Mountainbike and kayak

first we ride the mountainbike  from Gendron to Anseremme
and then back with KAyak  ..hope i dont get wet.
this is my weekend  guys..
I will be back on monday  with a lot of energy for the quiz  next friday.
i will visit  everyone asap
Wish me luck  ….i never ride mountainbike  on such area
Rood hart
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9 Responses to Mountainbike and kayak

  1. Joe says:

    Safe journey my friend, that looks like fun. I don’t really mountain bike to be honest and kayak…no. I bet you get some great pictures!

  2. freckles says:

    WOW … & WOW & wow eeee !!!lol have FUn ~x~

  3. Jorge says:

    I’m envious! Hope you have a wonderful trip. I look forward to reading your story and seeing some photos when you get back. Be well,J.

  4. Michiko's says:

    Are you okay Sweeti san with your brand new knees? Enjoy your weekend,Michiko

  5. Enter says:

    I you are still okay and the weekend went well.

  6. Michiko's says:

    I missed you Sweeti san! See you soon,Love Michiko

  7. Princess says:

    oh sweeti, u r such adventurous soul..have a great time and tc

  8. ··¤ SETH says:

    I really enjoy mountain biking, I just don’t get to do it very often. Aaaargh! If there is one thing that I have learned, it’s to just have fun… and take it all at your own pace. Happy trails! I hope that you enjoyed yourself.

  9. Arctic says:

    how was your biking trip MJ? lot fun? i am sure you have enjoyed mountain bike and and charged with energy, that was why your quiz was a great success!take care.

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