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Trough the eyes of my buddy

A sunday afternoon at Chennai beach Trough the eyes of my buddy  iam sitting at the beach as a i type this the croud is thinindia plays a cricket match lol i land here the sun in his twilight the … Continue reading

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Belgian Chocolata tata

When u visit Belgium u must try out our chocolats. Its a slogan.No?? 99,5% of all the Belgian chocolat contains cacao… harvested by child slaves. Now the shops ask the belgian chololate producers to buy childfriendly cacao beans out of … Continue reading

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Religions and ways of life

  Java Bromo area   Sulawesi and Java   Sri lanka   sri lanka  and Java   Indonesia   Cairo  Egypt  Indonesia The most impressive during our travels for me was the animisme in Sulawesi Indonesia. the souls….the ghosts… not only in humans or animals ..but … Continue reading

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I never knew i was addicted

Hi there  Space friends Dont worry  Im not sick….and im not overloaded with work. Its just my laptop that stopped breathing. But i have him/her back..Ohhh is a laptop male or female?? well who cares. I will react on mails and … Continue reading

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