The first days in Sri LAnka

Saterday morning 12 th december we were all packed and ready to fly.
First we had to fly to Heathrow, cos  there are no direct flights to Colombo from Brussels.
Sunday morning we arrived in Sri LAnka and ready for 15 days of sun and friendly ppl.
I had to see the sea  first. So here  the first pic of that.
Fishermen showing their catch….food for the family.
and the ladies on the beach  try to sell colourfull dresses.
so im a green  and black one richer now..hihi
Tuesday we drove with Suresh and Surendra to Badulla.The school we wanted to visit was in the high mountains.
Chamaree her native village  It took around 6 hrs to get there. Next time we need 4 wheel drive car.thats a fact..I hope that Surendra’s car is not that damaged.
We arrived at the school Kids  were already waiting for us.
it was very emotional for Etienne and me. 
Principal, teachers  and  dance teacher and of course Cha  UR DAD
He is a wonderful man. He translated in Sinhala.
Flowers for us…hmmm…it was overwhelming.
The kandy drums invited us to come inside the school.
I love the music. Really its awesome
The kids danced  and sang for us..I was suprised   cos i did not expected so
much attention.
After the donation we shared tea…
And the most important pic…The kids
Tx to all the ppl who where there to share these special moments.
After that  we visited also my best friends family…Sorry  Cha..we missed u..
And the Nickies are cute  lol.
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19 Responses to The first days in Sri LAnka

  1. Lost in says:

    That looks to be an amazing trip.

  2. Princess says:

    Wow MJ! u are soooo Lucky 2 have all these experiences. thank u 4 sharing them wih us! Hope u have a Wonderful New Year, Big Hugs, luv PF XXX

  3. Joe says:

    Fantastic to see the first views of your trip through your camera’s lens! Thanks so much for posting these! Simply wonderful to be able to do what you’re doing don’t you think?

  4. Beth says:

    What a wonderful trip you are having. The pictures are great.

  5. Jorge says:

    Thanks for sharing these great images! Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy New year,J.

  6. charming says:

    Hi MThanks for taking me with you…I was living with you through out your trip while reading the blogThanks againLove and hugsCha

  7. ajit says:

    Dreams that come trueThough it be so fewDreams that come trueStay in heart ever so new

  8. Marilena says:

    wow wonderful touching pictures….

  9. sillygloop says:

    Nice to see Santa Claus Sweeti make this world a better place. Have a fantastic year ahead and beyond to you and your dear ones!

  10. Isabelle says:

    Geez… that looks all amazing and so colourful!The kids and people seems sooo happy to see you an Etienne!Thanks for sharing them with us.You guys are awesome!Hugs,Isa

  11. zorro says:

    sniif! c est vrAiMent tres tOucHant…iL yA beaucOup de sOurires ! 🙂 🙂 :-)c est importAnt pr Les enfants! 😀 ♥°º¤ø„¸ NoyEusEs ¸„ø¤º°¨♥¸„ø¤º°¨ 2010 °º¤ø„¸♥¸„ø¤º “°º¤ø„¸ ¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„¸¸♥______(.. + * . ) .. * + * .. )____________$……….$…$……….$____________.$……..$…..$……..$____________..$……$…….$.. ….$____________…$….$………$….$____________….$..$………..$..$____________…..$$………….$$____________…..$$………….$$____________…..$$………….$$____________…..$$………….$$____________…..$ $…………$$____________..$$$$$$……$$$$_____♥¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„¸ ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨♥¨°º¤ø„¸ nOyEux ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ ann£$2010“°º¤ø„¸♥¸„ø¤º “°º¤ø„¸ ¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ ♥`’*-.,_,.-*’`"*-.,_☆,.-*`’`*-.,_,.-*`’`*★-.,_,.-*` bOnzOur ! 😀 ,zE passe de sOuhaiter uNE bOunNE fin dE fing d Anné£,et pLeing dE dOucEur et tEndressE pr 2010 😀 a vOus fAmiLle et amies !bOnNe st sYLvestrE

  12. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hi MjThe ocean looks beautifulAnd so do the Sri Lankan peopleMj that five years since the Tsunami devested so many liveshas for me gone by so quicklyBut I’ll never forget the images and video that was streamingacross the t.v. showing different moments of the TsunamiBefore that awful day..I never knew what the word Tsunami meantNow I think the whole world doesGood work Mj..It’s very inspiring to see!+ Wishing you a very Happy New Year!I think you’ve earned it :)Garry xox

  13. ηικκιħart says:

    Hi MJ,It looks like you had an amazing experience there. It’s wonderful you’re involved with such good work!My New Years wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to.Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small.And you never need to carry more than you can hold. Happy New Year 2010!! hugs, Nikki¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨)(¸.•´ (¸.•` * ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

  14. Unknown says:

    welcome join us!! 玄彩娥 時尚網

  15. sillygloop says:

    Blog/twitter suspended 4 now… shifting focus to some things in life that need more work. Will connect back when resuming. A very happy year ahead to you and your dear ones!

  16. Arctic says:

    What a wonderful holiday MJ! back to cold Belgium now?Wish you a more prosperous new year!hugs.

  17. Princess says:

    hi sweeti, a wonderful visit with purpose 😀 Happy new year and happy new decadeWishing you more and more strength to face and moments of joy in the coming days. your friend,-Aiz.

  18. Frans says:

    Hey my dear,Good to know that you are back home safetely. What a wonderful series of pictures of your stay in that beautiful country with your dear friends. Wish I was able to visit these spots ….. Must be wonderful over there.Thanks for sharing the photos, Big hugFrans

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