It Begins

Plz  open this link  and read pls.
Canada’s cruel commercial seal hunt is officially open.
i wont  put  pics  of the  way they do that.  I think u all know how that goes?
we accept this????  Never!!!!!!!!!!
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25 Responses to It Begins

  1. Enter says:

    Shameful, especially when we’re running out of ice cover on the planet as it is!

  2. sara says:

    humans: the real beasts!!!

  3. Sanjana says:

    its despiteful,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i wonder if our kids kids will ever get to see them at this rate…………….man is probably the only beast who doesnt not kill for hunger……….

  4. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Unfortunately a lot of people do accept this bloody slaughterof the baby harp sealsAnd to think..they’re mostly slaughtered for their furs…for fashionI’ve signed the pledge to help try and Stop the Slaughter MJLet’s hope that more people do as wellGarry xox

  5. ╰☆Chloe☆╮ says:


  6. Project says:

    That is a cute animal. It is hard to visualize the kind of mind that would thrive on such savage animal behavior.Very savage barbarians for sure. Like pirates, they should be imprisoned…summarily.The mindsets they represent cannot be rehabilitated in my opinion as kill-crazy psychotics.Can the leaders be attacked somehow? Like Steve Harper and Obama? Both are animal lovers etc.David.

  7. sillygloop says:

    You should sure get your eyes checked…next thing you’d be asking what’s the beach doing in my office 😉 Able to stand/walk now or does it take longer?

  8. sillygloop says:

    Yeah…horses, bikinis, surfboards…hopefully no pink slips there 🙂 I do have some sand to play with as shown at!3774?ct=photos 🙂

  9. Project says:

    You are right, that is the source of the issue. Therefore, since they can’t be shamed but for possibly the new generation, the pressure must be on Harper…the man.He is public opinion sensitive and in political disfavor right now by conservatives, and it is the place to attack with a win/win for him for why he will snap to the pressure for sure.That he loses only the minor support of people who don’t matter to him but for about three thousand natives.And..that he gain the support of the educated Canada has at a ratio of ten to one.They are very cognizant of the world, and most have degrees disregarding public image.Withdrawn people in fact. But very much against the seal hunt.If you can get that in front of Steve Harper or Obama, they will respond with instant changes in the law, and mostly, both believe in paying off the few losers.The only political deal that works, but this one is a lock cinch if you can get maybe a forum to present a unified front of some kind. Your government if possible..I’d try them on this…the Danes also.They, Obama and Harper, both are sensitive to Belgium’s opinion for a hint from my Capitol experience and job…as listener and seer of their secrets.Anything will work that you can get them to read from there if it demands that be done…eliminated and compensated.Like magic from afar.Love you,David.

  10. Project says:

    Okay, in addition, I have written my president Obama about that issue.Because I can, and am a good citizen in good standing…and a link.If he or "they" contact me back, I will tell them what I have told you in more detail.I’m a better talker than a writer for sure. He will agree.Love you,David.

  11. deepu says:

    heyy sweets .. boooommm and here i fall stright from nowhere! :-)how you feeling now?ready for a marathon in indian forest?i am already spriting around to fill up the gap that was created in the last few months …..hmmm seal, shark, wales, tigers …. i wonder when wisdom will dawn on these heads!this is one with lots of concern & worry sweets…. and i appreciate ittc

  12. Enter says:

    lol..sand on my keyboard indeed 🙂

  13. Trouble says:

    oh boy! how cruel! i couldn’t even look at the video on that link. such gory images! :(why on earth would someone want to kill these beautiful animals!!

  14. Sanjana says:

    hi sweetie………..hows that leg doing and im still trying to download some srilankan songs but it stopped at 70% nobody seeding………lol………i ll just have to patient I guess……… take care dear……….

  15. Zeynep says:

    I am really sorry for all those seals. That is just cruelty!

  16. Michiko's says:

    Oh yes! I do not happy to seen those seals and some animals, I had a bad time with my tooth last three days.It okay after Root Canal and I’m on Antibiotic SO,NO WINE….BUt I can playing my golf lol!Sorry I fogot asked you how you are? I hope your okay NO PAIN? hope so my frined.You take care,Michiko

  17. sillygloop says:

    Slippers are okay in my office btw 🙂 Chennai rains indeed pour by the buckets and turn the city back into the swamps that were once there! Rest of the year though, it’s hot hotter and hottest seasons for anyone not used to tropical sunshine 🙂

  18. Project says:

    One hour ago, it was 2:30 AM in the morning, now coming up on 3:35 AM. And Obama didn’t mention seal hunts last night, so I don’t know if his selection team felt it to be the topic they wanted discussed, but the main planners must have decided against it.And yes, it doesn’t do any good to destroy property at the shop level if the general society feels wearing fur is not only acceptable, but preferred.In America, they started throwing ink and indelible paint pigments on movie stars who wore furs in public.So those few individuals were charged and had to pay for the furs in a civil action by the movie star, but after a few incidences and many news articles about how barbaric the fur trade was, the desire to wear furs became a detriment to their career and image very rapidly.So that was the attack point the organized forces here accomplished that goal with, and that we don’t generally find "anyone" wearing furs here now, and fur stores have virtually disappeared.With the paint assaults, those assaulted were highly visible targets and got more publicity than a "no-name" store front. When they each quit wearing furs themselves over the issue, they also began speaking out against it as iconic figures who’s opinion carried a great deal of weight.So that’s that group to approach for getting the trades to reduce it’s value as a wear item.In places like you are talking about where there are shops, there are also movie stars and their craft trade unions. From those lists, one could start a writing campaign to each and develop a list of those against and those for and encourage the opposers to fur wearing to speak out on film or in adds they will make for free for the publicity they can always use.So, sympathy for the animals was the focus and yes, the one who throws the paint or dye on the furs is always a weirdo druggie-type and mostly thought to be nuts and sometimes merely hired from the park bums to do the deed.They were indeed fanatics, but the legitimate supporters were given opportunity to respond to what they thought about that wierdo doing that adding fuel to the discussion fires.So when the good guys showed opposition to wearing furs in those interviews, the opinion shift occured in a few months, and the next year, few if any wore furs to any event at that "rich person’s level" so to speak.So politicians and movie stars was the targets of sign-carrying protesters rather than shops or presidents.It’s a rare event in America where one can wear furs of any kind now, and synthetic look-alikes are in, and many products are quite similar.So too bad Barack Obama is so wrapped up in the job market problems, and economic emergencies are his only present concerns.Getting other issues on the table won’t be probable until that situation is looking like a survival situation and so far, many think we are all going down the tube…world-wide I mean.I don’t, but then, I don’t work close enough to the incoming facts to know the entire depth of the issues that would make them think that….that we are going to fail in getting a balance going I mean.That is why I push the water uses for power sources as a new product producing new jobs, new devices, and new support and transition teams it takes to make such massive changes as a power source opposite from the fire-powered sources presently in use.I have always found it surprising that real changes are made only in good times, and in bad times, we tend to stick with the basic systems which are actually the problem’s sources and causes.Only fear of losing it all has made the bankers and wall street thieves respond at all…and even then, they are a snotty bunch for sure and only grudgingly make concessions.Getting rid of them completely and their stranglehold on power over us all is the real thing we all hope for.The transparency-creating capabilities of the communications technologies we are now putting into practice is the new product that is going to get them all in the end.The light of the truth published as it occurs is going to change them like the fur attacks changed the rich person’s ideas about what acceptable thing they can do even in secret.So it’s the saddest thing at all levels, but that target group that centered around movie stars is what happened here to shut down all of our own fur shops.I don’t think Boise has even one left, and we were once the fur trapping and trading center for five hundred miles all directions.Now, not one person traps or deals in hides of any animal….not even me…who did as a boy.I ran a trap line in fact and tended it daily. But for me and my money, it was trapping gophers making holes in the ditch banks and making our canal banks give way and flooding the surrounding lower lands.I quit at 8 and killed my last wild animal for food at 30, so not one more killed animal for me since…33 years in fact and yesterday was my birthday by the way…63 and glad to be alive.I wish your own protesters luck with their campaigns, but getting the rich ladies to quit is the key.It makes it easier for the presidents to agree with tightened restrictions.What a task it is however, and definately takes diligence and long-term committment for why I wish them luck.I am a non-violent protester myself doing writing campaigns if any. I have written quite a bit on the depleted species problems actually, but not read much by anyone.Few seem to agree for one thing.Love you,David.

  19. Enter says:

    There are indeed many ways of staying cool, and 22.5 would be quite great. This weekend it’s Chennai again to pick up some stuff I need. Have a great weekend!

  20. Princess says:

    hi sweeti, how is your health dear? I saw something similar of killing dolphins.. How can they even imagine things like this.. Very sad..u take care friend

  21. sara says:

    have a good wkend darling! cheeeeers! 😀

  22. Adrian says:

    Hi MJ,Happy Sunday to you…have a bite out of that burger! (lol)

  23. Project says:

    Yes, I tried my hand at all such things as a little boy, and had ice-covered lakes to work with rather than the ocean. I like the ocean scene big time and looks fun to this old man at that.But….it startles me what you said about the pink bar….are you talking about my own comment’s space?That it’s memory is gone? And do you know how I can fix that?No wonder I’m only getting a few short quips then if that’s the case.I’ll go see what I can remove to increase the memory, but let me know if that’s what you meant.That my comments space is reduced in memory I mean.I suspect the summit through the infodesk site that is somehow hooked up to my site.That would include Bloggerhelper, Stripper Christian, and the many faces of kid ugly calling himself a million names including Captain Quaylood, The Judge, and a thousand fake names he uses trying to get people he don’t like to delete their spaces.So far, nobody went to kill him or sued him for damages plus charged him with criminal federal communications violations.If I find it to be him, I’ll do all three things to him I’m afraid.At least go down there and beat him senseless, and he don’t have far to go for that as not having the sense god gave a goose at this point.I can see myself chopping up his computer system too.But, too far to go for just another wierdo nobody trying to be something he can be proud of.The whole place he lives in is pure porn queens, porn studios, bars, strip joints and drug dealers.So their children are the dumpiest bunch of whore’s kids you ever saw and all of them drugged up to the max..him especially."The summit" is a funny thing to call themselves too I might add as the top layer of a disease-ridden cesspool.But…I just now heard from a PETA rep in Canada, and a long story cut short is that she expects this to be the final straw in a long battle there about fishing rights for the natives….barbaric as they may be.So Steve Harper is the man there they deal with, and the vote vs losses issue is the key to swaying the PM we both agree on. Believe me, this is the last year of that slaughter for sure.But if I have to take my site down to put in a newer computer, I’ll let you know.And…if you’ll come and try to add a comment [later after I clean it out if I can], let me know if it still is not taking longer comments…..k?Love you,David.

  24. Marilena says:

    OMG this is so cruel 😦 how could they even do it? :/

  25. Michiko's says:

    I likes a new front of "Welcome to Sweet’s space" with kites that I remember your blogs….how are you? I hope time goes by a little getting better for you too.My Antibiotics med finish by tonight, by wedensday at 19 holes I’ really looking forward to talking about my new! RE: Sonia! She has disappered isn’t she? one day she may come back? who knows ha ha haI really needed to a long service holiday from BLOGS, Only sometimes I didnt feel like to this anymore…..Your Net list is became tidylol! I needed to do it mine too.Take care my friend, Hi to Chika! I bet she is very happy and thinking "why my mum stayed home all the times"???

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