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Adoptive Parents

Saterday i read abt Madonna ( 50) she is now adopting a baby from Malawi. hmmmm oke i  thought. Why not. Then i read that the natural father has problems to (sell) give his babygirl to her coz of her behaviour … Continue reading

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It Begins   Plz  open this link  and read pls. Canada’s cruel commercial seal hunt is officially open. i wont  put  pics  of the  way they do that.  I think u all know how that goes? we accept this????  Never!!!!!!!!!!  

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Hospital and spring

I had surgery yesterday. Operation went  well…I  had  epidural  anaesthesia  and saw everythign on a screen. Very interesting to  see  how  the  surgeon did his job..With 2 openings in my knee  One  for the ligth  and one for  the instruments. My … Continue reading

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How to describe

Sri  Lanka was called  Serendib in former days..then  Ceylon. But the word  Serendipity is so difficult to describe  Can  any one of u?? if so..Im hapy to hear..  

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Womans day

 March 8                              International Women’s Day may be a day of global celebration   but there is no room for complacency  as women continue to face inequity on many fronts.     A tribute to all women In her womb months nine … Continue reading

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I visited today some blogs from very old friend spacers ( not activ anymore) and one took my attention. When i read the profil i got goose bumps, Jesus what a bragger…Im this,that…oepsie where is the humility. A lot of … Continue reading

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