President of Europ!!!

Its an honour for our country
The first president of Europ.
Our Herman van Rompuy dreamed as a kid to be a president.
a childs dream becomes reality.He is a noble unknown guy. A lot of journalist never heard from him.
They needed some explanation.
the UK media was very impolite writing abt him..and my first  thought was.. Jesus shut up!!!
Remember Blair!!!   ( Hand in hand with Mr Bush  )
U dont know a thing about Mr. van Rompuy and u judge. Shame on u  Guys
But the dutch journalists are positiv..they say he managed Belgium So he can manage Europ
His job is to prepare the european top meetings
contacts with the world leaders.
starting for   2,5 – 5 years.  
Succes  Mr  van Rompuy.
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5 Responses to President of Europ!!!

  1. Joe says:

    Frankly I feel for the most part it’s bes not to mock leaders from nations you’ve never been too and are ignorant of so I have to take a stand of wait and see. Everyone is known by the fruit of what they do and no natioanlity makes you or breaks you….it just tells where you are from.

  2. Rama says:

    How many of us can have our dreams become reality?God bless him.

  3. Arctic says:

    MJ, another remarkable land stone toward final consolidated Euro. regardless anythingelse, it would much less potential for wars among was the weather at your side MJ?another 2 wk i will head south to chase sunshine.happy weekend!

  4. Enter says:

    Hope he does a good job on security, economy and the ecology as he steps up to this bigger role.

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