Adoptive Parents

Saterday i read abt Madonna ( 50) she is now adopting a baby from Malawi.
hmmmm oke i  thought. Why not. Then i read that the natural father has problems to (sell) give his babygirl to her coz of her behaviour lately with a guy who is 23 or so.
Natural father???? i though u never can adopt a baby who has a natural father???
Then we talk abt selling yes??
Now my other question.
An old colleague of mine has a daughter, she and her hubby are trying to adopt a baby for years.
Courses,visits from social workers,,documents ,and i can make this list longer.
They wait wait. and now the woman is 40..Another problem..Lady!!!!!  r to old now.  Understand who can.
They want a baby for 12 years.
Seems that laws are different for Rich. The ordinary will wait wait wait   till the age is a problem….
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20 Responses to Adoptive Parents

  1. Adrian says:

    I suppose it is a good thing. But, I resent the fact that the very rich like Madonna and Angelina Jolie can adopt all these children like pets because they do not have the burden to be real parents!..They pay a staff to do the parenting for them etc…then they showcase the children in Public!But, hopefully the children will benefit from their ‘self-serving and arrogant’ adoptive ‘parents’

  2. Princess says:

    strange reality dear..i think evry couple should adopt one kid and there wld be no orphans..much luv,-Aiz.

  3. sillygloop says:

    Yup…the world we created is of unequals fighting for limited resources and the winners are still the ones who show more hard currency!

  4. Project says:

    I wish I was rich enough to find out…I’d adopt them all, even the dying ones.I do believe in building "our house" over there however, and I like "hiring" the father/mother/nanny to care for my kid as it were.We are assuming "very rich" like Madonna that is.But my junk computer won’t support my blogs portion anymore, so my site per se is gone for sure.The profile still works, and emails of course, and so do my links out, like this one.I am done writing anyway since the water info is spread worldwide I assure you…big time.And too bad I can’t put up a copy of my story "The Baby Brokers" for an insight into the baby sales trade.A blond, blue-eyed boy two or three years old is worth $50,000 in the mideast. Girls are almost worthless and much is attached to their subsequent buyer uses.Babies in diapers are less, but more buyers.A total in the thousands are transacted daily…up on weekends and towards holidays…like Christmas.Immediate delivery on the rich person’s upside for sure if you want one.So I agree with that the boy will gain more, and become educated, and inherit the mom’s money eventually.Then…will he go back to assist others? Possibly in my mind. There will be much focus on that as he grows I would think, and there will be many efforts to return him to his roots intellectually at least…god knows is all [actually].So my profile addy for notes is: and my email is: if you want to do either one.Blog writing is over it appears for me…so..I can read your’s instead at least, and will do so you know.Those were my comments in fact….the book was better too.Love you,David.

  5. Mandeep says:

    chk ur mail di :)hv mailed it to you !BTW hows u ?

  6. Michiko's says:

    Unfortunately the whole world are like thats filthy parts of our society?Hope! you are getting a better now? Are you start to use a clutch to walking Sweeti san?Big Hugs,Michiko

  7. Dana says:

    That is so sad. We had foster children from the time they were 2 and 3. Their parents lost their rights to the children, I won’t get in to the details but believe me they should have NEVER had children. Anyway we adopted our foster children. None of the rest of their family wanted them. The state pays for the adoption and we are by no means rich! So I don’t know where your friend lives but it’s an option here in the US. Of course fostering children is hard sometimes they go back and you don’t get to choose babies. But it’s an option. As far as Madonna.. pffftt what she won’t do for publicity. It’s outrageous!

  8. deepu says:

    hello sweets …umm hopefully not i think i m going to be around here for a looong time! :-)how are you doing?flew to Lanka already?ei just the other day i read branjalina is going to adopt one from india!sounds good! right?have a nice

  9. sara says:

    what a shame!i also knows many couple that are holding to adopt a baby but the iter is veeery long..time goes by..and many children are holding..i hope for them that something will change,no no no ,that something MUST change NOW! is that a dream?

  10. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,How are you? hope you are doing well? mines is getting better thank you….I watched on the tv they shows about the surrogate mother in the India, then cost a lots of money.A life is complicated to who can’t have own babies..thats always like that?Only 13 years old boys became father that he thought was and it’s not so …a girl slept other two or three….I would like to my holiday started on the next sunday from blogs…but I ‘ll visit you 🙂 Have a easy day for you,Michiko

  11. Marilena says:

    hmmm that’s really a problem I hadn’t thought about before, I had no idea adoption could have so many problems :/btw to answer your question, the weather in Cyprus is really nice these days, sunny and warm, 27C today!!! hehe 🙂 how about there? is it warm yet?

  12. Eric says:

    I totally agree with you. while i am not familiar with Madonna’s latest adoption, I think it is unfair that the rich can pull strings while others who are less fortunate, but very much capible and deserving of a adopted child, get passed over. Now the rich are able to pay to have flaws removed in their gene make up. If they have bad genes they can get this corrected. I wonder if the poor will have the opportunity to use this technology to better their gene pool too? Or will, in time, the wealthier class of society become, (in thier eyes) ,better, more perfect…… while the poor wollow in disease and bad genes?

  13. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heey’kes Marijke !hoe gaat ‘t er mee? ‘k Laat me ook nog eens horen op spaces *haha* Ja, ‘k moet m’n tijd wat zien te verdelen, maar tot nu toe lukt ‘t me nog.Voor de rest gaat ‘t goed met mij.’k Wou gewoon snel even goeiedag zeggen :-)Geniet van de dag & straks van ‘t weekend !!Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jesBabyEvelyne

  14. Enter says:

    Yes, selfish use of money is quite abundant. How’re you feeling now? Walking now?

  15. Sanjana says:

    hmm no doubt about it rich can get almost anything and hey if they want to adopt a couple of kids so be it ……..If their money allows for them to do it ……….I say great…………….atleast their money is being put to better use…………..nah i dont mean the adoption part im talking about the child getting a family and security………………that is something that an orphonage cannot offer…………….umm yeah feel bad about that lady not being able to adopt……………………..hey thanks for dropping by………………..well in India yes children who are not orphans are allowed in rural areas to stay just so that they can get an education………….and food to eat and shelter……………………no but since they have parents they cannot be adopted……………………hmmmmmmmmm about natural fathers putting for adoption………..umm i dont know about this but i would say if the father is adrunk or incapable to look after the kid then the child would be better off put for adoption no?????????/

  16. Michiko's says:

    So glad you are getting a better Sweeti san, Well,I need to said sorry to you that an accidentally I had deleted it your name from my net work rrrrrrrrrrrrr needed a blog holiday??????????I hope you have a relax day for you,LOve Michiko

  17. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,It’s okay now, I try to tidy up a bitlol! Big Hugs (warm to hot) ha ha haMichiko

  18. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hi sweetiI read this story in the paper.I agree with you that the wealthy get better privileges than usand that there are two sets of lawsBut if she "Madonna" can bring happiness to one more child in this me that’s fantastic!Have a good weekend my friend!Garry xox

  19. Enter says:

    Good to hear about your progress. Bangalore places host this weekend and I’ll usually be following my nose for food and eyes for books n people 🙂

  20. Trouble says:

    the rich can get away with almost everything in this world and it’s only the common man that has to suffer and abide by hundreds of rules and regulations that are nonsense! i just wish that they ease up the whole process a bit and bring a smile to the kids waiting to be adopted and the parents waiting to adopt!how’ve you been Sweeti? hope you’re recovering well! <HUGGZZ>

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