Belgium at his best

again a very dark day for justice in Belgium. Its unbelievable.
Our Minister of Justice reacted disconcerted. De reactions of incomprehension with the ppl were correct.
15 heavy criminals are free coz of procedural mistakes.
A Convicted gangster walked out of jail as a free bird in Gent,with a big smile.
(There was a big photo in the newspapers)
His friends were waiting for him,ready  to celebrate.
Another 14 criminals are free men again coz of these procedural mistakes,although the court has evidence of their guilt.
3 words in an ambigious law (  2003 ) made this possible.
Now the court wants  those criminals back in jail.
Lol  those guys are not waiting  for the limo…..
They are already out of the country ( Cant blame them)
               ant blame them)
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9 Responses to Belgium at his best

  1. renay says:

    it’ seems like they just let anybody go. i hope that your haveing a great year so far sweeti.

  2. Marilena says:

    yeah can’t blame them either…it’s not just Belgium though, it’s everywhere

  3. Project says:

    In Idaho, we are practically sealed off from the rest of the United States.Our total population is only 1.5 million, and half live in the mountains and we don’t count them as valley and city people, albeit small cities.The criminal content in the USA is astronomical, but we have the lowest criminal activities of any State in the Union.We give them a chance to run is why…to anywhere but here in fact, and as the only thing we can afford as poor people in general, and we surely can’t afford to feed them either.So I hadn’t heard of Belgium’s debacle, but we have dozens per day with such complex and changing laws.And they will come here [to the USA] for sure like all other escaped criminals do.And..they will fit right in some might say in any coastal city.Or..they could go to Singapore and only be an average person even.It is a legal challenge when the crooks have the same rights as the innocent do we have found also is my point…but even more tragic is the miscarriage of justice that often happens without such equal treatments.We find that if they get away and go into hiding shaking like leaves that they rehabilitate…and is our only goal.We can’t kill them all is why or we would and save money and time.But my film copy of the first bathysphere failure at shallow depths I mentioned will be ready for me tomorrow night or the next day.It is very light infiltration of water however, and most was drained out below the surface also, but is enough to view for a scientist or engineer enquiring into water characteristics that might drive turbine generators.And when the next two are located [by me] then I will have the basis for my Youtube presentation to prove the cold motor concept even if I don’t have the resources to accomplish any of it myself.I have suggested a dozen dramatic uses for such powerfully pressurized water.But the water from 2000 feet reveals that it will balloon into a thousand dozens of uses only big oil will be envious of.But as in "crooks that get away," the big oil guys and power production alliances are at the top…bosses of the governments in fact and can be the only owners of such developments.Their costs will plummet disregarding your electricity charges for expressing economic boons to all.However, your modified car won’t need gas and will run for a long time for free.It would be a turbine-driven generator and four motors, one on each wheel for better stability, and very light compared to the gas engine drives now in use in most drive systems.The fact that it will also put out forest fires from half a mile up, or move pesky astroids from earth-smacking trajectories, or control all weather anomolies and cool even the warm ocean currents are by-products pf such water expansion.With it in use…global warming is a manageable thing and not only reverseable, but completely controllable.The creation of large rains in any air including vast deserts is the most valuable product to me I might add for making the deserts bloom again and forest grow right into the sand…no problem.And it’s time is now for clinchers…the hot engine world is over honey.I say so with all of my resources is why, and I have a lock-cinch product to sell I can see…free pressurized water the likes of which no man can produce at the surface, even with all that we have today.The new world is in sight to me and such news items of incompetant mistakes will take the second page and only be a byline issue by this time next year.We simply "have to be" in the middle of full transitions by then, or Belgium will be no more possibly from snows and water from the melting poles alone.No news, no hullaballoo, no dire announcements will go before it either or will it mourn the passing of any animal or it’s particular corruptions it individually claimed.It minds only god’s law.Water knows no man or his internal turmoils…nor will it care whom it drowns, nor has it ever.But it has near-magical heat absorbing characteristics that, like electricity, will not be understood exactly, but what it will do exactly is quite dependable.Another step for me of course, and I will make sure that you see a copy of even the poorest water of the three captured vessels-full.The last one is simply "astounding power," and much much more than the film I have which is enough considering it is only part of the original water from that depth.I’ll let you know of course…but hey…don’t worry..the future is going to be fine…different as heck, but fine.The top guys are honest is why..and I went there to check out each one myself as their janitor to say that as I have said.I even met Belgium’s leaders in Boise, Idaho over here buying produce and dairy products a couple of times in the early nineties…1991 for the last time.No problem…the few crooks won’t bother us as much as melting planet will.The economy will surge even from announcements of such changes requiring that much labor and new manufacturing, and soon there will even be a labor shortage.I swear you’ll see all of that happen as young..I will be in heaven not caring one whit…laughing and fishing with Lazareth and teasing the old man in the fog…the rich merchant for whom we would be teasing.Or…it isn’t so.The bible I mean.In that case, all we will get is a perfect planet and no gods…oh well us Idahoan planet dwellers say.Love you,David.

  4. charming says:

    Hi MIn SL most of the recent murders, and rapes were involved in the criminals freed from the jail earlier for the same charge. can you believe?? they are freed and back to the crime… Cha

  5. Trouble says:

    the law system has a lot of loopholes due to which a number of criminals are roaming free…. looking for fresh victims… they know that they can get away with it… sad!so wssup Sweeti? 🙂

  6. Alien Hunter says:

    Greetings,Who is responsible for this? The same political party who always courts African-American votes, which blacks have always voted for. The Democratic party is without a doubt the force behind this murder of America’s babies, and especially African-American babies. Yet blacks seem blind to this. John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and nearly all Democrats admit they are for abortion. Who can doubt the Democrat resolve to sustain and advance abortion after watching any Supreme Court nomination proceeding? Then, why do African-American continue to vote Democrat, which means their demise?Peace & Blessings.rwc

  7. Ruma says:

    Hi Sweeti, It’s the same everywhere I guess. We hear of murders, rapes and looting, but because of lack of evidence the culprits go unpunished and roam free. It is truly unbelievable that we are living in the 21st century and having to see such things.Thanks for taking the trouble to visit my space. It’s always great to hear from you.Love, Ruma.

  8. Avonjah says:

    Hello Sweeti! Hope people around the world don’t spend much time on evil .. well, laws are not as distinct as they are supposed to let love & peace be the light!And fear of God’s laws 🙂

  9. Arctic says:

    this is really shame, those guys didn’t do their duties rather than enjoying taxpayers money!wish every disguest mistakes like this fewer and fewer.wolf

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