Italian earthquake

Palazzo del Governo, Piazza della Repubblica, before the earthquake 

Earthquake in Italy: L’Aquila before and after the quake

L ‘Aguila  before  eathquake
Palazzo del Governo, Piazza della Repubblica, after the earthquake
L’ Aguila after the earthquake.
My Prayers for the Italian ppl
who suffer  and for the deads and their family.Verwelkte roos 
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14 Responses to Italian earthquake

  1. Princess says:

    Yo MJ, yes it’s terrible, my thoughts are with them all, Luv PF XXX

  2. Adrian says:

    God’s peace and a speedy resolve to the Italian people!Adrian

  3. Newman says:

    Hi MJ,I just heared about the earthquake in Italy,it’s horrible,hunderds of people lost their lives. Hope we can do something to help them…This is the project I currently in:'m in charge of water,electrical supply of 12 stations of green line.And also most of document translation,document control and so on.Can U add this email address in facebook so U can see all photos I uploaded with explanations:hzhcool@hotmail.comcheers,Richard:)

  4. ajit says:

    To the loved and life lostTears to bear the costThe departed in our memories to lastEver to be in the depth of our heartHearts in pain time shall healThy tears not in vain the wide world for thee to feel

  5. sara says:

    THANK YOU!hugs

  6. Michiko's says:

    A little good things hear from the world then more a bad things happened in the world theses day that after follows and another…I’ll keep in my thoughts and prayers.Have a easy time for you,Michiko

  7. deepu says:

    thats been good friday much in advance for them … the death toll os still on he rise!i belive, this easter be one that fills in them hope and faith more than ever…

  8. sillygloop says:

    Hope the survivors get all the assistance they need!

  9. Isabel says:

    Oh Marij!!!That was so sad and scaring….:-(Thank you for your friendshio and all your care!I want to wish you a Happy Easter!May all of you share an Easter That’s bright and sunny, tooFilled with love and happiness In every way for you. warm hugs from Isa

  10. Trouble says:

    God bless the ones who’ve survived and lost their near and dear ones! I hope they’d get ample help to move on…How’re u doing Sweeti? Hope you’re recovering well!

  11. Princess says:

    We join together in your prayers..

  12. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    This has been shocking!Hopefully they can get more survivors outsweeti..I like your dream for the childrenof the worldIt’s a good dream to haveAnd I hope it comes true!Garry xox

  13. Lauren says:

    Hey! It’s good Friday today, which also means that so is the annual Good Friday Appeal for the Royal Children’s Hospital.Please donate money to the cause, which funds various new purchases and upgrades of the hospital. (I have spent much time in that place)Go to for more informationLauren

  14. Arctic says:

    another sad news MJ, How are you my friend?i am back ,wish you have a wonder ful Easter and lovely weekend.wolf,

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