Father Damian

A small country with a Holy Father
Damien was born as Jozef ("Jef") De Veuster as the seventh child in the family. Following in the footsteps of his brother Auguste (Father Pamphile), Damien became a Picpus Brother On March 19, 1864, Father Damien landed at Honolulu Harbor in downtown Honolulu as a missionary.
The Native Hawaiians became afflicted by diseases inadvertently introduced to their islands by foreign traders and sailors. Thousands died of influenza, syphilis and other ailments which had never before affected them. This included the plight of leprosy .Damien’s arrival is seen by some as a turning point for the community. Under his leadership, basic laws were enforced, shacks became painted houses, working farms were organized and schools were erected.
As indicated in his diaries, in December 1884 Damien went about his evening ritual of soaking his feet in boiling water. He could not feel the heat because he had contracted leprosy. Despite this discovery, residents say that Damien worked vigorously to build as many homes as he could and planned for the continuation of the programs he created after he was gone. Father Damien died of leprosy at 8.00am on April 15, 1889, aged 49.In 1936, the Belgian government asked for his body to be returned to native soil. It was brought back aboard the Belgian sailing ship Mercator and now rests in Leuven, an historic university city close to the village where Damien was born. After his beatification, the remains of the right hand were returned to Hawaii.
He gave his life for the people with leprosy
and to morrow  october 11  th in the Vatican Pope Benedict  XVI will make him Holy..
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6 Responses to Father Damian

  1. Joe says:

    Talk about something worthy of a Nobel Peace prize!

  2. Adrian says:

    Great info 🙂 Hope your weekend is going well. I’m doing fine, keeping busy and doing my thing!

  3. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,Never too old to learnt a new things, thank you for sharing!Have a great sunday,Michiko.

  4. Ruma says:

    Hello Sweeti, In India, a great man called Baba Amte, who gave his life up to the cause of helping lepers, is also notable. Today, his son and his daughter in law, both of whom are qualified doctors, continue his great work. Such people are truly noble, and although they received little honour or recognition, kept doing their work selflessly.Thanks for sharing this piece.Love, Ruma.

  5. ··¤ SETH says:

    Charitable, open minded, and concerned for the wellbeing of the afflicted, he firmly believed in the goodness of people. We could all learn a lot from this man!

  6. R U Serious says:

    Don’t worry Sweeti! I’m not going anywhere. Just frustrated about old frinds leaving for Facebook and not leaving an address. I know where my friends are…. HERE!! I understand how comments go. Not many on weekends or in the summer but I promise to comment to you much more often. You are my sweeti!!Loved your post!! Very uplifting !Take care,Bob~

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