As u all might have noticed  ..it was silent on my space these last weeks.
this is gonna change again. I was organizing a quiz, for our projects in sri Lanka.
last evening the event took place, and i can say…….. it was a big succes.
ten rounds each round had ten questions abt music, geography,fotoos, puzzles.
We had 27 teams sweating on the questions Hoping to end as number one lol.
During the pause we did a lotttery with awesome gifts. So every one happy.
specially me..i was suprised abt the results..One Happy MJ..lol
At the end of the evening everyone had a present..All those presents we got from sponsoring companies.
Tx guys…
My hubby and i cant do this all alone of course…so i want to say a big tx to all my friends who helped me on this evening
serving drinks…being a part of the jury..selling  lottery tickets..behind the bar…and  the catering,  and behind the pay desk.
so here  a foto of them.
Sometimes i get  a question .like  hehe  MJ why do u do such things..
well  just watch this pic…and u understand.
Space friends  i will visit u asap..oke??
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20 Responses to Quiz

  1. ajit says:

    Congratulations!the efforts of few to bring forth smile to manyFor Life is a beauty and beauty is cherished in a smileand to those who share the smile the beauty is just a smile

  2. ╰☆Chloe☆╮ says:

    Ok^^It seems that you really enjoy these days.

  3. Joe says:

    If you’re going to be absent from spaces at least it’s for a very good cause! It’s good to hear from you!

  4. sillygloop says:

    Congrats on a very nice event with a positive outcome as you change the world for the better!

  5. ··¤ SETH says:

    It’s a wonderful October weekend, and I thought that I would come by your space tonight and wish you good times over the next couple of days. Enjoy your weekend … :o) I will be back !··¤ SETH ¤··

  6. Lost in says:

    what a fantastic use of your time.Well done

  7. zorro says:

    Gr£at tEam ! 😀 it $ very heart thing to spend money for Indian chiLdren ! I ve nice sunday, like saying seth, "i ‘ll be back" ! 🙂

  8. Princess says:

    Yo MJ! U & Ur friends should be Very Proud of the Brilliant Contribution u have all made! I am Very Proud of U! Big Hugs, Luv PF XXX

  9. Jorge says:

    It is reassuring to know that in this world of ours filled with so many problems there are such people as you and your friends who notice, care, and take action. Keep up the great work! Be well,J.

  10. Princess says:

    hi sweeti, that was nice to hear and know.. all the best for future prospects as well..* she is my cousin sister only not mine as in ‘cousin sis’ and ‘cousin bro’, i am not sure if am correct though..tc,

  11. Michiko's says:

    Congratulats on your projects! That was nice to hear you are doing very well with other helps.In this world we needs person like you Sweeti san 🙂 that not just talking you were leads an active lifefor a long time with your second country Sri Lanka, that I admire for Sweeti san.Big Hugs,Michiko You looks very nice dresses in the black colour 🙂

  12. Enter says:

    Thanks. Don’t get to compose songs as often these days…just thought I’d document online whatever completed ones I got on paper before they fade away to nothing! Detective, stay tuned and pat urself for a quiz well done 🙂

  13. Ruma says:

    Awesome effort, Sweeti !! May you grow from strength to strength, and may you always spread your love and support to those in need.Love, Ruma.

  14. J-N says:

    Hifew wordsI can write and understand a little bit of englishyou’ve a nice spacecongratulationslooking forward….Bye

  15. ··¤ SETH says:

    Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest accomplishment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. Good for you! Job well done! :o)

  16. Arctic says:

    Congratulations MJ, your effort driven by that kind heart has been rewarded.what were you watch for when others focus on camera?:)looking forward the final result.whey you pay, you enjoy it.

  17. deepu says:

    heyy MJi m glad to see something like this here as i make a come back over here after a long gap …yea you told me, it was a big event…. congrats to you all ….

  18. ··¤ SETH says:

    The purpose of life is not to be happy – but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived… BRAVO! To you and those who helped make everything possible. :o)I do hope that you are keeping well……..

  19. Frans says:

    Look in these eyes, yeah. And you all understand…..Big kiss, warm hug. God bless you my dear friend.Franske 😉

  20. Rambling says:

    We should all be eager to serve others. You are and I am sending love and hugs to you. (HUGS)

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