Animals in sri lanka

I wouldlove to introduce to u..
the watermonitor
seems he is afraid of ppl…but  his tail is like a saw.SO  Keep ur eyes focused. In our friends garden u can meet such sweeties.
Halcyon is the right word  no???  The blue colour is beautiful
An impolite crow…..
In the middle of the road..
Driving a car or using a tuk tuk is always a big adventure,cos any moment ur confronted with goats or
sleeping doggies  safe on the side walks.
To be continued
ohhh  wait … i forgot the cat How can i forget that one
waiting waiting.
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20 Responses to Animals in sri lanka

  1. Joe says:

    I remember in Ghana they always laughed at us for taking pictures of cows, goats ans roosters. I have to smile at the irony now…we come from a state with plenty of all of those animals LOL! I guess I don’t feel quite as silly for taking pictures of cows in India especially not during festivals when they had their horns all painted like a lady’s fingernails. I like that monitor…they eat those at times in the Philippines…I think I won’t ask to share…yuck!

  2. Beth says:

    I love the pictures. Thank you!

  3. ajit says:

    wow i get to see my backyard in the eyes of a different viewas they sayangels cry in heaven , when the bird in the sky is cagedpety

  4. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hi MjBeautiful photosOf… beautiful animals :)Thanks for sharing!Garry xox

  5. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    I just want to add…Yesterday afternoon I went for a drive up in the get a photo and…I needed to be back with nature…and it’s peace, for awhileWhile I was there I saw a bird sitting on a sheep’s back, as the sheepwas walking around the paddock.Watching this…made my whole day feel very worthwhileI just thought I’d share … :)Gotta go!Garry xox

  6. Michiko's says:

    Thank you for sharing all animals pictures …I feel sorry for cat….The goats are skinny aren’t they? I just watched the tennis on TV 10-00pm justine’s won from Elena Dementieva 7-5 7-6 :-)They played for two hrs 50 minute… I played my golf very well today:-)See you my friend keep warm Sweeti san!Michiko

  7. Enter says:

    Where are the elephants n the cows 🙂 Being close to nature and its denizens is always a pleasure

  8. Sanjana says:

    lol sweetie …………….almost like India…………next time just take that big step across the sea and you can come visit with me……………..

  9. Bea says:

    Iepsepieps !!Alles goed met je? Tussen het leren door ben ik hier eventjes :)Sech, mooie foto’s.. en dieren, ben ik zowieso weg van ! :’]In september ga ik (normaal gezien) mee naar India, ben benieuwd!!Ik denk wel dat het een enorme cultuurshock gaat zijn voor mij..gewoon al het totaal andere eten, weersomstandigheden, leefomstandigheden,… .En hoe is het trouwens met je kat?? Tussen mij en Dipyaman gaat alles goed, nog steeds gelukkig :)Dikke zoenen x Bea

  10. Michiko's says:

    Kim’s had lost on within an hrs…It was a sad to seen that way she has out of Australian Open 2010.I watched Fernando Verdasco SPA, he is a very good looking that I like him but I don’t know he still in the game? well hopefully I can watch Roger, Andy Roddick & Justine’s,Dinara Safina RUS.Nowadays all younger player are very tall and they played very well…I wondering that how long Roger’s would last longer??Yesterday I went to toward in the city golf course and this course is well situated around the lake …36c degrees So only played 9 holes after that you can guess? but ONLY one drink for couple of hrs:-)I don’t want to loose my drive licencelol!I might go to see the movie this evening the movies name is "It’s Complicated" that depents on what is my friends are doing? see you my dear Sweeti san!Big warm hugs,Michiko

  11. Michiko's says:

    Justine’s won the QTR Final:-) Now I going to watch on Andy Roddick with Fernando Gonzales.we having a long weekend (Australia Day 26th Jan):-) Well lets hope Justine’s not play with Serena Willams? Enjoy your sunday,Michiko

  12. Isabelle says:

    I pass on the water monitor!!The cat looks more well- off than the dogs….. I hate to see stray dogs…… It breaks my heart!Very nice pictures!Take care,Isa

  13. zorro says:

    H£LLoo sweeetiiiiii’s ! :Dj Esper£ qUe vOus naLLez biEng! 😀 QueL dEpaysEmEnt! :DfinaLemEnt Les aniMaux sOnt un peu cOmmE les hUMains universeL! :DDouce sEmaiNE a vOus! 😀

  14. deepu says:

    lol… thats very much like what we have india…ohhhafter a long time me dropping in here…

  15. Bea says:

    Ieps !!Alles goed met je?? Hier ben ik weer eventjes :)Haha, die poes van jullie heeft duidelijk niet te klagen xDAch ja, we zien het daar wel hoe India is! Maar heb je bepaalde inentingen ofzo nodig voor naar daar te gaan? Weet jij dat mss? Een visum heb ik normaal nog aangezien dat 5j geldig is en ik in 2008 naar Australië ben geweest.. . En staat er al een volgende reis op je agenda ofzo.. ??Dikke zoenen xBea

  16. Enter says:

    Was in Chennai the weekend apart from a trip down to Srirangam down south. It’s pleasant here.. sunny with a bit of chill in the hope it gets better in Belgium 🙂 Water monitors are indeed not that common while cows and elephants can be seen a bit more often.

  17. Enter says:

    A lifetime is not enough considering the varied experiences, destinations and journeys on offer 🙂 The parade links in the blog post is the usual celebration.. fireworks are usually there during our festivals n yes, when India wins a particularly thrilling cricket match 🙂

  18. Enter says:

    You are welcome anytime 🙂 The comment with "Marij van Goethem" came from this account – while your regular account is – so sign out of the 1st and sign into the 2nd one

  19. Rambling says:

    I loved your comment to me a few minutes agp about your cat being a turbo! YES! I know what THAT is like!!!

  20. Arctic says:

    Humorous commentary in connection with beautiful pics, very nice entry MJ.YOU HAD A VERY SPECIAL WINTER HOLIDAY AGAIN.

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