dear people. Of course things are mature and fragile at the moment but if everyone is derteminated to bring peace to all, peace will come and bring prosperity and a better future that is so needed in this country.Franske

  9. Ajay Kumar says:

    Hi Mj,Congratulations to the Sri Lankan army. By capturing Killinochchi it surely has broken the back bone of ltte. Now, preference should be given to root-out the organization from SL. I consider it worst terrorist organization of the world. The people of SL has suffered enough. Now its time to give back. Chase them away if not kill them. I wish I could read what is written in Sinhalese. let peace prevail. And Amen to it.

  10. charming says:

    Hi MYes we are happy because not only we suffered, the Tamils suffered more than us. Especially the Tamils in war zone. most of them are displaced and without proper food, shelter and education. And fear of abducting their young children. And of course us who were brutally killed by bombs and etc…I need peace. everybody need it.. This is a nightmare of few brutal terrorists. And now the main challenge is establishing the peace and facilities to the poor communities who suffered a lot from the brutality of LTTE.LOVE AND PEACECha

  11. Avonjah says:

    Thanks for visiting my page & thanks to the nice comment too.You got a wonderful page here & i admire your compassion.May God grant L-O-V-E & P-E-A-C-E to to all troubled nations.

  12. Isabel says:

    Hello Mj!!My Gosh we are freezing here can u imagine?I dont go along that well with gmail…so I returned to messenger..Download the Beta version…anyway its pretty much the same.The spaces are dead!!I have no visitors…just a few…Maybe its the cold weather lol!!Lots of love from Isa

  13. Enter says:

    Hope peace prevails.Indeed a time when it matters who one knowns rather than what one knows!

  14. ηικκιħart says:

    Hi MJI’m so used to calling you sweeti, but I hope to remember to write MJ now, I like that name, is it short for Mary Jane?I get those strange types of invitations too, I go check the space first and see nothing there!! so I think those people are trying to use s for spam! If we are in their list they get our email address and also put spam in our private messages. when the new changes happend it took away alot of our privacy in many ways.Yes in the comment I wrote to Isa I was explaining about some very weird thing that’s been going on, i’m still trying to get some resolution from msn and hope they can stop it from continuing.That’s great news about Sri Lanka!I think you were away still at new years and I didn’t come by so I wish you a very Happy New year dear MJ http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u205/nh07/HNY09.gifHugs and love,Nikki

  15. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    I better call you MJ as well :)I’ve always known you as sweeti and that…seems to suit you!sweeti…no I wont kill youNot unless you want me too :)The monkey’s gorgeous isn’t he!As you do..I also love our dear animals!This is a good entry sweetiI hope and pray that Sri Lanka will finally get peaceSweeti..I bring you many rays of sunshineand a friend :)http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v694/mystafied/kangaroo-1.jpgI hope you enjoyAnd have a fantastic day!Garry xox

  16. Zeynep says:

    I came by for your new entry from my home page, but there is no new entry here. Anyways, have a nice weekend to you. Love and peace, Zeynep xx

  17. Rhonda says:

    I’m sorry I missed this post earlier; I am glad to hear the news and hope that it brings all of you peace and relief!

  18. Arctic says:

    great new i heard as well, you can arrange a revisit then:)

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