To young to die

A family member from my husband  side  died.
A young guy only 21 years old. His name was Dennis.
6 weeks back he had  a bike accident.
He drove a bike….. a car came from a parking.
He hit the car and got catapulted  like a diver hit the water. His helmet was in pieces.
His brain-tame was damaged and he was kept alive with machines. Next week..his funeral
dont leave me alone  now
take my hand and show me the way
to ur land filled with music and dreams
let me live in ur  clouds
Verwelkte roos
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17 Responses to To young to die

  1. freckles says:

    …….Oh babes am so sorry … ~x~

  2. sillygloop says:

    may Dennis rest in peace.

  3. ╰☆Chloe☆╮ says:

    I am so sorry to hear that…

  4. Ruma says:

    What a sad and sudden end to such a young life. The boy died for no fault of his….and maybe that is what is called destiny. May Dennis’ soul rest in peace. No words of condolence will be enough to comfort his parents….time is only the best healer….if at all it can heal in such a case.Take care, and thanks for your visit, Sweeti!

  5. LiNDA says:

    Very sad to hear for a young guy to have a life taken away so early..It is indeed so painful to lose someone by death or by any circumstances..God bless Dennis’ soul.. May he rest in peace.

  6. Ruben says:

    Heartfelt condolences to you, your husband and Dennis’ family. Time alone can heal. Till then, may you all seek comfort in the arms of God. May God grant eternal rest to Dennis.

  7. Ajay Kumar says:

    My condolences to the entire family.Young ones dont deserve this.

  8. Michiko's says:

    My deepest sympathy.Iam so sorry for your husband and Dennis family.I think that I remember you had post in your space?May he rest n peace.take care Sweeti san.

  9. charming says:

    Hi M, my deepest deepest condolences…

  10. sillygloop says:

    never easy to say goodbye

  11. ηικκιħart says:

    Oh that’s so sad MJ. My condolences to you and your family.Big hugs, Nikki

  12. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,I shouldn’t said in here ….But I wish two thoumbs way up for KiM today.Hopefully the weather will clear up at New york.Big Hugs,Michiko

  13. Lauren says:

    Ah, it has been far too long! i have been so busy though – exams are coming up and i am now employed 🙂 worked yesterday from 11:30-4:30 for $62.75. may not seem all that much but it all counts toward purchasing my VW beetle!how have you been of late?Lauren

  14. Sanjana says:

    hi hun…………….been too long since I got here………….way too long……….how you been ?????? well i m doing the rounds today actually dedicated today to blogging ……………………lol been so busy plannin my trip to the U.S and so excited about it…………….lol……I feel like a kid really. hey do drop by and let me know whats been going on with you……..missed yah girl!

  15. Michiko's says:

    Well done Kim! I was so excited to watched her game. Next one is Rogerslol!Have a nice day my friend,Mmichiko

  16. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Mj..I didn’t see this update beforeMy very sincere condolences go out to you and your family.big (((hugs)))Garry xox

  17. freckles says:

    may i copy this on fb pls ?

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