Our royal family

Our King Albert  and  Queen  Paola  celebrate to day there 50 years wedding anniversary.
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8 Responses to Our royal family

  1. sillygloop says:

    nice to see marriages last in this age

  2. Princess says:

    Yo MJ! Crikey 50 years of marriage- WOW! I celebrate my 23rd Wedding Anniversary this year & I thought I woz doing well!!!! (well, I haven’t killed him yet! hehehehehe!) Congratulations 2 them both. Hope u have a lovely resta day! Luv PF XXX

  3. dying2die says:

    Hi sweeti wow thaz kool 50 years of marriage. so hows life hope all is well Take care Regards

  4. Dana says:

    How cool you have a king and queen! They’re a very nice looking couple. Hope all is well with you!

  5. Michiko's says:

    Congratulates on 50 yeras wedding aniversaryon the royal couples, it was a good news Sweeti san!It seems very calm looking couple too…well maybe they haven’t got any worried lol!You keeps riding your bicycle to make strong your knnes okay!!Enjoy your weekend,Michiko

  6. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heey’kes Marijke ! Xhihi, net m’n plaatje voor m’n deelname aan Ellen’s competitie ingedient ;-)Ben eens benieuwd…Haha, tof dat ‘t fietsje goed rijdt. Geniet er van met ‘t mooie weer!Fijn weekend !Dikke Knuff & x-x-x-jesBabyEvelyne

  7. Marilena says:

    awww sweet 🙂

  8. Jorge says:

    Congratulations to your royal couple. 50 years together is an even worthy of celebration 🙂 Be well,J.

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