sPiDeRs WeB

Normally  i would be running in the forest sunday mornings….Tranen
Helas ..
working on my recovery i was riding  the indoor bicycle for 10 minutes. And i saw this piece of art in the garden lol.
Busy spiders…made these webs…so fine  like lace. And  cos of the fog so visible..U all  have  a  wonderful  sunday.
yonder an insect with legs eight
despised and small in our sight
A crafted beauty shown to the might
Art of nature to hearts delight
silver threads woven by each stand
never be equaled by human hand
moment in time strand by strand
the wonder weaver of natures hand
written  by Pety Rode roos


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13 Responses to sPiDeRs WeB

  1. Princess says:

    Yo MJ! Good Morning! Aaaw Fab pic! They lok so magical! Hope u are on the way 2 a speedy recovery, Big Hugs, Luv PF XXX

  2. Adrian says:

    Hi MJ, Yes, a wonderful Sunday morning it is! Have a great day and a continued speedy recovery! :)Hugz,Adrian

  3. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heey Marijke ! Xzaterdag was ‘t leuk. Niet zo leuk als ‘k verwacht had, want m’n nicht was ziek & zo waren haar kindjes er ook niet, iets waar ‘k enorm naar heb uitgekeken want ‘t is al eeuwen geleden dat ‘k ze nog gezien heb. Nu ja, m’n nicht kan er ook niet aan doen dat ze ziek geworden is… Ochere…Gisteren ben ‘k heel de dag in de weer geweest met Photoshop. Binnenkort zul je zeker ‘t resultaat zien, mar er moet nog wat aan gesleuteld worden &zo ;-)Dikke KnuffBabyEvelyne

  4. sillygloop says:

    You’ll soon be running in the woods again; till then enjoy these vistas of beautiful hard work. It’s amazing what hard work n dedication can do!

  5. Princess says:

    hi sweeti, the picture is so cute to look at…they look like white flowers :D-Aiz.

  6. Princess says:

    and the poem is just too apt..indeed an artist among nature 😀

  7. Newman says:

    Hey Mj,long time no see,how U doing there? U R on your recovery? What happened??Well I’m just back from Dubai,will be back there in a week.I’m in Dubai metro project building 12 stations for them hehe. I want to send U a postcard of Dubai in Shanghai,maybe I can send it to your office?U have a beautiful garden! Hope everything be great with U there,take care xxxRichard:)

  8. sara says:


  9. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,I’m NOT HAPPY with the weather that last wedensday was hot 30 degrees but after from friday started rainswhich Victoria people’ we thank you for that but never stopped rains and some other states are floods.They had no more the water restriction after threee years but we don’t wanted to in here FLOODS…..I have had just a little a bit of works in the garden and sore my backlol!Sorry I wrote only my complained, I must said I’m very happy for your recovery and keeping your good moods and enjoyed your lovely garden.Big Hugs,Michiko

  10. Newman says:

    Hi MJI’m sorry to know the meniscus in your knee,with more rest and proper treatment,I’m sure U’ll be fully recovered soon.In Dubai they have 7 stars and 8 stars hotel,people drive their own helicopters everywhere.The shopping malls R selling top brands of the world that I never see before.However,it has nothing to do with me life there,I’m coordinator of Dubai metro project,most of time stayed in office.I can send U some photos if U want.Have a nice Monday xxxRichard:)

  11. Sanjana says:

    sure glad to hear you on the bike now………..good for you…..you on the road to recovery for sure……….and those webs are really natures wonders………….so intricate and so delicate……………………

  12. Sanjana says:

    sweetie Im so jealous of your garden…………………….

  13. Dana says:

    Beautiful photos but would make me have an aversion to getting near them because, where there’s a web there’s a spider! EeeeI’m seeing from the posts you have a torn meniscus. The kid’s PE teacher is having surgery on his this week. DId you have surgery on it? I hope you’re doing better and on the road to health again, the weather is too nice to be held up!

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