Fear love

How to End Your Fear of Love


Love is a very complicated thing. It is one of the most common emotions in the world.

One word cannot truly express the meaning of love, so it is only natural that a fear of love can develop in anybody, you, your sister, even the person next to you Maybe you’re afraid of being loved, or your afraid of falling in love. Whatever the case, and whatever your past experiences that may have caused this fear, you can turn your fear into love.

Why are ppl afraid??? After a talk with  a friend ( i wont  give a name here)  i felt helpless..and u know why?

coz of the fact he loves  a girl, and is afraid  to talk abt it  with her. Afraid of what? I dont know…But i know one thing. Precious time is  wasted. I want to  say to EVery one..When u love a Person   SAY  it  ..SHOUT it..dont let it bleed to death.


I Know the answer..which i was thinking about …Its confirmed  …. Rejection..But when u never try .. u will never know.

No is what u have….    Yes  u can get. Rood hart

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32 Responses to Fear love

  1. Ruma says:

    Maybe his/her ego is at stake when they declare their love for a person, as they are not sure about whether that "love" will be reciprocated. Hence such people prefer to clam up rather than speak out their feelings. It’s a prestige issue thing.Bye and take care!Ruma.

  2. Nina says:

    Love can be so complicated. I feel for your friend! Hopefully he gets the courage to tell the woman he loves exactly how he feels from the heart! I am sure you’ll give him a little loving nudge forward! PS. What I have come to learn is when we don’t tell the people who are close to us…and they pass away! Then it is simply too late! Better say, "I love you!" before it might be too late! None of us know when it’s our time to go!

  3. sara says:

    there is a famous song of the Beatles:" ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE"..i think it’s real!everyone need and can’t stay without love! it’s much better be brave in love so ,as u say,you CAN get!have a good week dear!hugs

  4. Adrian says:

    Very true, love is not afraid! 🙂 As Sara mentioned, love that Beatles song: "All you need is Love" ‘CIRQUE DU SOLEIL’ recently did "The Love show"…, an 84 minute film of Beatles songs interpreted in dance by the ‘Cirque du Soleil’ magnificent performers.Of course, the "Love Show" features Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon & Olivia Harrison, Sir George MartinHave a super weekend,Adrian

  5. freckles says:

    yep you would never know.. how true ..what a lovely post ~x~

  6. freckles says:

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  7. Project says:

    Hey..a perfect answer…you can write too in perfect forms I liked from the beginning of seeing you.I write "love you" and mean before, now, and later when I am dead even.As not-dead gone of course, and knowing all sciences for one thing…gods for another, and their prophets for a man like me to read about his advice for me…yes.."me, David W.Guthrie, planet earth."He tells me to help, to fix, to keep the living alive if I can.It’s a command to "heal the sick" for my main advice for one with so many talents I have been "given" for no reason I can see…not "deserved" or "earned" for sure…gifted and talented then with ten talents.You are a pride and joy to me personally, although I am a nobody known as much but dangerous maybe.But they are all full of hate and fear that all can only see my normal openness as an alien threat of some kind, and jealousy I think mostly.Make them higher than me because they are is what I do for all of my jobs and projects…as in "heal only" is not "to enslave and guide."Lead like by myself far out in front in case enemies get me first..they can escape.You are definately a class woman, wife, and mother I am proud to know honey..big time. I applaude you steady in my mind…and you know how to have real fun like me.There is only one life, one time, one place, and this is it.I get used to it every few minutes for real truths if one seeks such things as "real."I see myself in personal prophesies as fixing "all things" we are now faced with, and I am now fully-trained and tested also for the very top spot.That would be "helper to the president of the United States" and all we have to work with…lots believe me counting me.I can work alone and make all of my own plans for instance and get secret approval..and do and have."Good job" is the only recognition the best men ever get…It means much to both the sayer and sayee and is enough for "on earth."A jewel are you that no darkness can hide, and a heart like mine..good for both of us in a sickened world.But hey girl, I’m off to reform [fix] squabbling kid’s bitchy lives and bad wordies…sheesh!They are all very nice inside or I wouldn’t know them. I only see the real person. Tease or trash if you will the "false outer ones" they sport from fear alone of not being loved..a front in fact and bad acts at best to me….fun too.Love you,David.

  8. Arctic says:

    eh Sweetie, it is so true! and the most important thing is you provide the solution for this dilemma!

  9. Tellurdreams says:

    Hi MJ,This piece of work take me back to ages .I was Seventeen fifty years back and when I said my love to Hannah (my wife) I was shivering like a six year old boy in the principals office.But I managed she was a bit hesitant the first time but we made it and we are happy for fifty years .

  10. Ajay Kumar says:

    Hi Sweeti,Very true.except one thing. I dont agree that love (any kind) is complicated. It is the most simple and straight feeling. Tell this guy to shed all inhibitions and express his feelings. And tell him love is not selfish. It teachs one to sacrifice also. Have a nice week ahead MJ.

  11. Project says:

    In my family, I am the head of household.I am stuck with "being love" to show them all what it is they should see in themselves, not in me.So this sounds like a line that goes: "you wear your love like iron."And for the man [me], I like this old dead nutcase’s quote:"The seed planted by my father, watered by my mother’s tear is too hardy a growth to be uprooted by eloquence and learning."Aliester Crowley of course, and who hated them all of courser, including his mother’s favorite name she named him…"Aleck" I think. Hated her is what…not the other way around for damn sure.So, like below, not much thought involved or it’s simply justification, not love anyway which is with very few words if any.And hey sweeti? We are talking bigtime hardy as heck for the real "growth."Love you,David.

  12. Isabel says:

    Hello Mj!Thank you for your care…How are you?Sorry for taking so long to reply to you…I have been with a big cold and in bed.Now I am getting better and here I am sending you My wishes of a lovely week! http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd211/ernetex/friendhip/mondayssuckgarfield4rf.gifMuch love from IsaP.S. Love is never complicated … we are!!

  13. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san, I think love is the beautiful things that started with a cup of tea and so on…..I had two true love in mylife and other were feeling of loving??? You know even the movie stars that I could say to I can said my friends I loved him…dreaminglol! say without love in this world? But some people had a bad experience in themselves it started with poor family situation (without loving from their parents) and it course of afraid to love.By the way Nadal’s was a good player than Federes and you were right my fan is Federelol!Have a great day,MichikoMichiko

  14. The says:


  15. Ruma says:

    HI again, Sweeti! I just came around to see the huge number of comments you have here. Seems like lots of people have their own views on love!! :-)Bye and take care!

  16. R U Serious says:

    STILL Love that monkey pic!! Great post!! NO fear here!!! Talk soon!!

  17. Project says:

    Hey kiddo…here is real love…my mommie didn’t die this morning from a kidney collapse it turned out to be, and because she made it to the hospital in 18 minutes from the first disabling attack with a one-hour window.So love made her recall only my phone number 150 yards away and the hospital at .9 miles. Love’s 911 number gave me more ambulances and sirens than wars have…more help than all of Gaza’s doctors together can.So love built my house, my town and all that I spoke of. God only says to "get them there on time" for my only vows to him.Lucky in love? Heck yes…won’t probably die at least. Not today anyway.Love makes me cold-hearted…love makes me order them with death threats just like my own army.And yes…they certainly are…good soldiers too I see then, and can take orders instantly too…good men and women..and yeah..we got women soldier at the fort…er..hospital.And fully fortified too for my sources on that theme…right?So what great luck I have on top of everything else…richer than I thought then and said I was rich…DW.

  18. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hi sweetiI think the fear is..not in falling in loveBut..of being hurtif that love should fail.sweeti..I understand what you meanabout the simple things..like the stars in the night.Or the beautiful colours of the leaves in the tree..I think that these simple things bring true happinessI also think that going to Sri Lanka is a fantastic ideaI don’t think it’s running away…I think it’s making the right choicefor a better life.I wish you all the very best!I also hope that you have a fantastic day!Garry xox

  19. freckles says:

    oh yes i can see how fear can stop people- but surely he could test the waters first ? but yes he should go for it !! ~x~

  20. Chris says:

    Hey sweetiBeen a long time! How are you? Thank you for the New Year wishes and yes…I have been off spaces a while. Can’t even work out anything on msn. They keep changing it in my absence! lol. Hope you are ok. I like the blog entry. I think I am one of those people you speak of above. I love being single though so love is a bit scary because it changes all that. But as said in a blog below, fear is usually of being hurt. That is probably me too. Chris x

  21. Project says:

    Joke additive: Socrates was approached by a man who said his family had selected a wife for him to bring him in from the battlefields he had been on all of his life, and knew not women as all..just war.So..he hadn’t met her, but wanted to know if he should marry her anyway. After some thought, Socrates told him this:"By all means marry the woman..for if she is a good woman, everyday, you will filled with unimaginable joys and happiness for the rest of your life.And if she is a bad woman? Well, you will become a philosopher, and the world needs more of them."David.

  22. charming says:

    Hi Mgot a chance to sneak out ha ha…just to say hellono much timelovecha

  23. Trouble says:

    the ending statement is so true! and when the love is true, the other one will surely realize it and say Yes! :)btw, did u read the poem ‘She’? :)love,divoo

  24. Adrian says:

    Very true and sobering words! Have a most splendid day my friend :-)Be warm,Adrian

  25. charming says:

    Hi M,Teach me how to break ice?? Ha ha…Love & HugsCha

  26. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Hi there ! Xhow are you?I’ll leave my weekendwisheshttp://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b40/BabyEvelyne/babyevelyneweekend4.jpgHughs & x-x-xBabyEvelyne

  27. Project says:

    My mental glitch snapped! Eureka and holy Hanna’s!That monkey is trying to un-clasp your hat band..what else?They are trying to figure it out to take it apart as a new type to them.Aha aha aha….what a blind monkey I was on the matter too, and gosh, for soooo much internal consternation from since I saw your pic way back.I will guess he can do them very well by now, and will of course, run off with your hat…fast.Teaching them to steal fruit three at a time is archaic monkey.The man is innocent of course, so they are taught even to run into the jungle and stash them and go get more elsewhere…work the market place from one end to the other.They will eat only one of them too, their favorite only, and mommie monkeys are better and faster than men monkeys.How could I forget monkeys so dramitcally? Stoned?Hmmmm?Love you,David.David.

  28. Project says:

    I agree…the flesh does not die from the sun, and the monkey thinks you like them and is right.When a monkey choose you to play with?God has chosen you too for he don’t hear nobody else…he is a dumb animal?God would say no on that, he would say you liked the monkey’s attention and had a poor bra clasp.Sooo, like it’s "permission" to the monkey and okay with god also as completely naked himself…and?The sunshine laughs with both of you and god grins….I’ll bet all that anyway.

  29. Project says:

    Not as wierd as your monkey is.I once looked down sitting cross-legged on the ground, and playing with one of my kittens upside down in my lap.So you know how they look with claws out and trying to get my hand I touch his tummy with, and getting scratches at the time too.Soooo, I saw this ugly bug the size of a small bulldozer almost to my knee and my cat hung to my standing leg faster than he knew I could stand up at.Sooooooo, he saw me staring at this thing still coming, a giant beetle of course, and he looked at it instantly, and dug his claws in tensed and stared at it…like for less than one-half second.Then he bailed off of me going "yeewwoochhh!!" and twisted in mid-air and ate it in seconds like crunching up bones sounds, and growled at me when I moved towards it.Soooooooooo, that cat is wierder than me because I was not going to eat that bug, or beat him to it, or even take it away and eat it later, or anything he thought.Sooo, did he see farther into me than I did into myself?I still ask the cat since I got him…he just looks at me…won’t say.Other than that, he will talk to me about food and what nots.So then Sweeti, "not as wierd as the cat is" was not even a certain thing I could think I learned there.I still don’t know either, and can I learn even? Or will I die first then?Or?Will my cat break down and fianlly tell me…and hey…did the monkey say anything about it to you?That would be the one to say yes or no on that.About you being wierd I mean of course. Like maybe?…just a little is all?If not…is the monkey as smart as my cat, and can they talk to each other about that?So you see?I’m soooo confused for a reason…I don’t know nothing no matter how hard I try is what one too.Plus I write much you know, and yes, am crazy also.It works like socks on a chicken sometimes too..oh well.I just go shoe-less.Love you, David.

  30. Project says:

    Darn! You always come to my site as my poorly-written blog is being edited and my bad spelling corrected from the non-stop rush of typing out my thoughts, and even missing whole sentences my head spoke but my fingers didn’t write.How I don’t know of course, except that some kind of disassociation pattern is going on, like my body from my head, and I don’t even look at the screen or keyboard…yet.I should edit and fix first before publishing it? Yeah…of course.The basic gist of it was about my application of hypnosis in the bar-pool settings for restoring persons to their real selves..and permantly..and in one hour or less per.Cheapest and fastest rehab process I ever spent a fortune learning, and costs me ten bucks or more each of my broko’s money on top of it too.On their daddy’s behalf is why, and yes…how. Stage hypnosis is daddy-oriented for girls at least I have found, and they are soooo damaged that to make them more powerful than I on the pool table is a tool they can’t drop either after I leave…and it "never" goes away…only I go away.So that I don’t get killed by their old man of course by staying, or killed by the girl by taking her with me either…just go, and just me.But yes….I wonder who the animals talk to besides each other, and mainly it’s cats for me who will talk to me, but my past dogs are just as good at it also.Real talk in fact, and backed up by actions you can see that makes it language they are trying to convey to the listener.I have seen and read "lots" on animal intelligence and language, and done more studies in live settings than most authors by far.They are more than right, it’s a massive mixture of talkers too for a quiet one who can listen without guile, without hate, and without fear.And for one thing, they can smell all three things rather than see it. A point anyway.So my pool thing is an apparently magical re-organization methodology for simply reverting/restoring one to the real self most people don’t know of with a trick of sorts their body can do…handle a stick [spear] and ball [rock] perfectly.And..they never knew the primordeal brain that either did that perfectly or the saber toothed tiger got them.The round pockets are the "eye of the beast" they must hit in the middle instintively, or their genetic material is removed from the groups…race or culture if you like also for the later brain functions moving towards socialization and higher frontal lobe functions and formations overlaying the first brain..survivalist.You can’t "instinctively" stick your spear through the round eyeball of a person for instance when they make a threatening move towards you after socialization sets in.It’s always your boyfriend, boss, or husband.But…in those days…they were nice to each other in the cave…or else.To release it on a pool table makes them a local hero even they haven’t seen it in themselves for the reason of my use of hypnosis techniques for "here-now, gone in hours" deals, and are like crash courses for them.They actually have to be drunk/high or the shock of seeing themselves shoot perfect would scare even them.So..I got a University grant way back just to "show an example" of the more stable and deeper forms of the physical practice the grant was for, and for producing it in a "how-to" video.But when they saw this little Vietamese girl’s strut, and then also beat the best player ever to death?They freaked…plain and simple. And, I am not sure if the men or women feared what they saw the most as utterly threatened themselves internally.To the experimental model, it seem natural for her at the end of 30 days of practice [with filming], and for me, it was normalcy for most of my life.To them?Impossible, impossible, and very very frightening.Well? Limp-wristed fraidy-cats all of them, and academia far from the real street I assure you.Too bad their books only hold up on campus and takes the army to enforce their rules, and also have to pay money for it as they do.Not one precept or conclusion ever held up on the street.So I would say they were way beyond "stupid"…but what other word means more?Oh well, continuous fear of all things surrounds them, not the good world, the real world, or the vast places it has.Those places surround me…and it’s animals talk to me too as "normal" in their minds at least.So screw the lavender kids I call them, and as cradle-to-grave students never touching the earth they analyze and enforce themselves onto…but only on paper honey…not in the cat’s mind for sure.Or? Their god either.Love for you so that you love your cat then,David.

  31. KHALID says:

    Hi Sweeti,Love is that shouts itself. It travels faster than the two souls who fall in. There is a general perception that love is a secret and hidden affair but you see, eyes don’t keep it hidden, blush on face makes the story open, smile speaks of the affair,your interaction and body language conveys the message and love is in many ways knownto people around you. So no need to shout and tell others.Fear of love! what are you talking about lol, When the arrow of Cupid hits the heart all fearswipe out and two hearts start beating in the same direction and no obstacle hinders the way.Kings preferred love to throne, difference of age did not matter, religion did not come in the way,language was not impediment in conveying message. Love is symptom of boldness. No one so far successful to find how love develops. Love is not outcome of any programming or planning. No not at all. One fine moment you feel, you’re in love and that’s all. Then there is no end of the story……………….Love passes through all ups and down, tides and good and bad, opposition………

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