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Queens day in the Netherlands

Dutch police charged a man with trying to attack the royal family Thursday after he crashed a car near a bus carrying Queen Beatrix and her family, police said. A victim is helped after the car crashed into the crowd … Continue reading

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Birdshit or shot????

When i finish a hard days work at the office…i find my car like this…used as a public toilet. And the strangest thing  was..the cars left and right……????? as clean as can be. I think the guys are allergic to … Continue reading

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Susan Boyle

  Britains got talent 2009   U must have heard  abt this lady. Susan ….a lady  47 years old. she  came on stage. she is really old every one laughed a bit..( really  undecent) even the  persons  who had  to judge  … Continue reading

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End of a Civil war???

  surrender is not cowardly  surrender is courageous when u sacrifice your goals for the lives TX Buddy The end of Sri Lanka’s 25-year civil war has been much predicted in recent months – not least by the government – … Continue reading

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Agenda the new look

  I want to share here  the  new look agenda of one of my colleagues. No Network  agenda  Nope…Not  even yellow post -its  struck on the computer. No  watch this…    

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Italian earthquake

  Earthquake in Italy: L’Aquila before and after the quake L ‘Aguila  before  eathquake     L’ Aguila after the earthquake. My Prayers for the Italian ppl who suffer  and for the deads and their family.     

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sPiDeRs WeB

Normally  i would be running in the forest sunday mornings…. Helas .. working on my recovery i was riding  the indoor bicycle for 10 minutes. And i saw this piece of art in the garden lol. Busy spiders…made these webs…so fine  … Continue reading

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