The  south Italian  city  Foggia.
april 2009
From monday on Immigrants need to take a seperate bus. Boos
The local authorities want to prevent riots  between Italian  inhabitants  and  the immigrants.
In the Italian Media comparisons are made  with the United States  60 years back.
This need to stop, said the  regional president from the province.
History repeats????
I hope not..Why cant we tolerate .
Oke ………..when a person commits a crime  he needs to be punished.  Italian or immigrant.
Its the person who commits the crime. Not a whole nation.
Generalising is a bad thing.
Segregatie in Italiaanse stad: aparte bussen voor migranten
            barbed wires and sentry post
            Borders of nation’s host
            Color and creed tis world be lost
            borders in heart to last
            hearts of nation build a wall
            Voices of few made small
            borders in tis world built tall
            yet in the heart of humanity let it fall
            Written by  Ajit Peter  aka  Pety
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7 Responses to Italy

  1. Dana says:

    Really? They seperate the immigrants? Well that is a HUGE step backwards. I totally agree with you, you break the law or misbehave you take the repercussion for it, immigrant or native. Geesh how awful.

  2. Adrian says:

    A definite step backwards…a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to a problem! How unsophisticated!..:(Adrian

  3. renay says:

    a big step back wards

  4. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Hoi Marijke !hoe gaat ‘t er mee? Met mij gaat ‘t goed, dank je. Vanavond eindelijk ‘t Familiefeestje waar ‘k al zolang naar uitkeek. ‘k Heb er echt zin in !Met de Photoshop-cursus gaat ‘t goed. We hebben al veel geleerd & ben echt blij dat ‘k er aan begonnen ben. De tijd ontbreekt me soms om te oefenen, maar ‘k red me wel. Voor ‘t moment heb ‘k nog niet getoond aan de buitenwereld wat ‘k geleerd heb, maar ‘k beloof ‘t wel in de toekomst te doen ;-)Een fijn weekend!Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jesEvelyne

  5. Lauren says:

    Hello!Wooh, I am on school holidays now, which not only means, holiday homework and more sleep, but having more time to spend catching up with my MSN SPACES friends!(so yeh, how are you??? looking forward to easter??)Keep well, xoxo Lozza

  6. deepu says:

    that was a funny one lol..yea i did have closer look and i saw ear rings and not what you saw! ;-)how you doing today? hey Palm sunday ha?hope you were church! and didnt sleep longer .in the meanwhile you went to Itali also? wow!njoy ur day

  7. sara says:

    i’s a shame!

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